Tuesday, September 25, 2018

September Affordable Group Break Results

If you follow me on Twitter (@flywheels) or on Facebook then you may have already seen some the posted images from this month's break. However I know there are some readers that aren't on social media so I wanted to go ahead and do a recap post here as well.

The first box opened was 1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier. Small set so we got lots and lots of doubles and unfortunately some teams weren't as well represented as others, however some teams did end up adding several cards to their respective stacks.

The 1991 OPC Premier design was pretty clean and simple. Regular cardstock with a white border. A team colored border surrounds the color player photo. The player's name and team are in small font across the bottom with their position being listed in both English and French.

Next up was 1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier and it was a lot like the previous year in a lot of ways. The design was very similar to '91 and the set was again fairly small so the box yielded quite a few doubles. The player selection seemed to be better this time round however with a little more diverse checklist.

The final box of the break was 1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier and was my favorite of the 3 years. The design remained fairly clean and simple, however the checklist was much larger and the set introduced inserts. In each pack was a gold Star Performer and there were some good names in the set. The one per box inserts were Top Draft Picks, which we pulled Todd Steverson. The other insert was a version of the Star Performer, Foil Star Performer. The card had a UV coating and added some gold foil to the OPC logo. We pulled Roberto Alomar of the Blue Jays. Both of these cards were given to the two participants that had the smallest team stacks.

While these boxes weren't (and didn't) knock anyone socks off, I hope it was still fun for those who participated. It's always hard trying to find product that people will enjoy where I can also keep the price down. With the final 3 months of the year I don't see myself having as much free time, plus I know people's money gets tighter come the holidays so I think this will be my final Affordable Group Break for 2018. I appreciate everyone who has participated and supported me since I brought these breaks back. I'm definitely planning on busting more cheap wax in 2019 and will make an announcement when I'm ready. Until then, thank you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

When Worlds Collide

As one with multiple hobbies it becomes hard at times in deciding which hobbies gets my attention and my hard earned money. Between my job and family, finding time can sometimes be difficult...but I'm sure I'm not the only one that deals with that. There are a lot of things that run through my mind when deciding what kind of purchase to make. Take for instance my latest decision.

In addition to cards, I also collect comics, toys and video games. While video games are an easier purchase due to the volume of entertainment value they offer me, toys can get expensive. Take for instance this Marvel Legends figure I found yesterday at Walmart. Granted I've been looking for this character for some time and granted it's the last in this wave I needed to build the Build-A-Figure character, the Lizard, the figure costs $20 bucks...the same amount a blaster, like this 2017 Topps Series 2 blaster I happened to have laying around.

On one hand this figure falls into my Spider-Man collection and I'll be able to take pictures and blog about him on my toy blog, Random Toy Reviews. One the other hand I could spend a Jefferson on a blaster of cards hoping that I'll get cards I need for that respective set and/or perhaps get lucky and land a hit. Sometimes I look at buying a blaster like buying a lottery ticket as I never know what I'll get and it may be a bust. At least with the figure, I know what I'm getting.

In this particular case I chose Mysterio over the latest blaster of cards. Part of my rationalizing was that the cards often hang around at retail longer than figures do...especially when the figure is of a sought after character like this one. In fact, I bought two other Marvel Legends at $20 a piece and already flipped them both for close to $100. I can't do that with cards...unless I'm lucky and land one of those elusive hits.

In the end I have fun with all of my hobbies, but I usually end up "rotating" my focus through them all. I kind of have to in order to keep my sanity! Sometimes people tell me just to choose to collect one or two things and not so many, but for me it's just not that easy. I've essentially grown up with all of these hobbies in way shape or form and I'll continue to have fun with these hobbies for as long as I'm able to do so.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

All O-Pee-Chee Affordable Group Break

I tried my hand at a break earlier this month and I didn't get the interest I was hoping for...so let's go back to my roots so to speak with some early 90's boxes. This break will have a theme in that it'll be all O-Pee-Chee product. I'm hoping more people will lack these cards for their team or player collections and will join in on the fun.

This break will feature 1991, 1992 and 1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier. All three of these sets feature exclusive designs, different than what Topps offered those years. Click on the years for a complete checklist of each set.

INFO (Please Read Carefully)

* 2 Team slots - choose your 1st team, 2nd team will be 
randomized from all unclaimed teams.

* Each slot will cost $6.75 delivered

* As the host, I claim the Braves, but I will not have a 2nd team.

* Rockies/Marlins are only in 1993 box, so they'll be offered 
as an add-on slot for $2.00 to the first party interested.

* Payments can be sent to:

* Boxes will be order once at least half of the teams have been claimed.
Hoping to be ready to go by 09/29/18 if not sooner.

* Highlights of the boxes will be shared via social media
(blog, Facebook and Twitter)

01 - Atlanta Braves - Cardboard Collections / @flywheels
02 - San Francisco Giants - Nick Vossbrink / @vossbrink (PAID) - Yankees
03 - Boston Red Sox - Old Red Sox Cards (PAID) - Rangers
04 - Oakland Athletics (+ Rockies/Marlins) - Adam / @awmckenz (PAID) - Tigers
05 - Milwaukee Brewers - Collector's Check / @cynicalbuddha (PAID) - Indians
06 - Houston Astros - Roy Galloway (PAID) - Mets
07 - Pittsburgh Pirates - Wade Fisher / @wdeeee (PAID) - Royals
08 - Montreal Expos - CaptKirk42 / @captkirk42 (PAID) - White Sox
09 - California Angels - Cardboard Collections - Reds
10 - San Diego Padres - Cardboard Collections - Cardinals
11 - Minnesota Twins - Cardboard Collections - Mariners
12 - Baltimore Orioles - Cardboard Collections - Cubs
13 - Los Angels Dodgers - Cardboard Collections - Phillies

Friday, September 14, 2018

2017 Topps Now: Rio Ruiz #231 (293 print run)

June 9th, 2017 Rio walked up to the plate and gave the Braves a walk-off single to help defeat the New York Mets. Rio, a rookie, hadn't had that many major league at bats up until this day. He however came through for his team on this day, batting in Dansby Swanson for the win!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

September Group Break Update

Well I guess I finally picked a few stinker boxes for a group break. It's been awhile since I haven't had enough interest and had to cancel a break, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel this break. For the few that claimed a team and paid, I'll be processing you a full refund momentarily.

I'm not sure if I'll try again or just wait. I may just go "back to my roots" and chose more cheap 90's product next time since that seems to be what people are interested in...at least in my breaks. I'm always up to taking suggestions and open to ideas if anyone has anything to share. Until then, thanks for the continued support.