Monday, August 20, 2012

Catching up on some Thank Yous

These last few weeks have been a little hectic around the house and with work so to say I've fallen a little behind is an understatement.

I've worked out several trades, participated in a group break and was blessed w/ a free card from a fellow Braves blogger...but I haven't had the time to show my appreciation until now.

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Braves blogger A Rookie (baseball) Card Collector posted the contents of a single pack of '12 Gypsy Queen some time ago and there was a mini of Frank Thomas.  I simply asked if it was available and she sent it to me free of charge.  Of course I've got a nice little Braves care package to send in return.  What I didn't know until the card arrived that it was a red back.  Nice.


Robert from $30 A Week Habit graciously sent me some cards from my '12 A&G & GQ want lists.  I'm particularly excited about the 2 People of the Bible minis.



Shane from Off the Wall and I completed a trade where I sent him a bunch of '12 A&G minis and he sent me several cards from my various want lists as well as a stack of Braves which I picked out a few to share.



I'm usually so busy hosting group breaks that it's rare that I get to participate in one, but recently Juuust a bit outside (JABO) was holding a break that I couldn't resist.  I didn't land anything earth shattering, but that's how the group break thing goes.  Though I did get a Spectrum card of Frenchy that I didn't have!


I was trying to work out a deal w/ ARPSmith's Sportscards Obsession for a Dan Uggla A&G relic he had by offering a Archives Fan Favorites auto of the "Kung Fu Panda", but he already had the card.  A few days later I got an e-mail asking for my address.  Now I owe him some extra Giants cards!  Thanks bud!

If by chance I left anyone out that I've dealt with recently it's not on purpose.  I'm so unorganized right now I may need to take some time off to get my crap in order after I'm done w/ these next two Affordable Group Breaks.

Speaking of the AGB, the Stadium Club boxes should be here today when I get home from work so I'll start ripping and scanning this evening as I watch WWE RAW.

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