Friday, December 3, 2010

Braves Resign Eric Hinske!

This was a move I was happy to see today.  The Braves sign Hinske to a 1 year deal with an option on the 2012 season.  Article on mentions he'll most likely be used as a left-handed pinch hitter with some occasional time spent in left field.

In other news the Braves sent prospect Kyle Cofield to the Chicago White Sox in return for veteran reliever Scott Linebrink to help out the Braves' bullpen.  I don't know much about either player involved in the deal, but if it helps solidify the bullpen and keep close games close then I'm all for it.


  1. The Braves relief staff had a 3.11 ERA. I know Wagner's gone, but the returnees did well last year.

    Linebrink had some very good years in San Diego earlier in his career, but he's scuffled a bit in his last two in Chicago. I'm not sure what Atlanta is trying to do, because you can pick up someone like Linebrink for the cheap.

  2. Linebrink is coming pretty cheaply. The White sox are paying 3.5 million of his salary so he's only going to cost the braves 2 million. That's not too bad for a set up guy.

  3. Thrilled to see Hinske back. I think it was Wren who said they'll be looking at Linebrink to be a big influence on the younger guys-much like Wags was.