Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A thank you package from my team's rival

While I was expecting a package from Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle a week or so ago, I wasn't expecting a package from Cards on Cards.  I thought in my hiatus from blogging here "crap, did I forget to send my part of a trade?!".  Much to my relief there was a note inside from Kerry thanking me for hosting all of my Affordable Group Breaks and a stack of cards.

I find the timing of a Cardinals fan sending a Braves fan some cards a little ironic...seeing how the red birds (who no offense shouldn't have been in the playoffs) beat my Braves.  It was hard to swallow, but I still take cards from just about any opposing team's fans!

Mixed in with the Braves cards were also some Lance Berkmans.  I don't believe I have any of these!

With the new NBA season just around the corner it seems fitting that Kerry also tossed in some basketball cards.  While I may not follow the NBA as much as I did in the 90's (for several reasons), I love getting old basketball cards.  Mark Price was a rare breed of an athlete in the NBA.  While his skills were remarkable on the court, I liked the guy just as much for who he was off the court.  Surprisingly I don't have a lot of his cards even though many of them were during the junk wax era so I loved seeing these in the stack.

While a lot of my friends were big Jordan fans, I found myself gravitating to Dominique Wilkins and his highlight reels.  Like with Mark Price I don't have a lot of his cards so I'll gladly take whatever I can get of his.

And it wouldn't be a proper post when mentioning basketball cards if I didn't share some old Charlotte Hornets.  Part of my lack of interest in the current NBA is the lack of the Hornets.  I watch and root for the Charlotte Bobcats...but it's just not the same.  

A huge thanks to Kerry from Cards on Cards for his generosity.  It's small little gestures like this that pull me back in every time I step away for a breather.

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