Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some collect Nomar, I collect Rey

There aren't many Rey Ordonez cards that have escaped my grasp, however this card is one of the rare exceptions. 


When Nomar Garciaparra was still playing it seemed like this card always exceed my budget when I could find it.  Thankfully after he retired I was finally able to grab it for a very, very low price.  But not for Nomar...for Rey!  As good as Rey was with the leather during his days with the Mets, I'm still kinda surprised so many of the card companies at the time included him in relic and auto sets.  It sure made collecting him fun though when I started in the mid 90's.


  1. Beautiful card. I love those Co-Signers autographs from the late 90's.

  2. I too love the Co-Signers. Currently I have my eye on a Tim Salmon Co-Signers. Love that the prices are starting to fall back to affordable levels.