Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Group Break boxes have shipped and a 2014 Donruss wrapper redemption?

First off, I got the UPS notification yesterday that our 2014 Donruss group break boxes have shipped.  Tracking info has them delivered at my home Friday.  I have to work this Saturday, but I plan on getting the boxes opened either Friday or Saturday night with the results posted over the weekend.

At this point I'm still leaning towards doing an old fashioned post w/ the interesting cards scanned in, as opposed to doing a video.  Or I may do a recap video and show case the hits.  Either way the results will hopefully be posted to my blog over the weekend.

Guess that means I should hurry up and clean off my desk and hook up my new scanner I got for Christmas!

Also, I saw today that Panini is doing a wrapper redemption for 2014 Donruss.  24 wrappers will yield a 3 card pack w/ the last few Rated Rookie cards.  This means I should be able to get 2 packs.  Question is how do I go about making this fair to all the participants.  Chime in and let me know what you think about the wrappers.  How should we go about this?


  1. Either keep same teams, or just randomly draw a name per pack?

  2. I'd assume they'd go to whoever got that team.

  3. One should have the individual players go to the teams those players go to. The other you could random, since they're basically the same players.

    Yankees, White Sox, Royals