Monday, April 19, 2010

In the mail (weekend edition)

It was a great weekend filled with baseball on TV, in person and for baseball cards! Here's a look at some of the stuff that I picked up over the weekend.

Peter Moylan
2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Clear Path to Greatness Signatures #158

I didn't realize these cards were printed on translucent plastic. Guess that's why they are called "Clear Path..."

Rafael Belliard
1996 Leaf Signature Series Bronze autograph

I loved watching Raffy pull off some amazing throws in the early to mid 90's. Worth $3 I paid.

Brian McCann
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Captured on Canvas jersey #CC-BM

It's cards like this that will really make me miss Upper Deck.

Jeff Francoeur
2009 Upper Deck X jersey #UDXJ-JF

Picked it up since it was cheap ($1.00)

Andruw Jones
2006 Topps Bazooka Bazooka Blast bat #BBL-AJ

Always loved those Bazooka sets and Andruw was hands down the best center fielder the Braves have had in a long time (sorry Nate McLouth!)

Lance Berkman
2003 Topps Finest bat #FRB-LB

Shiney, cheap, bat, Berkman!

Greg Maddux
1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack#65, #184, 1998 Pinnacle Piece of the Game#7

Should I feel odd that as an adult I still love the 93 UD Fun Packs?

Tom Glavine
1997 Select Artist's Proof #99

Ryan Klesko
1995 Panini Sticker #100
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Gold Signature #155
1996 Panini Sticker #7
1998 Topps Gallery #GP137 (071/125)
1999 Pacific Omega Bronze #24 (54/99) & Gold (241/299)

I know Pacific got a bit ridiculous with the whole parallel thing in the 90's, but I still miss them.

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