Sunday, July 12, 2020

Affordable Group Break - 1994 Fleer Flair Series 2

This break will feature 1994 Fleer Flair Series 2. Notable RC include Alex Rodriguez. We'll also be on the hunt for Hot Glove inserts! For more info on this set, be sure to visit the Trading Card Database or BaseballCardPedia for checklists. I'm posting these signs up to the Facebook group, my blog and on Twitter all at the same time so if you want to claim a team(s), I recommend you don't wait.

Price is listed beside each team. All cards ship. The price does not include shipping. Stacking applies so if you bought into a previous break or want me to hold your cards until you see what's next, I'll send you a PayPal invoice for shipping whenever you're ready. We'll break this box Live on my YouTube channel on Friday, 07/17/20 at 10 PM eastern. I'll update all of my social media outlets (FB group, Twitter @flywheels) as teams are claimed.

To claim your team(s) please comment with your request and submit your payment at that time. If you haven't participated in one of my breaks, please email me your name & mailing address. Please send your payment as Friends & Family

Atlanta Braves - Colbey PAID
Baltimore Orioles $5 - Nick D PAID
Boston Red Sox $3 - Roy G
California Angels $5 - @jmswyo PAID
Chicago Cubs $3 - Ben M
Chicago White Sox $3
Cincinnati Reds $3 - @jmswyo PAID
Cleveland Indians $5 - Tim H
Colorado Rockies $3
Detroit Tigers $3
Florida Marlins $2
Houston Astros $6
Kansas City Royals $2 - @jmswyo PAID
Los Angeles Dodgers $6 - gcrl PAID
Milwaukee Brewers $4 - Mark E PAID
Minnesota Twins $5
Montreal Expos $3 - @jmswyo PAID
New York Mets $2 - @jmswyo PAID
New York Yankees $8 - @Lost_Collector PAID
Oakland Athletics $4 - Ben M PAID
Philadelphia Phillies $4
Pittsburgh Pirates $3 - Wade F PAID
San Diego Padres - Colbey PAID
San Francisco Giants $8
Seattle Mariners $10 - Ben M PAID
St. Louis Cardinals $3 - Kerry B PAID
Texas Rangers $5
Toronto Blue Jays $2

Affordable Group Break - 2020 Panini Prizm (x2 Mega Boxes)

This break will feature two Mega Boxes of 2020 Panini Prizm. For more info on this set, be sure to visit the Trading Card Database or BaseballCardPedia for checklists. Most of you know by now that there are tons of parallel sets, including Team Wave, Cosmic Haze and Carolina Blue Prizms exclusive to Mega Boxes. Each box should yield one auto as well.

Price is listed beside each team. All cards ship. Any cards with multiple players featured will be randomed off between those participants. The price does not include shipping. Stacking applies so if you bought into a previous break or want me to hold your cards until you see what's next, I'll send you a PayPal invoice for shipping whenever you're ready. We'll break this box Live on my YouTube channel on Friday, July 17th at 10 PM Eastern. I'll update all of my social media outlets (FB group, Twitter @flywheels) as the teams are claim.

To claim your team(s) please comment with your request and submit your payment at that time. If you haven't participated in one of my breaks, please email me your name & mailing address. Please send your payment as Friends & Family

Arizona Diamondbacks $4
Atlanta Braves - Colbey PAID
Baltimore Orioles $3 - Ross L
Boston Red Sox $5
Chicago Cubs $5 - Ben M PAID
Chicago White Sox $5 - Ross L
Cincinnati Reds $4
Cleveland Indians $5
Colorado Rockies $4
Detroit Tigers $4 - Paul D PAID
Houston Astros $5 - @cardpocalypseNC
Kansas City Royals $4 - @jmswyo PAID
Los Angeles Angels $6 - Tom T PAID
Los Angeles Dodgers $8 - Alex M PAID
Miami Marlins $3
Milwaukee Brewers $4 - Ross L
Minnesota Twins $4 - Tim Bailey PAID
New York Mets $4
New York Yankees $6 - @Lost_Collector PAID
Oakland Athletics $5
Philadelphia Phillies $4
Pittsburgh Pirates $3 - Wade F PAID
San Diego Padres $6
San Francisco Giants $4
Seattle Mariners $6 - Ross L
St. Louis Cardinals $4 - Kerry B PAID
Tampa Bay Rays $4 - @cardpocalypseNC
Texas Rangers $4 - @napkindoon PAID
Toronto Blue Jays $6 - Joey N
Washington Nationals $5 - @napkindoon PAID

