Friday, February 11, 2011

Group Break VIDEO - 2007 UD Elements

I believe the box of 2005 Topps Total should arrive tomorrow (Saturday).  They shipped the wrong box - sorry for the delay.  So while we wait I decided to open the box of Elements.  I wanted to save until last, but I can't wait any longer!  I couldn't wait to open this box ever since it arrived in the mail last week.  Before today I've never opened a pack of this product so I was eager to get the packs opened.  I thought the outcome of the box was pretty good.  Watch and comment what you thought of the box's contents.

I'll work on a post with the hits from this box as well as a update to date card count for each team.  Look for it shortly.  I would very much be up to opening another box of this in a future group break assuming enough others were on board.  I'm still gathering ideas for next month's group break.  As soon as the last box arrives I'll rip it and post the contents.  Stay tuned everyone!


  1. One thing I thought was strange was that several players appeared in multiple boxes (wasn't Dunn in all three?). I'm not sure how I feel about that fact. On the one hand, it would be cool to have all three cards of the same player. On the other, it makes it seem like less variety of players.

    Also, I am glad I picked up the Marlins!

  2. The Cardinals got 2 version of Pujols and Roland while others only got one version like the Mets (Wright), Red Sox, Dbacks, Marlins, Brewers & Phillies. Of course I didn't know that would happen, but I hope that when the break is finished everyone will be happy.

  3. I, for one, am already happy. That's a cool product that I hadn't heard of before. Can't wait to see the D-Lee Elements card in person, and you can't beat a Bo Jackson OPC, either.