Monday, February 28, 2011

The duties of being a citizen in the U.S.

Yup, gotta serve my time as a juror!  Since moving to SC from Charlotte, NC a few years ago I was recently summoned to appear as a juror starting today.  Last time I served in Charlotte it was basically one and done assuming you weren't assigned to a case.  Well I found out this morning that isn't the case for York County where I now live.  If you are summoned its for the whole week! 

I am basically on call all week.  I have to call in each evening and afternoon to find out if I have to report to the courthouse.  This will play havoc on work this week.  I basically have a staff of one right now (me).   This really throws a wrench into my plans for the week. 

If my posts this week are far and few in between now you know why.  What little time I'll have I'm not sure I want to spend on the computer.  I do hope to respond later this week to the post that will be published tomorrow morning regarding upcoming activities here @ Cardboard Collections.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Verse

Today's verse comes from 1 John 4, verse 9:

" This is how God showed his love among us:  He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. "

As you go about your day just keep in mind that you are loved more than you'll ever imagine.  However you decide to spend your time today make it a great day!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Card Show Haul

It's been so long since I've been to a card show I was a little overwhelmed today.  There were dealers after dealers with expensive boxes and singles.  While it was fun to look at the selection a dream about being able to afford something I started to think that the trip was all for naught.  Then I stumbled across a dealer in the back of the room w/ several monster boxes of assorted sports for a dime each.  I decided to jump on in since the price was right up my alley.  I found lots of Braves and a few cards of Tim Salmon and Gary Sheffield for my PCs.  Here are a few of the cards I picked up:


Also in these cheap boxes I found a set of 9 cards that caught my eye.  At first I was just going to pick up the Hank Aaron card.  Then I realized the small GM logo on the corner and the consecutive numbering on the following cards.  Copyright date is 1994.  If anyone can shed some light on these cards below please let me know.


One of the first purchases I made during the day actually was a box of cards.  I came across a table that literally had things thrown on the table and scattered everywhere.  There was a piece of notebook paper that had "Everything on this table $2.00" written on it.  On the table was a sealed box of 1997 Score Atlanta Braves.  I've seen these before online, but never in person.  I asked myself why not for only 2 bucks!  The set is only 15 cards so I know I'll have multiples of the team set.  Any Atlanta Braves fans out there (Cardboard Junkie, Waxaholic, Tomahawk Chopping, Glavine/Smoltz/Maddux) if you don't already have these and want a set let me know.


Also on this $2 table was a long cardboard box from Upper Deck.  I had no clue what it was other than something given out (or for sale perhaps?) at one of the All-Star FanFests.  It too was sealed but I thought why not give it a shot.  At the end of the day the suspense was killing me so off came the cellophane wrapper in the car.  I removed the lid and found 4 nice panel type cards displayed in a green felt like insert.  I'm not sure if I'll be keeping these, but I would regardless appreciate any info on these cards if anyone out there has seen these before.

Photobucket  Photobucket

I did notice that a lot of the sellers had boxes full of random loose packs for various amounts.  I picked up a handful of different packs for my upcoming group break (look for an announcement in early March), but something caught my eye in one of the big bins of wax.  It was a sealed box of 1985 Fleer Limited Edition.  The checklist on the back states the set is comprised of 44 cards.  I saw it had Gwynn, Murphy and Ripken so why not spend the 50 cents?  If anyone wants any of the other cards let me know.  The checklist is really quite good.


In the same large bin was another deck of cards sized box.  I dug it out from the sea of 1989 & 1990 Donruss wax and found that it was a sealed box of 2003 MLB Showdown card game.  I have a few of these cards in my PCs.  I really don't know what is inside the box other than 60 cards.  I'll probably include this in the next group break.


I didn't look at much football since the majority of it was singles and boxes that were out of my price range, but I did manage to find a few rookies I needed for my 2010 Topps Prime set along w/ a Refractor of David Gettis from 2010 Bowman Sterling #d 38/50.  The same seller also had a small box of game used & autos for $2 and found a dual jersey of Carson Palmer & Chad Johnson from 2010 Panini Absolute #d 033/100.