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Food Issue Smorgasboard

Steve from Tridents and Trading Cards hit me up on Twitter recently and asked about doing a trade. His baseball want lists are getting smaller and smaller and he told me he wanted to branch out and pick up some Topps football sets. I just happened to have a complete, hand collated set from 2012. We agreed to swap as he said he could help me with some of the recent food issue sets I had just added to my want lists over on TCDB. While Steve did send me a short video showcasing some of the cards, I was really impressed by the selection once the box arrived. I unpacked the box a few weeks ago and took a quick picture, but this trade deserved it's only dedicated blog post.

While I was able to put a dent into some of the food issue sets, he sent me the entire 1992 and 1993 Post cereal sets. The 1993 set is still shrink wrapped too! I remember these sets as a kid and ate many boxes of Fruity Pebbles trying to get as many of the cards as possible. Excited to be able to knock these off the lists so quickly.

I'm not familiar with the 1995 Post set so I'm glad to experience this set with at least this one card of David Justice. He was my favorite Braves player growing up and by 1995 I had already started to move on from cards as I was getting ready for college. These cards are booklets and open up to reveal a larger full color photo of the player inside.

Sticking with the Post cereal sets, here we have 2002 (left) and 2003 (right). At some point the card companies got involved as Topps handled '02 while Upper Deck handled '03. There is a noticeable difference between the two years as the UD cards are printed on a thicker cardstock and feature a glossy UV coating on the front. I might have had a card from the 2002 set in my Braves collection, but the 2003 UD set is completely new to me. These are the only cards from these sets I currently have so I'm still basically looking to buy or trade for complete sets.

Ah, Denny's Grand Slam holograms. I loved these back in the day. I remember asking my dad if we could specifically eat at Denny's for dinner while on vacation so I could score a few pack of the cards. Since the cards were only given away with the purchase of select meals, I would turn into a "meal nazi" and made sure my family only ordered one of these special meals so I could get another pack! While these cards are prone to scratching and don't photograph easily, I love these. Thankfully the design of the Denny's Grand Slam cards would get better as the years progressed.

I had a few Jimmy Dean cards from 1993, but the 1991 and 1992 cards are completely new to me. Since I received this package I was able to purchase a complete 1991 set for super cheap.

I only found about these 1992 Sargento MooTown Snackers cards from browsing the checklists over at the TCBD. Keeping it in the cheese family, Steve also sent one card from the 1994 Kraft Singles Superstars set...and of course it was of David Justice.

Score would partner with Tombstone Pizza in 1994 to release the Super-Pro Series. in 1995 it appears the two companies went their separate ways leaving Tombstone left to produce their own set. 1994 > 1995 easily.

These 1992 Mr. Turkey Superstar cards are from another set I hadn't heard of before. It looks like Sara Lee had a line of lunch meat in the early 90's under the Mr. Turkey name. Must've been regional because I sure don't remember that. The card's design eats up a lot of the photo, but I've seen worse. I'm still looking to complete this set.

The 1992 French's set is one that I am familiar with, but sadly I didn't have any of the cards prior to receiving these 3. The green boarders remind me a little of the 1992 Fleer set...though I can't tell if that's a good thing or not!

These 1991 Pepsi Superstar cards are new to me as well. I love the glove catching the Pepsi can in the top corner of the card.

The following year Diet Pepsi got the card treatment with it's own set...however the design on both the front and back looks a lot like the 1992 Post cereal set. Coincidence?

When it comes to trading cards at McDonald's I was more familiar with their Hoops and Upper Deck sets, however in 1992 Donruss partnered with the golden arches to release a MVP set. Minus the McD's MVP logo in the top corner and the player's name being printed in a metallic gold ink, these look very similar to the regular 1992 Donruss set.

