Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 2014 Affordable Group Break - 2014 Donruss Box 2

I got home late from work on Saturday and I just didn't have the energy to sit down in front of the computer to open the last box.  My wife offered to help so we each took 12 packs and got to rippin'.  Bad news that our streak of good luck ended with the 1st box.  While Panini advertises 2 autos and 1 mem in each hobby box...this one fell a little short.  I've already filled out the form w/ Panini online and I'm mailing in the box top tomorrow so hopefully soon we'll get our missing auto and mem.  So until that happens the total card counts will be a little off.  For now enjoy the pictures of the inserts and the one lone hit the box did yield.



Box Topper

Card Counts for both boxes

Legend:  Base cards | Inserts | Hits

Cardboard Collections:  Braves / Pirates - 25 | 3 | 0
CaptKirk24:  Nationals / Orioles - 35 | 3 | 0
Matt Pederson:  Cubs / White Sox - 15 | 3 | 0
Roy-Z:  Blue Jays / Brewers - 25 | 2 | 0
buckstorecards:  Mets / Cardinals - 29 | 3 | 0
arpsmith:  Giants / Rockies - 20 | 2 | 0
daddyohoho:  Phillies / Indians - 20 | 1 | 0
Jeff:  Angels / Padres - 13 | 5 | 0
The Dutch Card Guy:  Dodgers / Athletics - 27 | 5 | 0
Play at the Plate:  Rangers / Astros - 17 | 4 | 2
The Lost Collector:  Yankees / Rays - 31 | 7 | 1
Josh D.:  Royals / Reds - 24 | 7 | 0
The Junior Junkie:  Mariners / Marlins - 18 | 1 | 1
Jeff S.:  Twins / Red Sox - 18 | 1 | 1
Cool Breeze:  Tigers / Diamondbacks - 24 | 3 | 0

In addition to waiting for our missing hits, I'm mailing in the 48 wrappers for the two mail in packs.  The players in the packs will go to the people that picked those teams.  Just seems appropriate.

I'm going to do my best to get these cards in the mail tomorrow, but it may be Tuesday depending on my work schedule.  A big thanks to everyone that participated.  I'm not quite ready to return to hosting a group break every month, but I may pick another upcoming product in the coming months.  If you have any suggestions of what to break, shoot me an e-mail with your suggestions.


  1. Colby, Thanks for the break. Wow the Reds got a pretty cool Team MVP insert with Charlie Hustle. I'm loving this set more and more, some of it brings back memories of the early Donruss years.

    I forget who is where, are you in one of the East Coast areas that is bracing for another Winter Storm? Then you might want to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday to mail out.

    1. Funny how teams like the Reds and Red Sox that weren't claimed performed better than some of the teams that were claimed! Hope you're satisfied with your Nats and O's.

    2. Yes I'm very pleased with my teams pulls. Now I don't have to pay overinflated prices on that Bryce Harper Diamond King, which I'm sure along with the other in demand players from that sub-set will be fetching insane "you've got to have this right now" prices all over the place.

  2. Angels obviously aren't getting much love from Panini.

    1. Maybe not this round, but at least you got the numbered Pujols Press Proof and the Trout Diamond Kings.

    2. That Trout Diamond King is a good looking card.

  3. This product is VERY hit or miss. Even being shorted the two hits, I did better in this one box than I did in that 16 box case break at BrentandBeccas.

    1. Yeah despite the lackluster 2nd box, I figured you'd be happy overall w/ your haul. Congrats!

  4. Wow that sucks. At least when my box was shorted the two autos I got 4 relics. I still sent in my box top to get my two autos though. Nice hit with the Puig, Profar auto, that'll make Brian happy, and the Rose MVP.

    1. Well I'm hoping that Panini makes this right. I sent in the required info today so we'll see what happens and what cards they send.

  5. Hey Colbey, Thanks again for the break. I received the cards today (Mar6). They look great. Haven't bought any Panini before, but I might have to see if I can find them on sale.