Friday, March 16, 2018

Nachos Grande 2018 Topps Heritage Group Break Results

Chris from Nachos Grande has thrown his hat recently into the ring of hosting group breaks. I grabbed the Braves in his recent 2018 Heritage break. I don't usually buy much if any of Heritage, so I figured this would be a good way to get the Braves cards I wanted without having a lot of cards I didn't want.

I feel as if I did pretty good, getting multiples of every non-SP Brave in the set. I did manage to get one SP, Nick Markakis.

The Detroit Tigers ended up being my second team that was randomized to me. I only got 3 cards, but it appears all 3 are SPs. I'm keeping the McCann for my Faith Brothers collection, but the other two will be available for trade.

While Chris was waiting to break the actual boxes of Heritage, he opened a few bonus packs. Nothing too exciting, but I love the junk wax era and even though I may already have these older Braves cards in my collection I'll still gladly take them.

Thanks Chris for hosting the break and getting the cards out to me so quickly!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

April 2018 Affordable Group Break - 20 Hits/Autos/Relics!

The next edition of my Affordable Group Break will be a little different than in the past. This time we'll be busting a box of 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection (hobby exclusive). The Clubhouse box alone will yield 20 hits! The box has 10 packs, with 2 cards per pack - both being either an auto or a hit! For a more detailed look at the set and the checklists, click HERE and HERE.

We'll also break a hobby box of 2004 Topps Gallery. The box has 24 packs with 6 cards per pack. For a more detailed look at the set and the checklists, click HERE or HERE.

We'll have 15 total spots available with the format of choose 1 team and the 2nd team will be randomly assigned once the break is full. Cost for each slot will only be $18 shipped. All cards pulled will be shipped. Packs will be opened Live in the Facebook group, including randomization of second team(s).

If you're interested, all you need to do to claim your slot:

* Join the Facebook group (not required, but highly recommended)
* Comment with the team you want (first come, first serve)
* Payments will be by PayPal, (Goods & Services only)

Tentatively we will go Live on Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 9 PM Eastern...unless this break fills up quick, then we'll look into moving up the date. Once the break is full and everyone has paid, I will place the order for the product. Please help spread the word to others that you know may be interested, I'd really appreciate that.

As with all breaks I host, I claim the Atlanta Braves. All other teams are up for grabs!

01 - Cardboard Collections - Atlanta Braves (PAID)
02 - Cards on Cards - St. Louis Cardinals
03 - Angus - New York Mets (PAID)
04 - Cardboard Conundrum - Chicago Cubs (PAID)
05 - The Daily Dimwit - Houston Astros (PAID)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Want to Trade?

I'm still looking for trading partners, primarily to finish off various flagship Topps sets, Allen & Ginter, Gypsy Queen and some other sets. Looking mainly for base cards to fill in holes. I don't even care if it's a lopsided trade on your end. If you have base cards from some of the sets I'm looking to finish and you can find something I have you want, make me an offer!

I updated my Trade List this evening with:

* 2017 Topps Update base & inserts
* 2017 Topps Chrome Update base & inserts
* 2017 Topps Holiday base & parallels
* 2018 Topps base & inserts

All of my want lists can be found by clicking on the link in the sidebar located on the right of this blog or by clicking here.

Sunday Verse

Zephaniah 3:17

New International Version

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.

Friday, March 9, 2018

2017 Topps Now: Dansby Swanson #59 (916 print run)

Dansby Swanson didn't take long to make himself feel at home in the new SunTrust Park. On April 17th, he had his 1st career walk-off. Tied 4-4 against the Padres and down 1-2 in the count, Dansby would fight off a few pitches until he got the one he was looking for.

This is one of the higher print runs of all the Topps Now cards I have, mainly because of the RC designation I imagine. I hope to see this young kid show up in more Topps Now cards in the 2018 season because that'll mean he is living up to his hype.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Time to Clean Out my eTopps Portfolio

Surely I'm not the only one that kept getting those emails from Topps advertising shipping discounts for cards left in your eTopps portfolio. The fact that the Topps has still be maintaining the eTopps website still amazes me. The program ran for 12 years, but I only bought cards for a few years after discovering what the program was.