These are probably 3 of my favorite cards in the box. First we have a 2003 Fleer Pepsi card of Chipper Jones. These are smaller than your standard trading card, but still very nice. The set is 30 cards so I still have a good many of these to track down. The next smaller than normal card is from the 1996 Pizza Hut set. There are only 4 cards in this set and these seem pretty hard to track down on the secondary market. I love the pairing of Griffey and Maddux as both players were on the top of their games in the mid-90's. The last card hails from the 2013 Topps Archives Fan Favorite Autograph set. While Otis Nixon might have struggled with his share of personal demons off the field later in his career, I loved watching him blaze the base paths and patrol center field in Atlanta. I believe this marks my first auto of him too!

At first glance I thought this was a random Fleer Tradition card that Steve sent over. I flipped the card over and noticed it was 3 of 12, then I noticed the Twizzlers logo at the bottom. I knew Twizzlers had some card sets, but I didn't know they collaborated with Fleer.

What?!?! Defux on a food issue trading card?! Yes please!! I'm familiar with Church's Chicken (though I've never ate any of their food), but I didn't now they partnered with Pinnacle in 1994 to release two different sets. These Show Stoppers are beautiful in hand and I must complete this set as fast as I can!

Steve must have peeked at my want lists as he sent over two cards from the awesome 1996 Pinnacle Christie Brinkley Collection. I now have most of the Braves from this set, only leaving me with the Indians players before the set is complete.

We are finally to the end of this post! A huge shout out to Steve for hooking me up with so many great cards. I'm having a fun time working on all of these various food issue sets and you've been a tremendous help with getting me kick started. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Box Break - 2020 Panini Prizm

Earlier this week my family I made our way from SC up to KY to visit family stationed at Fort Knox. When we make this trek we usually stop midway to breakup the 8 hour trip. Traveling with young kids having to stop for bathroom breaks is a given. One of these stops once we crossed over from TN into KY was at a Walmart. Of course after I completed my initial business, I checked out the card aisle. Like most pictures I've screen across social media, the section was ravaged...minus a few boxes I spied on the left side of the 4 foot section...

...2020 Prizm!! They had one Mega Box left and a few blasters. I stood there for a moment and contemplated buying the Mega Box, but ultimately decided on one blaster (and one discounted WWE Raw blaster).

As we continued our drive to Fort Knox, I opened the blaster in the car and documented the highlights of each pack via Twitter. On the way back home we stopped back in Knoxville for the night so I had some down time in the hotel room as my wife and kids slept so I thought I'd share those same photos of the cards from the blaster for those who may not converse with the little blue birdie.

I don't usually buy much of the annual shiney cards, but good golly miss molly you can't find any new cards at local Target and Walmart stores these days. If you do, you better buy them up because you're more likely to catch a glimpse of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster than you are to find more cards! This blaster of 2020 Prizm was my first experience in person with the brand, only catching Nothing If Not Random's post from 07/04/20. I'd much rather buy a blaster of a product that is going to yield more than just 32 cards if I'm paying $20, but I have to give it to Panini as they have put out yet another nice product with the limitations they have to work with.

The packaging said that the Silver Prizms fell roughly two per blaster and I pulled one right off the bat in the first pack. Of course these don't photo well, but most of us know by now just how much the rainbow color pops on these in hand. I figured it would be easy to swap this Kris Bryant for something on my want lists too.

The last card in the 2nd pack was this Lumber Inc. insert of J.D. Martinez. Of course the Prizm parallels of these look even better, but I remember some of the inserts from previous years of Prizm and I have to say Panini has stepped up their game. This particular insert set doesn't knock my socks off, but it's nice and I'm sure I can find a Red Sox trading partner.

The 3rd pack yielded these two young guys. I'm not a prospector and never have been, so I really don't know much about Luis Robert other than a lot of collectors seem to be going crazy over his RCs so I guess this is a good pull. The next card in the pack was another of these Now on Deck, but the Prizm parallel of Jo Adell. Again, this is another name I'm not familiar with, but a quick Google search seems to have him ranked the 3rd highest prospect going into this shortened 2020 baseball season.

The next pack had this Javier Baez Brilliance insert hiding at the bottom of the stack. It's nice to see some color since the base cards are basically all silver and black. I can only imagine how much the Prizm version of these cards pop with that colored background. I hope once I get back from from this road trip I'll get to see first hand as I picked up two different Prizms of Charlie Blackmon from this insert set.

