Tuesday, November 10, 2020

It came from Arlington...

The other day I received a package from the great state of Texas...Arlington to be exact. I don't know why but when I saw the return address I immediate thought of King of the Hill.

Kin of Bean's Baseball Card Blog (@beansbcardblog) recently held a sale on his YouTube channel and I dropped by to see what all the hoopla was about. Turns out Kin had some really nice cards for a quarter a piece. I first asked what Carolina Panthers cards he had and as he was thumbing through them I found several I wanted.

2000 Collector's Edge Supreme Hologold parallel

Tshimanga Biakabutuka...man I love saying his name aloud. Tim's career in Carolina was cut short by injuries, only playing 51 games over 6 seasons, 35 games as a starter. He's one of those players that I often play the "what if" game. 

2010 Panini Crown Royale All-Pros / 2011 Topps Prime Aqua

From one Panthers running back to another, Jonathan Stewart is one of my favorite Panthers players. Not only did he impress me with his skills on the field, but his character off the field was just as impressive and made me even more of a fan of his. To date he's one of the few football players that I'll chase more than just base cards of.

I'm a sucker for die-cuts and certain parallels so both of these cards were easy pick ups. While I like what Panini has done w/ the NFL license, I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss Topps in the football card market.

2018 Panini Select / 2019 Panini Unparalleled

If we are talking about Panthers running backs we have to mention Christian McCaffrey, right? His stardom in the league has carried over to his cards so I don't have a lot of his cardboard. Anytime I have the opportunity of adding new cards of McCaffrey to the Panthers collection I'll jump.

After getting the Select card in hand, now I want the Prizm parallel (is that what it's called?). The Unparalleled cards are a little busy, but remind me of the old Pacific Prism baseball cards.

I really miss Greg Olsen playing for Carolina. Not only was he a good blocking tight end, he was also a phenomenal pass catcher. This 2018 Score All Hands Team captures his ability perfectly. From a year earlier we have Curtis Samuel's Score RC. I was big on him coming out of college. I still remember the local news stating that on the first day of training camp at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, Curtis' mom dropped him off! While his first few years in the league have been up and down, I love how Coach Rhule and his staff have been using Samuel. Surprisingly I didn't have this RC...now I do!

These 4 cards I grabbed just because they stood out. Starting with the top left, 2010 Topps Finest Brandon LaFell Finest Atomic Rookie. Shiny and die-cut! We also have his 2010 Panini Classics Team Colors...just love the look of the card. 

To the bottom row, left we have a 2017 Panini Unparalleled Kurt Coleman Lime Green Escher Squares parallel. What stood out to me about this card was the inclusion of the RC symbol. Kurt's first year in the league was back in 2010 with the Philadelphia Eagles so I have no idea what Panini was thinking! Next is a 2013 Topps Platinum DeAngelo Williams. I think this is a parallel of some sort, but I can't quite identify this...still a nice looking card.

The last of the Panthers bunch is Luke Kuechly. Before Luke hung up his pads there were many a Sundays in Charlotte, NC where you could here chants of "Luuuuuuuke" being rained down from the stands. It was a black day in town when Luke stepped away from the game...another player that had to call it an early career due to the violent nature of the game.

I didn't have any 2014 Bowman cards prior to picking up this Kuechly. The 2017 Panini Classics card looks like a great set. The 2012 Leaf Draft set isn't the best looking, but for a quarter why not? Lastly we have a nice looking die-cut 2012 Panini Contenders Rookie of the Year Contenders insert. Easy purchase!

Next I asked Kin what Braves he had. He thumbed through quite a stack and I was surprised I found as many as I did.

2013 Topps Chrome Jason Heyward & BJ Upton Chrome Connections

I'm not sure I've even seen these die-cut Chrome cards before so they were an easy pick up, even if one of them was BJ Upton!

We have more shiny and die-cut cards in this lot. First its a 2015 Topps Finest Freddie Freeman base, then a 2015 Panini Prizm Julio Teheran Blue Prizm parallel. On the bottom row: 2013 Bowman Platinum Jason Heyward Gold parallel, followed by a 2020 Topps Decade of Dominance Hank Aaron die-cut insert.

The last batch of Braves cards all come from 2020 Topps. John Smoltz Decade's Best, Ozzie Albies & Freddie Freeman Turkey Red and finally a Austin Riley Decade's Next insert. With finding baseball cards in 2020 being such a chore I was glad to pick up a few cards of my team.

I really appreciate cheap sales such as this. I'm not sure if Kin is planning on doing anymore sales like this, but if he is you gotta jump on in and see if he has anything for your favorite team(s).

