Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2013 Affordable Group Break 2nd Team Randomization

We filled all but 2 slots this time around, thank you for everyone's participation.  I'm going to go ahead and randomize the 2nd team for everyone.  If you wish to offer your team up for trade, then please leave a comment on this post.  If you do trade, please make sure to comment so I know who gets which teams.

You have until 6 pm EST Thursday, 04/04/13 to trade.  After that time the window will be closed as I plan to open the cards Thursday.  I'll have the results posted here on the blog.  Still trying to decide if I'm going to video the boxes, type out the pack by pack results or just skip to sharing some highlights from the packs + the inserts.

To jog everyone's memory here are the teams that have been claimed:

01) Braves (Cardboard Collections)
02) Dodgers (grcl) 
03) Yankees (Dutch Card Guy) 
04) Astros (That Astros Guy / @SWVLguy)
05) Pirates (NY Hitman 23)
06) Orioles (Ryan H) 
07) Cubs (Spiegel83) 
08) Giants (arpsmith) 
09) Rockies (hiflew) 
10) Royals (Josh D.) 
11) Cardinals (madding) 
12) Mets (Carlos Salgado) 
13) Brewers (cynicalbuddha)
14) Padres (Cardboard Collections)
15) Mariners (Cardboard Collections)

Here are the results of the 2nd team randomization:

01) Blue Jays (Cardboard Collections)
02) Expos (grcl)
03) Indians (Dutch Card Guy)
04) Reds (That Astros Guy)
05) Tigers (NY Hitman 23)
06) Diamondbacks (Ryan H)
07) Marlins (Spiegel83)
08) Twins (arpsmith)
09) Phillies (hiflew) 
10) Athletics (Josh D.)
11) Rays (madding)
12) Rangers (Carlos Salgado)
13) White Sox (cynicalbuddha)
14) Angels (Cardboard Collections)
15) Red Sox (Cardboard Collections)


  1. A's are for trade if there are any takers. Would like to get the Jays, Indians, Tigers, Rangers, Angels, or Red Sox, if possible.
    Thanks - Josh D.

    1. I'll trade you the Jays for the A's (in the hopes of finding a Tim Hudson in the Gold Label box)

    2. Sounds good. Let's do it.

  2. I would be okay trading the Twins. I would be most interested in the Angels but could be convinced to take another team if someone really want the Twins.