I also found some various inserts and such that I thought some of you (the reader) may be interested in trading for.  Since I got these for cheap I'm not looking for a lot in return so if you see something that you would want let me know and we'll work out a deal.

2004 UD Vintage Jorge Posada 3-D Sluggers, 2004 Topps Joe Carter World Series Highlights, 2003 UD Roy Halladay Sports Nut, 2003 Playoff Prestige Roger Clemens Inside the Numbers #d 0238/2002, 2003 UD Victory Hideo Nomo, 2004 US Pro Sigs Mike Schmidt Hall of Famers, 2005 UD All-Star Classics Jorge Posada Gold #d307/499, 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber Hideo Nomo, 2005 Donruss Zenith Sosa/Tejada/Palmeiro Mozaics
Photobucket  Photobucket
  2004 Fleer Authentix Ticket Studs

This was another card when I came across it I picked up with the hopes that someone else out there would want.  I don't see many Hideo Nomo game used cards and even though he's pictured in a Dodgers uniform I believe the card is from his stint w/ Tampa Bay.  Any takers?

2005 Flair Diamond Cuts
All in all it was a lot of fun.  I definitely can make my dollar stretch a lot more at a card show then I can at a comic book show (that I tend to frequent a little more often).  I believe with the price of admission I spent a total of $15 and I came home with over 100 cards, a sealed box, 2 mini boxes and a neat UD FanFest item.

Card Show Bound!

I've been waiting for this day for several weeks after finding that a card & toy show is coming to my area.  I haven't been to one single card show since I started collecting again in late 2009 so I'm needless to say this is kind of a big deal for me.

I swear this past evening was like Christmas Eve as I it felt like the longest night ever!  I couldn't sleep much I was so excited.  Well that and I offered to sleep on the couch so my pregnant wife could get a good night's rest in the bed.

So I'm up @ 6 am and preparing my want lists for the show.  I have no idea what I'll find, but regardless of the outcome it oughta be fun.  If I strike out on the card front then I'll step over to the other side of the massive room and hit up the action figures and what not.  Either way I hope to post a report of my findings here and/or on my toy blog.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gerald Wallace (Charlotte Bobcats) Traded to Portland

Michael Jordan: "Why do you wear that arm sock?  When I played the game we just wore sweat bands.  And oh by the way...we just shipped you across the country to the Trailblazers in exchange for the Joel Przybilla and draft picks."

Reports are conflicting right now as Yahoo! sports reports the draft pick is a 2nd round pick.  CBS Radio is reporting 2 1st round picks.  If it's 2 1st round picks then I'm OK w/ the deal.  I hate to see Wallace go as he was a lot of fun to watch. 

From a cardboard perspective who else (outside maybe D.J. Augustine) will show up in future basketball card releases.  I swear it seemed like Wallace was the only Bobcats player not in his rookie season that appeared in game used & autographed insert sets.

I wish you well on the west coast Gerald.  You'll be missed in the Queen City.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tobacco Road Round 2 - NC State vs. UNC

I'm guessing the Red Jacket will be out for tonight's game in Raleigh as the Wolfpack of NC State host the Tarheels of UNC.  I'm also guessing the score will favor the visitors.  As much as like Sidney Lowe and the 'pack, I really don't give them much of a chance tonight.  Regardless I'll tune in and root for State and hope the game is at least competitive.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pack Break - 2010-11 Panini Adrenalyn XL

While making a quick trip to Walmart a few days ago to pick up a few office supplies for work I waltzed over to the trading card aisle hoping to find a few more packs of the Panini NFL stickers.  In their place now was a small gravity feeder of new 2011-11 Panini Adrenalyn XL basketball cards.  I love cheap packs so I grabbed one to see if the cards changed much from last year.


Hey!  For once I can actually name every player on the wrapper!  It also appears that the foil Ultimate cards are making a return.  No odds listed on the back of the wrapper.

