Thursday, November 13, 2014

#TBT Throwback Thursday - Charlotte Hornets Edition #2

Continuing with the theme I started last week, this week's Throwback Thursday features 1990-1991 Fleer.

By the time the start of the 1990 season rolled around, my personal interest in the team really started to increase. Part of this was the play on the court continuing to slowly improve, but I also attribute some my interest due to the fact that I got to attend many games. My dad ended up splitting two season tickets with a couple from our church. My older brother was never interested in sports much so that left the door wide open for my dad and I to hit up the Hive and catch several games for several seasons to come.


My dad was a UNC Tarheels I had ended up a NC State fan. It made for some fun times growing up. Needless to say my dad was excited when the Hornets drafted JR Reid out of the University of North Carolina. I don't remember JR lighting it up very often, but he was a crowd favorite for many seasons here in Charlotte.

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