I thought the idea behind eTopps was great and sometimes I wish the program was still going today. Topps Now essentially replaced eTopps years later, but when you compare the actual eTopps cards in hand vs. Topps Now...well there is no competition. The eTopps cards are beautiful, but the high shipping rates I'm guessing is what helped kill the program.

Recently I decided to cash in on the 30% off shipping discount and clear out my portfolio. I requested delivery for the majority of my cards some time ago, however for some reason I left some cards behind. Now that I have them in hand, let's take a look at the last cards from my portfolio.

2001 Tim Hudson #38

2005 Tim Hudson #6 (179/499)

2011 Freddie Freeman RC #2 (1478/1499)

All 3 of these cards look beautiful in hand, especially the Freeman rookie. I'm surprised I never had that card shipped before.

2004 Stephen Davis #38 (/1,250)

2011 Cam Newton RC #11 (1677/1999)

2011 Tim Tebow RC #32 (073/599)

I had all but forgotten that I even had some football cards left in the portfolio, but I'm glad to see the Cam Newton and even the Tim Tebow.

2005-2006 Emeka Okafor #3 (/672)

2005-2006 Sean May #59 (/1000)

I rarely buy basketball cards period, so I too had forgotten I had these two cards sitting in my portfolio. At the time I decided to take possession of these two cards, their online "value" was like $.10 each! They'll look nice in my Charlotte basketball collection none the less.

Like I said earlier, it's been awhile since I've had cards delivered from my eTopps portfolio, but I don't remember the cards coming shipped in one touch holders. It seems as if my past order the cards were almost slabbed. I recall the card holders used were in were very tough to open. All I've got to do to remove these cards from their holders is remove the little hologram sticker and the holder should open up rather easy. I do plan on freeing these cards from their slabbed prison so I may add each of them to their respective boxes.

Do you have any cards left in your eTopps portfoilio? Do you have plans on taking delivery if you do? What were your thoughts overall of the eTopps program? I'd love to hear from you so leave your answers in the comments below.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 2018 Affordable Group Break Results

Saturday evening I opened live on Facebook two boxes of early 90's Pacific baseball as part of my new formatted Affordable Group Break. While I had a few issues at the beginning and I admit the video was rather long, I had fun opening the packs and interacting with the participants that came and went during the live video.

If you missed out on the beginning, here are the results of the 2nd team randomization:

Colbey (host) Braves Mets
Samuel Pair Astros A's
Nick Vossbrink Giants Pirates
Tom Tessier Angels Mariners
Mark Eisenman Brewers Tigers
Angelo Mazza Yankees Phillies
Jim Hall Dodgers Blue Jays
Kirk Andersen Expos Indians
Josh DenHartog Royals Padres
Marc Brubaker Rangers Marlins
Chris Reed Reds White Sox
Nick Dusenberry Orioles Twins
Kerry Biggs Cardinals Red Sox
Trevor P Cubs Rockies

This break was more or less all about base cards. While there were some inserts available in both sets, the odds didn't appear to be in our favor...however we did get lucky and pulled a few. Overall I hope everyone is happy w/ the overall results. Below is a small highlight for each participant, but by no way is this indicative of the number of cards the teams received. 

A couple of Barry Larkins and Bip Roberts

We pulled a Latino All-Star team card of Ivan Rodriguez!

A few killer B's

The Angels ended up w/ the Gold Prism out of the 1994 box - a Tim Salmon Prism at that!

The Brewers weren't out done as they ended up w/ a Silver Prism of Robin Yount!

This may have been the first break were the Yankees didn't get the majority of cards. Ended up with a nice small stack w/ names such as Mattingly and Williams.

Personally I love that '93 Strawberry.

Couple of Gwynns.

Red Birds!

While no one claimed the Mariners (The Angels in Order got in the randomization) he walks away with the only hit from the '93 box, a Estrellas de Beisbol of Omar Vizquel and a nice base card of Griffey Jr.

The Cubs ended up w/ one of the largest stacks in terms of overall cards.

The Rockies didn't get much, but we did pull this Silver Prism from the '94 box of the "Big Cat".

I worked most of Sunday afternoon on sorting the cards and getting them ready to be shipped. I should have everything in the mail come Monday, 03/05/18. I'll do my best to send each participate your tracking number soon. Thanks again to everyone that joined in. Stay tuned for the next break announcement.