Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cam Newton, your 2015 NFL MVP

2015 NFL MVP - Cam Newton
Carolina Panthers - QB

It's been a wild ride this season, that is for sure! When the Panthers lost their #1 WR, Kelvin Benjamin in the pre-season many fans and critics alike discounted the Panthers chance at doing anything this season. Who was Cam Newton going to pass the ball to? Was the team going to rush out and sign a big name wide receiver?

Earlier this week Cam's father, Cecil, joined the local sports talk show set up on radio row out in San Jose, CA. Cecil told the guys that when Kelvin went down, Cam calmly told his father as well as his coach (Ron Rivera) and the front office staff (GM Dave Gettleman) that their answer was already there in the locker room.

Thanks in part to the team playing like a team, Cam was able to have his best season as a pro in the NFL. In his 5th year out of Auburn, Cam went on to rack up 35 passing TDs and added 10 more rushing TDs. He threw for 3,837 years with 10 interceptions. His Quarterback rating for the season was an impressive 99.4%.

However it's not all about stats and it's not all about an individual award. Cam knows he is only successful when the team is successful. Cam has grown up a lot in front of my eyes since joining the team five years ago. He carries himself in a way that I envy. What I mean by that is that he catches a lot of flak. He is a very polarizing player. I have much sports hate for Tom Brady...but that's because the guy is a good QB. A lot of people just seem to have hate for Cam Newton. I don't know what it is and why people seem to be so hateful towards him, but Cam just brushes it off and continues about his business...winning football games.

It's been a great year for Cam and the rest of the Carolina Panthers. I'm so excited about him winning the MVP award, but of course the season isn't over. There is still one game yet to be played. Until then however let's let Neil Diamond take us home...

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