Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the mail 4/8/10


Andruw Jones 2001 Upper Deck SPx Winning Materials
game-used base/ball #B-AJ (037/250)

I love 'relic' cards. Jersey cards are so common place it's hard to get excited about those. Bat cards I still like, but are pretty common as well. Hat, ball, base, glove, etc. memorabilia cards though are still very exciting in my book. I don't run across many of these types of cards for the players or team I collect so when I ran across this Andruw Jones card the other day I had to go for it. Seller had listed this card with one of those make an offer options so I shot them an offer of $2.00 and they accepted! Very, very pleased...even if I had to pay $3.00 shipping.

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