Monday, November 9, 2020

Group Break Results - 1997 Pinnacle Mint, 2000 Topps Attax & 2008 Topps Rookie Progression


Time to get a quick recap post made for those of you that either missed the live break on YouTube or just would rather skim over some of the results. 

Friday, 10/30/20 we broke two baseball boxes - 1997 Pinnacle Mint and 2000 Topps Attax. Most of the interest in that break was the box of Mint so let's get right to it.

Pinnacle tried to merge the card and the coin collectors into one product. The base cards have a hole where you see these bronze logos. The hole is designed for the included coins that were packed in 2 per pack. There were also 3 levels of parallels for the base set included these bronze you see.

We just beat the odds and pulled a silver parallel. The gold parallels, which I've never seen in person, feature Pinnacle's patented Dufex technology. I was really hoping we'd pull one, but no dice.

The coins also come in different varieties, with the brass coins falling 2:1. I've never pulled one of the gold coins so I have no idea how you tell the difference between these brass and a gold.

The silver coins were seeded 1:15 and we ended up with a Barry Bonds. The coins came in black plastic trays if you were wondering.

Thanks to fellow (or former?) Blogger user, hiflew, we filled out the 2000 Topps Attax break...but I guess I overestimated the interest this product would draw. That said I'm just highlighting the gold parallels that were pulled. My favorite is the easily the Pujols.

Our most recent break went back to the route of football with a hobby box of 2008 Topps Rookie Progression. The checklist had a pretty good selection of RCs with players in their college uniforms. While I may not have pulled the Jonathan Stewart (Carolina Panthers) RC I was hoping for, we still ended up with some decent names.

Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, Rashard Mendenhall, DeSean Jackson

One of the inserts was called Progression and featured rookies, veterans and hall of famers. These were printed on thicker card stock from the base cards.

Silver parallels were numbered to /299 while gold were numbered to /199.

Our two autos were of players who weren't drafted by a NFL team...so I figured the best way to get these in the hands of the participants was to just use Random.org to randomly assign them.

The first drawing (Adarius Bowman) saw the list of participants (minus myself) randomized 6 times with the winner being John D.

The list for the next auto (DeCody Fagg) was randomized 6 times and the winner being Denny W. Congratulations to both...I guess!

Our two promised relic cards turned out to be better than our autos! First up is Dwayne Bowe, followed by a Progression Single of Reggie Wayne. I've already packed up these cards and I've forgotten what either were numbered to, but they are both numbered to at least /299.

While we may not have hit some of the bigger base RCs or pulled the best autos from the checklist, I thought this was a fun box none the less. Thank you to everyone that participated in the last two breaks...one more break coming up before we break (no pun intended) for the Thanksgiving holiday. Breaks will resume Friday, 12/04/20. Look for the sign up post to go up Saturday, 11/28/20.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Affordable Group Break - 2000 Topps HD

** UPDATE 11/11/20 ** Break is full, thanks everyone!

This break will feature 2000 Topps HD. 20 packs / 4 cards per pack. These are printed on thick 50 point stock and features a high definition photo...super nice cards. Several nice insert sets to chase as well. There is even a small chance of hitting a Cal Ripken or Derek Jeter auto! Prices listed beside each team. All cards ship. Stacking applies so the price does not include shipping. If you have questions on how this works please let me know. We'll break this box Live on my YouTube channel on Friday, 11/13/20 at 10 PM eastern. ** This will be the last break for the month of November. I do plan on resuming Friday, 12/04/20 however.

To claim your team(s) please comment with your request and submit your payment at that time. If you haven't participated in one of my breaks, please email me (flywheels@yahoo.com) your name & mailing address. Please send your payment as Friends & Familyhttp://paypal.me/flywheels86

Anaheim Angels - Colbey PAID
Arizona Diamondbacks $4 - Wade Fisher PAID
Atlanta Braves $5 - Andrew Rein PAID
Baltimore Orioles $5 - @Chapter37 PAID
Boston Red Sox $4 - Boston Red Sox Collector PAID
Chicago Cubs $4 - Ben Martin PAID
Chicago White Sox $4 - Chad Pacey PAID
Cincinnati Reds $4 - Chris Reed PAID
Cleveland Indians $4 - Jennifer Peebles PAID
Colorado Rockies $4 - John Donovan PAID
Detroit Tigers $3 - Ben Morris PAID
Florida Marlins $4 - John Donovan PAID
Houston Astros $3 - Marc Brubaker PAID
Kansas City Royals $4 - @Royals417 PAID
Los Angeles Dodgers $4 - Joey Nigro PAYMENT PENDING
Milwaukee Brewers $1 - John Donovan PAID
Minnesota Twins $2 - JunkWaxTwins PAID
Montreal Expos - Colbey PAID
New York Mets $5 - Ben Martin PAID
New York Yankees $8 - Hal Sauceman PAID
Oakland Athletics $4 - Jennifer Peebles PAID
Philadelphia Phillies $4 - Dan Horton PAID
Pittsburgh Pirates $4 - Wade Fisher PAID
San Diego Padres - Colbey PAID
San Francisco Giants $3 - Dustin Dutra PAID
Seattle Mariners $6 - @Chapter37 PAID
St. Louis Cardinals $5 - Kerry Biggs PAID
Tampa Bay Rays $4 - John Donovan PAID
Texas Rangers $5 - Ben Morris PAID
Toronto Blue Jays $4 - karsal PAID

