Thursday, September 8, 2011

KC's own rocketman - Jeff Francoeur...or better yet his arm

I was one of the few Braves fans that was said to see Francoeur leave the team a few years ago.  Heck, I was sad to see the Mets jettisoned him.  I was glad to see however he was getting some playing time out in Kansas City.  While checking up on things I ran across a video of an awesome 9-3 out courtesy of Jeff.

Now I wish someone @ Topps would take notice and put him back into a set of 2011 baseball cards already.  I have one card since he left the Mets.  One freakin' card...2011 Topps Team Set.  Why has he been denied his rightful place on cardboard all of the sudden.  I know he doesn't have the star power in the hobby he once had, but geez Topps.  Hasn't he been in cardboard exile for enough time already?


  1. Just saw the video on ESPN. Doesn't happen very often.