Friday, November 26, 2010

Free Cards* Have Been Sorted - S&H Due

If you claimed a team or teams in my free cards deal a few bucks to cover shipping is now due.  Several of the teams got a hit (well, what you could call in a hit in 1993 & 1994) and most teams if not all at least got some parallels.  Surprisingly the Cubs ended up w/ the biggest stack.  Please look below for your total due.  Make sure you send me your mailing address as I don't have everyones.  You can send the funds via PayPal marked as a 'gift' to:  I appreciate everyone helping take these extra cards off my hands! 

BA Benny (Giants, White Sox) - $5.00 (covers a stack I already had)
Derek (Mariners) - $1.50

...Joe (Rockies) - $1.50
Justin (Cubs) - $2.00
PhaLe28 (Expos, Marlins, Padres) - $2.50

RGB Cards (Reds) - $2.00
smedcards (A's, Brewers, Royals, Twins) - $2.50

strangini (Pirates) - $1.50
ThingsareFunnerHere (Phillies) - $1.50

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