Sunday, October 17, 2010

Group Break Round 3 - 1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated World Series Fever

These should be the last few packs of Fleer SI to open.  We've pulled at least one of each insert so far, but let's see what else we may find.

Pack 1
#124 Mo Vaughn (Red Sox)
#038 Jose Cruz Jr. (Blue Jays)
#041 Mark Grace (Cubs)
#040 Shawn Estes (Giants)

Pack 2
#029 Kirk Gibson / Magnificent Moments (Dodgers)
#126 Derrek Lee (Marlins)
#012 The Champs / SI Covers (Twins)
#114 John Smoltz (Braves)

I'm sure all Dodgers' fans are familiar w/ this shot of Kirk Gibson.  This photo makes a beautiful baseball card.

Pack 3
#002 1957 World Series / SI Covers (Braves)
#104 Paul O'Neill (Yankees)
#054 Todd Helton (Rockies)
#067 Chuck Knoblauch (Yankees)

Pack 4
#04RP Juan Gonzalez - Reggie's Picks (Rangers)
#130 J.T. Snow (Giants)

Another hit, but no Rangers fans?

Pack 5
#107 Rafael Palmeiro (Orioles)
#015 1991 World Series / SI Covers (Twins)
#097 Raul Mondesi (Dodgers)
#104 Paul O'Neill (Yankees)
#070 Eric Karros (Dodgers)
#069 Brian Hunter (Tigers)

Pack 6
#09MC John Wetteland - MVP Collection (Rangers)
#079 Ryan Klesko (Braves)
#003 1958 World Series / SI Covers (Yankees)
#090 Greg Maddux (Braves)

Pack 7

#025 Mookie Wilson / MM (Mets)
#072 Chipper Jones (Braves)
#016 Canada's Team / SI Covers (Blue Jays)
#081 Fred McGriff (Rays)

Pack 8
#008 Frank Robinson / SI Covers (Orioles)
#108 Alex Rodriguez (Mariners)
#065 Derek Jeter (Yankees)
#061 Chan Ho Park (Dodgers)

Pack 9
#045 Brady Anderson (Orioles)
#07MC Paul Molitor - MVP Collection (Blue Jays)
#088 Kerry Wood (Cubs)
#007 Frank Robinson / SI Covers (Orioles)

Another MVP Collection hit - this time of a hall of famer!  Like with most of these cards the player is pictured on the front and back in a different uniform.  Since he won the MVP award while playing w/ the Blue Jays it makes sense to me that this card goes in the Blue Jays stack.  If we get another one it will go to the Twins.

Pack 10
#027 Mickey Lolich / MM (Yankees)
#020 Edgar Renteria / SI Covers (Marlins)
#052 Roger Clemens (Blue Jays)

Pack 11
#103 Jeff Bagwell (Astros)
#075 Craig Biggio (Astros)
#085 Matt Morris (Cardinals)

Pack 12
#10MC Livan Hernandez - MVP Collection (Marlins)
#086 Paul Konerko (Dodgers)
#001 Mickey Mantle / SI Covers (Yankees)

We finish off this box with the last card in the last pack being a really nice looking Mantle card.  I've got to say I really enjoyed opening this box and I will be buying another as I want to build it now.  If anybody doesn't want your doubles from this set please let me know.  Collation was really good so I don't believe there were many doubles to begin with.  We've got a handful of packs left to go before the end of this month's break.


  1. Hey, I have about 70 or so of these hanging out in my commons boxes doing me no good. You can have them for next to nothing if you want to go that way instead of buying another box. If not, when you need to fill your set, let me know.

  2. Ack! I should've known better than to pick the Cubs when one of the products being busted was called "World Series Fever".

  3. Don't worry about it lonestarr, since you mentioned the break on your blog I've included some extras for you!