Thursday, February 27, 2014

While we're waiting for the group break boxes to arrive...

Now those of you reading this that are participating in this month's Affordable Group Break may or may not want to watch the latest Panini Unwrapped video featuring 2014 Donruss.  If you are as excited as I am about this new "throwback" product then you'll gladly watch the video.  If you don't want to be spoiled then you can proceed about your Thursday.

I should have these boxes in hand tomorrow (according to UPS).  I'll get to ripping and posting cards via my blog and on my seldom used YouTube channel.  Make sure to subscribe on YouTube if you haven't already.  I'll also be posting images and links to my blog on my Facebook page.  By Liking the Facebook page you can easily stay up to date with what is going on here at Cardboard Collections as well as view some nifty card scans of some Atlanta Braves players.


  1. I was in BrentandBeccas 16 box case break also. You don't want to know that I think scout Panini.

    1. did you get anything good at all?

    2. I got a Michael Choice auto (apparently his card says Texas) and two Kinsler Game Gear Relics. This was a 16 box case. My (and everyone else's) main gripe was the collation. Three boxes in a row had Zimmerman box toppers, the same guys kept coming up over and over for the numbered parallels (great for those teams). Two Evan Gattis auto redemptions in a row. Three Dave Parker autos. I guess the "case hit" was an Edwin Encarnacion Game Gear #/25. It was pretty poor overall. Brent said today that some teams had over 100 base cards but only one complete team set. That's BAD collation.

  2. I just busted a box of this last night, and blogged about it. I have to say other than the box not having my two autos in it, it was a fun rip. The inserts and parallels look nice and the base looks really good even with out the logos. And save your wrappers, wrapper redemption!! I even think the relics look pretty cool, simple design for the game gear, but colorful, could be a cool set to complete and give it a couple months most of those relics will be in the dollar bin. I have to say over all I'm pleasantly surprised by this release, and I'll be a lot happier once Panini sends me my missing autos. Oh and I haven't seen a redemption yet either.