Friday, December 20, 2013

Long Overdue - 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter Want List

I can't believe it's the 20th of December and I'm just now collating my lone hobby box I bought of 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter and creating my want list!  I do have to admit looking at all of these cards and figuring out what I'm missing in both the base set and in the various inserts, it has me a little excited about trying to fill in some of these holes.

I'm sure most of my fellow card bloggers have long since finished their collection of A&G, or at least have put a sizeable dent into their want lists, but if you are looking for a trading partner or have a bunch of commons to trade I ask that you keep me in mind.

As for my want list, here is a direct link.

What little I have left from my box to trade (includes lots of minis and all 3 relics) can be found here.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A few picks up during the off season

I have cut my card buying WAY back for several reasons and I don't intend on ramping it back up until some things change.  However I'm still a sucker for beautiful cards and good deals so I may snag a few things here and there.  While I have just about cut out set building for the time being, I'm still focusing on a few players.  Here is a sampling of a few things I've picked up over the past several months.

I don't always care for the Triple Threads brand, but I loved the last auto I picked up of Tim Hudson so when I found this one for a few bucks it was hard to ignore.  Sadly this card marks the last year of Hudson truly being an ace on the club.

If you can't tell this is one of the cards from the internet only 2013 Topps Mini set.  I know the parallels are a bit tough to pull and this pink Breast Cancer Awareness parallel numbered #22/25 was under $5.  Still haven't messed with picking up the base mini or the gold mini parallel.

Chrome and die-cut?  Sold!  I don't know what this insert set is called, but it came in a lot with a orange Refractor - both from 2013 Topps Chrome.

I loved the Pinnacle brand back in the day, but I was only so-so impressed w/ the one pack I bought earlier of the new 2013 product.  I grabbed this one insert to see if it would tickle my fancy and I have to say it's pretty sweet looking in hand.  The card is covered in a holographic like prism w/ gold foil stamping.  The center of the card is a clear acetate and apparently comes in a variety of colors with different words.  This Heyward only set me back a buck.

I'm not really sure how I started a Jeff Taylor player collection, but I amassed just about every single auto of his from his rookie year last year.  So why not continue the trend with the new 13-14 offerings?  It's not like his autos are expensive.  Plus he is a great young player that when I do watch my Bobcats play, I enjoy watching him play and put up the 3 pointer.  This card hails from one of the earliest sets in the new basketball card season, Panini Prestige.

NBA Hoops I believe made it's come back (thanks to Panini) last year and in the 90's it was always one of my favorite sets.  After it was released I checked the checklist to see if Jeff Taylor had an autograph in the set and I was happy to see that he was included.  However these red and blue parallels are lame and seem pointless to me.  This red bordered parallel is #d 47/50.  Still need to pick up the regular version and perhaps the blue that is #d to 25.