Monday, February 17, 2014

Group Break - 2nd Team Randomization Results!

Alright, here we go.  15 slots were available and all have been claimed and paid for.  We had some good teams not claimed this go around (Red Sox, Rays, Cardinals) so we'll random off these unclaimed teams in no particular order.

Now that all of the teams have been assigned, feel free to begin trading amongst yourselves.  If you do initiate and complete a trade with someone, I do ask that you please follow these rules:

1) Please make all offers via comments in this post
2) If both parties agree to a trade, please leave a comment letting me know -- I'd hate to mail you the wrong cards
3) Have fun!

2nd Team Assignments:
Orioles Pirates - Cardboard Collections
Pirates Orioles - CaptKirk24
White Sox - Matt Pederson
Brewers - Roy-Z
Cardinals - buckstorecards
Rockies - arpsmith
Indians - daddyohoho
Padres - Jeff
A's - The Dutch Card Guy
Astros - Play at the Plate
Rays - The Lost Collector
Reds - Josh D.
Marlins - The Junior Junkie
Red Sox - Jeff S
Diamondbacks - Cool Breeze Baseball Buzz

1st Team Claimed:
Braves - Cardboard Collections
Nationals - CaptKirk24
Cubs - Matt Pederson
Blue Jays - Roy-Z
Mets - buckstorecards
Giants - arpsmith
Phillies - daddyohoho
Angels - Jeff
Dodgers - The Dutch Card Guy
Rangers - Play at the Plate
Yankees - The Lost Collector
Royals - Josh D.
Mariners - The Junior Junkie
Twins - Jeff S
Tigers - Cool Breeze Baseball Buzz

Doubles Trading Partners:
Matt Pederson & Josh D.


  1. No major attachment to the Rockies so they are up for trade if anyone is interested.

  2. Colby any chance of trading the Pirates for those Orioles?

    1. I may regret my decision, especially if a Cal Ripken is pulled...but sure, I'll trade ya. Hopefully a cool McCutchen card will be lurking in one of the boxes.

    2. OK Cool Thanks Colbey if a Cal Ripken is pulled we will discuss. I am a little flexible.

  3. PATP, would you trade me the Astros for the White Sox?

  4. Will give up the Brewers for ... something.

  5. Howdy - I would trade the Reds for any of these: Cardinals, Red Sox, Rays, Orioles, Pirates.

  6. Also, is anyone interested in trading their doubles? Colbey - would you be willing to facilitate such a thing on your end?

  7. Yes! I completely forgot about trading doubles! If anyone else wants to offer up trading their doubles please let me know. Post it in the comments like Matt and Josh did!

  8. I am cool with trading doubles, or putting my doubles to someone who wants to build the set.