Thursday, April 28, 2011

So who does the worst team in the NFL draft with the #1 overall pick?

Or another way to ask the question...who do the Carolina Panthers draft tonight with the #1 overall pick?  So far it looks like the overwhelming conclusion is Cam Newton out of Auburn.

I may be in the minority here, but I'm not sure if that is the right pick for the team.  One one level it makes sense as it'll put some butts in seats and give the fans something to be excited about.  It'll also help give the team some national exposure, because let's face it going 2-14 last year doesn't help give the media anything positive to talk about your team.

By drafting Cam with the 1st pick also means the team is giving up on Jimmy Clausen whom they selected last year.  I like Clausen personally and I felt bad that he was thrust into the starting line-up as he was.  The Panthers should've went into last season with a veteran QB to help Matt Moore and the 2 rookie QBs (Clausen & Tony Pike).  Jimmy was running for his life on the field thanks in part to a poor offensive line.  I don't think last season was indicative of Clausen's abilities.  

I would like to see the Panthers trade down in the draft personally.  The team has so many holes to fill right now it's not even funny.  Yes, the team could use some stability in the QB department - I won't debate that...but I don't see Cam Newton coming in and being the team's savior.  I see him being 3rd string while he learns.  The Panthers are rebuilding and a lot of the locals think that Cam does have the tools to be a good NFL quarterback, but it'll take some time.  Carolina fans are impatient and for good reason.  Our owner (Jerry Richardson) has been acting like a major jerk over the last few seasons.  We lost Julius Peppers and apparently now Steve Smith is done in Carolina.  The whole set up of the team last year was horrible and I'm sure coach John Fox was glad to get out of Charlotte.

In addition to trading the first pick I'd like the see the team sign a veteran QB at least to a one or two season deal.  If nothing else to provide that leadership aspect in the locker room and for the young guys on the team.  They did it before with Steve Beuerlein, Rodney Peete and more recently w/ Vinny Testeverde.  Some people have brought up Vince Young's name.  Others have mentioned Kelvin Kolb or even Donovan McNabb.  I just want a half decent team on the field again!

The other draft picks the Carolina Panthers have supposedly targeted include:

 Marcell Dareus, Alabama defensive tackle

 A.J. Green, Georgia wide receiver

Patrick Peterson, Louisiana State cornerback

There are several arguments to be had of who the Carolina Panthers should pick and the topic has dominated local sports talk radio shows for the last few weeks.  If the Panthers could trade the pick and get something in the 2nd round I'd like to see them draft A.J. Green.  It looks like Steve Smith has played his last game at WR for the Panthers and while rookies David Gettis and Brandon LaFell showed splashes of brilliance last year the position could use another guy.

I guess we'll see how it all turns out later this evening.  Either way I hope Topps shows the Panthers some cardboard love in 2011 with whomever is drafted.


  1. Every analyst I have read says Newton would be a huge gamble and will cost jobs, but he will still probably be the pick. If he is, I'm sorry but good luck with next year's top 5 pick.

    Green will be the best player from this draft and would fit Carolina's needs. To me it's a no brainer, but no one in the NFL learns from the Jamarcus Russells and Alex Smiths. QBs do not have to be the #1 pick every year.

  2. I agree. I hope it's not Newton, but I think it'll be him. Besides, the Panthers will probably suck in 2011 no matter who they pick so perhaps they can snag Andrew Luck with next year's #1 overall pick!

  3. Cam Newton is a bad idea for the Panthers, and it's one that will hurt for more than just next year. He would probably have some success for them his first year because he won't be expected to be perfect, and his mobility will help him make some plays that will be above average. The problem is, once the team puts together an average O-line and he doesn't have to improvise as much, he will bomb as a pocket passer and won't evolve into a leader on the field.

    Did you see his interview with Gruden? I wouldn't draft him in the first round after seeing that.

  4. I'd go corner or receiver. A QB won't help right now. Give Claussen or McNabb or Seneca Wallace or whoever will be the QB someone he can throw to while they try to rebuild all the holes. Or get a guy that can defend against the murderer's row of quarterbacks in that division. Matt Ryan, Drew Brees... and Josh Freeman might end up being better than the both of them.

    I think Cam Newton would be VERY good in a better situation. He's got the same kind of skillset as Roethlisberger, and a low-pressure, high-powered rushing offense like Big Ben had early in his career would probably serve him well.

  5. Eh, I'm not surprised the pick ended up being Cam Newton. I guess we just have to play the wait and see game now to figure out how it will all work out.

  6. The comparison between Newton and Roethlisberger is killin me. Newton wasn't half the QB that Big Ben was. He was a better all around athlete, but athlete doesn't win in the NFL at QB like it does in college. Big Ben has several throws that no one else can make, and he showed it in college. Newton doesn't have any throws. Add on to that the fact that Big Ben is wayyy smarter than Newton.