Thursday, April 14, 2011

Group Break - 1994 Leaf Series 2

First of all let me apologize for the L-O-N-G video! It ended up clocking in at around 30 minutes total. I'm still getting used to doing video and these 36 pack boxes can be a beast. My wife usually does the video and acts as my time keeper and without her I was a little lost! Without spoiling anything there is at least one pack in the 2nd part that you may want to see. Otherwise if the videos are too boring or too long for your tastes just scroll down for scans of the inserts as well as an updated card count.

Photobucket  Photobucket
Rich Becker & Matt Walbeck

Cliff Floyd Gold Leaf Rookies (1:12 packs)

Darren Daulton MVP Contenders (1:36 packs)

Photobucket  Photobucket
Carlos Baerga Gold Leaf Stars (1:100 packs)


Power Brokers (1:12 packs)
We got the whole set out of one pack!

Ken Griffey, Jr., Barry Bonds, Cecil Fielder

We beat the odds again!  Not only did we luck out with one of the hot packs, but we got a 1:100 Gold Leaf Stars insert.  If you didn't take the time to watch all of the videos (which I don't blame you if you didn't!) there were a lot of cards and a lot of doubles.  Please comment if you want your team's doubles.  I'll be back w/ the 3rd box real soon - 1996 Leaf Limited!  Here is an updated count for each team:

Key:  B = base, I = insert

Atlanta Braves | B/23, I/2
Baltimore Orioles | B/11, I/0
Boston Red Sox | B/16, I/0
Chicago Cubs | B/21, I/0
Chicago White Sox | B/14, I/1
Cincinnati Reds | B/14, I/1
Cleveland Indians | B/30, I/2
Colorado Rockies | B/11, I/0
Detroit Tigers | B/12, I/2
Houston Astros | B/36, I/0
Los Angeles Dodgers | B/10, I/1
Milwaukee Brewers | B/32, I/0
Montreal Expos | B/14, I/1
New York Mets | B/13, I/1
New York Yankees | B/16, I/2
Oakland Athletics | B/15, I/0
Philadelphia Phillies | B/16, I/1
San Diego Padres | B/15, I/0
San Francisco Giants | B/24, I/2
Seattle Mariners | B/17, I/2
St. Louis Cardinals | B/18, I/0
Texas Rangers | B/27, I/1


  1. 2 boxes, 2 different Rynos. Awesome break so far. If only I was a Rick Wilkins collector, I think there were 5 of his cards out of this box.

    Also, if the Twins cards are up for grabs, I'd be interested in a Puckett and a Hrbek.

  2. One of my favorite 90's sets. Those inserts are awesome.

  3. I'll take all my doubles - there's already people wanting 'em :)

  4. I would like to claim a Bo Jackson (Angels) and a Paul Molitor (Jays)if that is okay. I love that Militor photo.

    BTW, I would also like to donate one of the Griffey inserts for randomization if that is okay (include yourself if you want). I'm not greedy and he is popular with many different collectors.

  5. I'd also be interested in a Molitor if there's a 2nd one available.

  6. I too would like my doubles. And any Topps Laser that get left behind, if we can work something out!
    That was a good box, and those Gold Leaf Stars really are beautiful.

  7. Looks like I pulled a team set. Since I didn't get any Lasers(say it like Dr. Evil, say it) I'll take my doubles please.

  8. Everyone that requested their teams' doubles will get them. I'll try to accommodate everyone's request for the non-claimed team cards.

  9. I'll take my doubles, and also and Angels Jim Edmonds cards that come up.