Monday, November 2, 2020

Affordable Group Break - 2020 Panini Phoenix (Hobby)


This break will feature a hobby box of 2020 Panini Phoenix football. Box contains 12 packs per box with 5 cards per pack. The box should also yield (on average) 2 autos & 1 memorabilia card. 17 total slots, $20 per slot - each slot will feature two randomly assigned teams. Pick you slot numbers. All cards ship. Stacking applies so the price does not include shipping. If you have questions on his this works please let me know. We'll break this box live on my YouTube channel (youtube.com/flywheels) on Friday, 11/06/20 at 10 PM eastern.

To claim your team(s) please comment with your request and submit your payment at that time. If you haven't participated in one of my breaks, please email me (flywheels@yahoo.com) your name & mailing address. Please send your payment as Friends & Family - please don't put anything in the comments section: paypal.me/flywheels86

01) Colbey
03) Todd Burlingame 
04) Ben Martin
08) Jennifer Peebles
10) Ben Morris
12) Todd Burlingame
13) Denny Wagner
15) Ben Martin
16) Colbey
20) Ben Morris
26) Denny Wagner
29) Trevor P
32) Trevor P

Friday, October 30, 2020

Affordable Group Break - 2008 Topps Rookie Progression (Hobby)

** UPDATE 11/05/20 - 50% off all unclaimed teams, prices reflect discount **


This break will feature a hobby box of 2008 Topps Rookie Progression football. Box contains 20 packs per box with 5 cards per pack. Notable RCs include Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, DeSean Jackson, Matt Forte, Jordy Nelson, Jamaal Charles among others. The box should also yield (on average) 2 autos, 2 relics and 10 parallels. Prices are listed by each team. All cards ship. Stacking applies so the price does not include shipping. If you have questions on his this works please let me know. We'll break this box live on my YouTube channel (youtube.com/flywheels) on Friday, 11/06/20 at 10 PM eastern.

To claim your team(s) please comment with your request and submit your payment at that time. If you haven't participated in one of my breaks, please email me (flywheels@yahoo.com) your name & mailing address. Please send your payment as Friends & Family - please don't put anything in the comments section: paypal.me/flywheels86

Arizona Cardinals $3 - Josh DenHartog PAID
Atlanta Falcons $3 - Denny Wagner PAID
Baltimore Ravens $2 - John Donovan PAID
Buffalo Bills $2 - John Donovan PAID
Carolina Panthers - Colbey PAID
Chicago Bears $4 - Ben Martin PAID
Cincinnati Bengals $2
Cleveland Browns $1 - Hal Sauceman PAID
Dallas Cowboys $5 - Jennifer Peebles PAID
Denver Broncos $3
Detroit Lions $4 - Ben Morris PAID
Green Bay Packers $5 - Trevor P PAID
Houston Texans $3 - Josh DenHartog PAID
Indianapolis Colts $5 - Trevor P PAID
Jacksonville Jaguars $1
Kansas City Chiefs $2 - John Donovan PAID
Miami Dolphins $2 - Dennis Blay PAID
Minnesota Vikings $2 - Spiegel83
New England Patriots $6 - Ben Morris PAID
New Orleans Saints $5 - Spiegel83 PAID
New York Giants $2 - Dennis Blay PAID
New York Jets $1 - Mike Gutierrez PAID
Oakland Raiders $1 - Josh DenHartog PAID
Philadelphia Eagles $2 - Josh DenHartog PAID
Pittsburgh Steelers $4 - Wade Fisher PAID
San Diego Chargers - Colbey PAID
San Francisco 49ers $5 - Hal Sauceman PAID
Seattle Seahawks $2
St. Louis Rams - Colbey PAID
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $2
Tennessee Titans $4 - Denny Wagner PAID
Washington Redskins $1