Sunday, March 17, 2013

The start of the baseball season is almost here, so why not celebrate with an Affordable Group Break?!

As most of my regular readers and fellow bloggers know, I've been hosting my Affordable Group Breaks for  a few years now and in 2012 I nearly had a break every month.  It's a lot of work and frankly I got a little burnt out.  There are more bloggers hosting their own breaks now so trying to get people's support and money has been a little tougher.  On a few occasions I lost a little money hosting as well so combine all those factors and you'll see why I've been laying a little low here lately.

However with the beginning of the 2013 baseball season just around the corner I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to host another edition of my Affordable Group Break.  In staying true to my roots I've decided to go back to the 90's a pick 3 boxes that I hope everyone will enjoy.  Like with previous breaks, the great guys at The Baseball Card Exchange will again be sponsoring this break.

Up first is a product I first learned about when my brother was in college.  In 1992 I had only been collecting for a few years and I didn't have access to a hobby shop or even Beckett magazine.  My brother brought home a few packs of these cards from the college's school store and I always thought they were unique.  I think this one a one and done product for Topps making it that much more enjoyable.

1992 Topps Kids
- 48 packs, 7 cards per pack

* I have all the Atlanta Braves from this set so I'll be selling a Braves slot for just this slot if anyone cares

By 1993 rolled around I was just getting into collecting other brands outside of Topps.  I remember when the Ted Williams Card Co. was founded and oddly enough I opened a few packs, but I can't remember for the life of me where I purchased the packs!  I figured this was something that a lot of us may not have in our team/player collections.

1993 Ted Williams (Premiere Edition)
- 36 packs, 12 cards per pack
- 2 insert cards per pack
- Etched in Stone, a tribute to Roberto Clemente
- Gene Locklear Collection

Skip a few years to 1996.  By this time I was in college and my attention to baseball and baseball cards was waning a little bit.  Leave it up to Fleer/Skybox to catch my attention with their Metal Universe set. I was somewhat familiar with the concept as I was buying basketball cards for a short while.  I know not every collector out there cared for this brand, but I for one always enjoyed it.

1996 Fleer Skybox Metal Universe (Hobby)
- 24 packs
- Look for Motherlode inserts

After crunching the numbers it comes out to $9 per slot.  14 slots available + the Braves '92 Topps Kids slot.  Additional slots can be purchased for a discount of $2.  Pick a team and the 2nd team will be randomized.  The faster you pay the sooner I can place the order and get to ripping packs.  If for some reason we can't get 14 people to join in on the fun then I'll refund everyone's money.

To claim a slot(s) please:
  • 1) Leave a comment letting me know your team of choice (or teams if claiming multiple slots)
  • 2) PayPal your payment via gift to:  cardboardcollections at
  • 3) E-mail me (same address as payment) your screen name, full name, address and the team(s) claimed

01) Braves (Cardboard Collections) (PAID)
02) Dodgers (grcl) (PAID)
03) Yankees (Dutch Card Guy) (PAID)
04) Astros (That Astros Guy / @SWVLguy) (PAID)
05) Pirates (NY Hitman 23) (PAID)

1992 Topps Kids Atlanta Braves slot - $2.00


  1. I would like Astros please....gifting it now;)

  2. I think I will have to pass this time. I have most of the Metal already and there are no Royals in the Ted Williams 1993 set.