Thursday, October 6, 2016

Redemption from Topps...Finally!

Over on the sidebar I have a section where I keep track of redemption cards. While I'm not a huge fan of them, I know they serve their purpose and find time to time I'll pick up a redemption card for myself, like the recent Jacoby Brissett I redeemed. However pulling a redemption card myself doesn't happen very often.

Let's rewind the clock to 2015. I picked up a few boxes of Allen & Ginter as I was working on the set and not surprisingly a lot of the hits I pulled were just lack luster relic cards...until I pulled a card for a 10th Anniversary Buyback auto of Buster Posey! I set the card on the corner of my office desk and almost forgot about it until earlier this year. On January 6th, I finally went online to redeem the card and the wait officially began.

2 weeks ago, Wednesday 09/21/16 to be exact I got a bubble mailer from Topps and this beauty was inside.

While I knew the card was a auto Buyback, I didn't know it was going to a mini or that the card would only be numbered to 10! If you can't make out the number in the scan, it's 08/10. Now as cool as the card is, I'm not a Giants fan. I'd much rather try to swap this for a few Braves autos of Smoltz, Glavine, Tim Hudson, Chipper, Andruw Jones or just about any other notable Braves player. I don't know what the card is "worth", but if I were to sell it I'd throw it up on eBay with a Buy It Now price of at least $100 based on what I've seen some of Buster's auto sell for.

Trade or sale at this point, I'm not sure. I could use the money, but I figured I'd share the card here first and see if anyone was remotely interested. If not I'll toss it in that big stack of items I've been too lazy to list on eBay.


  1. I've got a real nice Dale Murphy auto refractor /25, and could probably sweeten the pot with some other lesser cards you'd be into. Just let me know if you might be interested is possibly hammering something out.

    1. I may be interested. Send me a scan (flywheels at yahoo dot com) of the Murphy card and let me know what else you have in mind as I haven't decided what to do w/ the Posey auto yet.