Saturday, January 3, 2015

NFL Wild Card Weekend: Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Oh my. Who would have ever thought the Carolina Panthers would be in the NFL playoffs this year? At one point my beloved home town team went 60+ days without a win! I know a lot of fans hate the fact that a team with a losing record won the division, let alone are in the playoffs. However I'm telling you know - don't sleep on this team.

I'm not going to predict the Panthers are going to win the Super Bowl, but I do believe they have as good a chance as any team, especially with the way they've been playing over the last 4 games. A lot rides on the legs of RB Jonathan Stewart in today's game. If Cam can be himself and the running game is a beast, combined with a stingy defense, I think the Panthers can handle the red birds.

So with Carolina's big day I figured now would be a good chance to show off some new Kelvin Benjamin cards. I know he has dropped some passes lately, but overall how can you argue with a rookie WR with over 1,000 receiving yards?



I'm really digging these new Topps Valor cards. I like the matte stock used. I just may need to track down a team set. Prime of course continues to be the Stadium Club of football with the excellent, clear photography. The Score Hot Rookies looks better than recent years' efforts. The Rookie & Stars consistently has a nice, clean design and this year is no different.


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  1. And they did it! Congrats! Defense came up big.