Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pack Break - 2011 Bowman

I have a feeling this year's Bowman release will be just about as hard to find as last year thanks to Harper-mania.  I did luck out the other day and found a gravity feeder @ Walmart that wasn't completely empty yet.  Since all of Blogger is filled with 2011 Bowman posts I won't bother scanning the base cards since by now you should know what they look like.

I like the base design better than last year, but I don't anticipate buying many packs.  I do however want to pick up a Braves set so for those of you that have busted a lot of this already let me know if you want to trade as I'd love to have your Braves.  Speaking of Braves I did have some luck as in a insert, Finest Futures.  Nice.

#BP68 Sean Ratliff (Mets)
#BP60 Jarek Cunningham (Pirates)
#154 Brett Wallace (Astros)
#035 Joe Maurer (Twins)
#100 Stephen Drew (Diamondbacks)
#027 Chris Johnson (Astros)
#FF01 Jason Heyward - Finest Futures (Braves)
#BCP13 Alex Castellanos (Cardinals)
#BCP84 Matt Hague (Pirates)


  1. I could use the Wallace and Johnson.

  2. Just want to mention the ease at which I can read your posts now. Nicely done.