The next few packs didn't have anything that really stood out to me, but the last pack did yield this non-serially numbered Green Prizm. I'll say it again...the colored Prizm cards pop so much in hand and are just beautiful. I may have to track down a few of these different Prizms of some guys for my PCs.

Speaking of guys I collect, the last pack I opened was an 8 card bonus pack. These are exclusive to the blasters and contain 4 Purple Prizms and 4 White Wave Prizms. While the Purple parallels are equally as nice as the Green I pulled earlier, I was really happy to find this Freddie Freeman sitting in the stack.

I didn't photograph any of the other Purple or any of the White Wave Prizms as it was hard to get good photos while driving down the road, but I was impressed enough w/ this blaster that I picked up another on the way home! I may have even grabbed a few more things while I was at a Walmart, but I'll save those for later.

All in all I like what I have seen. I'm still on the fence when it comes to buying more for myself, but it was a fun rip on an otherwise boring car ride in the middle of nowhere!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

1996 Topps Laser Group Break Results

We have yet another Affordable Group Break in the books! We went back several years from the previous break to bust both series 1 & 2 of 1996 Topps Laser...and let's just say my streak of good luck continued. If you missed the video you can catch it below, otherwise keep reading for a break down of the two boxes.

It had been almost 10 years since I've opened a box of Topps Laser and this week's break was just as much fun as it was all those years ago. We'll start with series 1. If you aren't familiar with this set, that's OK. Surprisingly it was a one and done set...perhaps it didn't sell well because of the initial high price tag? Perhaps it turned out that it was to expensive to of a product to produce for what it yielded? Each card is features one of four laser cut designs.

The base runner design

The pitcher design

The batter design

The fielder design

It should go without saying that these cards are more condition sensitive than your standard baseball card, especially the pitcher and fielder designs. With each pack only yielding 4 cards and a rather small set of 64 cards per series, duplicates are going to show up. Collation wasn't too bad, but there were a few packs that we opened where two or three of the same players show up in back to back packs. Some of the star players like Griffey however only showed up once.

While the base cards are fun, the inserts are pretty cool. The odds aren't necessarily in your favor with just 24 packs per box. I thought we'd pull a Bright Spots card (1:20), but instead we got a Stadium Stars (1:60 packs). I've not seen one of these in person before and they are beautiful. I guess you could call these a precursor to booklet cards as the card opens up to review a photo of the player. The top right portion of the card didn't want to open easily and I didn't want to damage the card, so I didn't chance it...after all Ben who claimed the Mariners in the break was watching!!

Series 2 I had previously opened and I remember getting some good cards, but this box yielded more surprises than I expected. The same four designs from the previous series are carried over, however the batting design now has a strip of gold etched foil along the right side of the card. This makes for a much better looking card in my opinion and allows the laser cut ball and flames to show better.

With the series 1 box yielding just one insert (1:60 at that!) I wasn't sure what to expect out of the series 2 box, but as it turns out the box was very good to us!

Not only did we pull a Bright Spots insert, but two! Before the live video I had asked a few of the viewers I had in the stream their opinion on which card from several I had that were "One Touch worthy". Well as you can see after this Chipper was pulled it got the One Touch treatment instead! While the other card of Jimmer Haynes may not have the same name recognition as Chipper, I knew the card was going to a great Orioles home.

The fun didn't stop there as we pulled another Stadium Stars insert...and of another Mariners player in Randy Johnson! I was shocked when we pulled the Griffey from series 1 and I didn't not expect to see another. These are beautiful cards in hand, but like the previous the card didn't want to open all the way and I didn't want to chance it either. Hopefully the new owner of these Stadium Stars can carefully open them and share some pictures of the cards in my Facebook group!

Overall I thought this was another fun and successful break. It seemed that activity was down a little from previous breaks, but I'm sure with the 4th of July holiday a lot of people were taking a break. That said, I'm taking a short break myself as there will be no break on Friday, 07/10/20, but I'll return with another Affordable Group break the following Friday night, 07/17/20. I hope to have a sign up post this Sunday (07/12/20) so keep your eyes open for that! Thanks again for everyone's participation and support!