Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LAST CALL! Pack ripping is about to start.

Oh boy.  On the eve of starting the biggest group break I've ever hosted my employer decides to drop a fairly large project in my lap and hasn't given me much time to complete it.  Don't worry though - I'll find time to get everything ripped and posted as fast as I can.  I just wanted to give all the participants a quick heads up that things may not go as fast as I'd like.

Now that is out of the way I wanted to extend one last opportunity to grab a team!  This break will yield a lot of cards and I'd rather not have a mountain of Marlins cards left.  So if you are reading this and want to jump in it's not too late...but I need to hear from you by 11 PM EST tonight, 08/14/12.

For a complete listing of the teams that have been claimed and all the other info please click HERE.  Plenty of good teams still left unclaimed - Red Sox & Orioles to mention a few.

My goal for each box is to have a post highlighting some good photography on base cards + any inserts.  I'll also do my best to keep a running card count per team so you have an idea of how large your team(s) stack is getting.

Hang on tight...the fun is about to begin!

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