Monday, July 23, 2012

Pack Break - 2009 Topps WWE

In celebration of the 1,000th episode of WWE Monday Night RAW later this evening I bring the last of 3 packs of Topps WWE cards I recently found in the discount box at my local Target.


I believe this was the first year that Topps started using that year's baseball design for their WWE cards.  I know a lot of collector's hate the reusing of the design.  I fall in the middle.  I do agree that coming up with an original design shouldn't be that hard, but I'm not going to boycott the product because of the borrowed design.


#86 John Cena - Fitting how the first card out of the pack is the poster boy of the WWE.


#67 Jillian - One Diva I wasn't sad to see go.  I couldn't stand when they put that stupid "growth" on the side of her face...though it was mildly entertaining w/ the Boogeyman "ate" it off!


#80 Santina Marella - Not quite a Diva.  I like Santino, but this Ms. Wrestlemania angle was beyond lame.


#34 Kelly Kelly - Not the best photo, but I'll take it.


#40 Santino Marella - Possibly one of the more entertaining current wrestlers today.  His persona is so over the top and at times borderlines stupid, but post of the time pretty funny.

Legends of the Ring 7

#07 Iron Sheik - Legends of the Ring - Most known for his heated feud w/ Sgt. Slaughter in the 80's.


#TT3 Chris Jericho - ToppsTown - Even this hated "insert" set made an appearance here.  Blah.

At some point I oughta track down a box of this stuff as it should be a fun set to rip and build.  Now if you'll excuse me I have a historic 3 hour episode of RAW to watch!

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  1. Kelly Kelly always looks like she is looking directly into the sun.