Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blaster Break - 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes

Finding good discounted blasters @ Walmart has been getting harder and harder as most of the stores in my area have had their selection picked through only leaving behind boxes and boxes of UD O-Pee-Chee.  That said I did find one lone box of Baseball Heroes that I grabbed.  I've never opened a pack of this product before, but I liked what I saw on other blogs so I thought why not give it a chance.

I only plan on keeping a few of the cards for myself so if you see something you want or need if you are building the set let me know and I'm sure we can work something out.

Pack 1:
#057 Troy Tulowitzki
#132 Daric Barton RC
#038 Derrek Lee
#080 Matt Cain - Purple (03/25)
#176 Don Mattingly & Wade Boggs - Black

Pack 2:
#142 Felix Pie
#092 Jon Lester
#189 Chipper Jones / Ryan Braun / Miguel Cabrera
#3976 Craig Nettles - Yankee Stadium Legacy
#144 Jake Peavy - Black

Pack 3:
#116 Robinson Cano
#133 Ryan Howard
#163 Bob Gibson
#002 Dan Haren
#071 Andrew Miller - Black

Pack 4:
#020 Jason Varitek
#156 Albert Pujols
#115 Alex Rodriguez
#181 Eddie Murray & Prince Fielder
#034 Wade Boggs - Black

Pack 5:
#047 Ken Griffey Jr.
#070 Dan Uggla
#027 Josh Beckett
#085 John Lackey
#174 Lastings Milledge

Pack 6:
#123 Yogi Berra
#154 Kenji Johjima
#197 Yogi Berra / Reggie Jackson / Joe DiMaggio / Derek Jeter
#3951 Sparky Lyle - Yankee Stadium Legacy
#107 David Wright - Black

Pack 7:
#140 Freddy Sanchez
#165 Carl Crawford
#056 Matt Holliday
#022 Manny Ramirez
#073 J.R. Towles RC - Black

Pack 8:
#054 Travis Hafner
#030 Dustin Pedroia
#050 Johnny Bench
#194 Brandon Webb / Justin Verlander / Felix Hernandez
#125 Don Mattingly - Black

Pack 9:
#077 Hunter Pence
#007 John Smoltz
#079 Alex Gordon
#110 Carlos Delgado
#196 Derek Jeter / Ken Griffey Jr. / Cal Ripken Jr. / Ichiro - Black

I can now see why a lot of collectors like this set.  Upper Deck did a great job at capturing that iconic Baseball Heroes look and feel.  I remember searching the counters of gas stations for packs of 1991 Upper Deck on my annual father/son trip after school let out for the summer.  Baseball Heroes were some of the first insert cards I had the chance to chase and I loved seeing the old photos of Hank Aaron and Ted Williams as a kid.  I wish I could find at least one more blaster of this stuff as it was a lot of fun opening.


  1. I'm not sure what's going on w/ Wal-Mart and their discount blasters, but the stores here haven't had any in weeks now, other than 2010 UD (they had lots of the OPC for awhile, but they've been gone for at least a month now). Only thing I can figure is they're hoping to get rid of all the 2010 bowman chrome/platinum and topps update still lining the shelves at full price.

  2. I'm interested in raising some Cain. (Ha ha ha.) Can you put that aside for me?

  3. I really like this set too and always jump at a chance to pick some up. I can use the black Yankees (I have the Wright already) as well as black #196 (4 player) and regular #197 (4 Yankees)and the YSL's. I have some stuff I can send your way for them.