#248 Larry Sanders RC

#107 Monta Ellis

#172 Andy Rautins RC

#S31 Kevin Garnett Special foil parallel

I do like the way these one per pack foil parallels look.

#11 Aaron Brooks

#10 Tyson Chandler

I've never logged into the Adrenalyn XL website so I have no idea what these codes on the back of the cards unlock.  I doubt I'll buy any more as I only want the Charlotte Bobcats cards.  That said if you want any of them let me know.

Monday, February 21, 2011

2010-2011 Panini Donruss Want List

Earlier this year Panini suckered me into buying a few rack packs of their new Donruss basketball set and after putting them all in order I realized that I had a good majority of the set.  This isn't a really high priority for me, but I do love the design.  If you have any commons or doubles you don't want let me know.  I too have a stack of doubles that I'll be listing in the right hand side bar eventually.  I also have tons of the Production Line insert to offer up in trade.

1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 20, 26, 28, 33, 40, 41, 43, 44, 48, 50, 51, 55, 56, 60, 66, 68, 70, 71, 76, 77, 83, 84, 85, 86, 90, 92, 97, 98, 101, 103, 104, 105, 106, 112, 113, 114, 119, 120, 127, 129, 131, 133, 134, 135, 138, 139, 141, 142, 143, 145, 147, 148, 149, 152, 153, 154, 155, 160, 161, 162, 167, 170, 173, 176, 178, 179, 180, 183, 185, 187, 188, 189, 192, 194, 195, 196, 197, 199, 203, 205, 213, 214, 219, 222, 224, 226, 229, 231, 233, 235, 240, 241, 243, 246, 247, 255, 259, 261, 262, 264, 271, 276, 277, 278, 279, 282, 289, 290, 293

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Verse

Today's verse is one of the first ones I could recite from memory.  Why this verse?  A large part is due to one of my favorite musical groups as they took inspiration from the verse for their band name, Stryper.  The verse is Isaiah 53:5 (King James Version)

 5But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

If you've seen the movie "The Passion of the Christ" then you know how brutal the beating Jesus took.  Other translations of this verse replace the word stripes with wounds.  Either way its the same result.  How many people do you know that would take that kind of physical abuse for you?  He loved you and me that much.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Packages Mailed... all of the Group Break participants.  With any luck some of you may receive them as early as tomorrow.  If you don't see anything by mid-week next week please let me know.

I'm thinking about hosting another group break next month.  What year(s) would you prefer?  Early, mid or late 90's?  Early, mid or late 2000's?  Any particular company?  I'm leaning towards selecting some mid 90's Fleer.  A lot of people seem to like those 1996 Topps Laser cards I've given away in the past.  I can always do the1st series since I did the 2nd series last year.  If you have any suggestions please let me know!

I've also mailed out trade packages to J. Cline, Collector's Crack and Rhubarb Runner so keep your eyes open for those as well.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Topps Million Card Giveaway Cards In Hand + Rant

Since the MCG program was coming to an end I browsed my portfolio looking for any cards that I deemed worthy of actually having shipped to me.  Before I completed some trades (gasp!) I found 3 cards - so I filled out the order form and paid $3.98 in shipping.  Seriously?  $4.00 to ship 3 cards via USPS First Class?  When did Topps start duplicating eBay seller's shipping practices?!  I guess what really got me is when the package arrived yesterday and I saw the postage label affixed to the bubble mailer.


A buck thirty nine.  Yup, I was overcharged $2.59.  Geez Topps.  What is going on with you?  Just because you got the exclusive MLB baseball card license doesn't mean you have the right to jerk us collectors and fans around as such.  I highly doubt I'll have anything shipped from the new Diamond program now.

1954 Wilmer Mizell

1960 Bubba Phillips

1976 Atlanta Braves

I had these 3 cards shipped since 2 were the oldest I had in the portfolio and the 3rd since it was Braves related.  The 1954 card is horribly off centered and the corners are rounded badly.  The bottom left corner wants to peel pack.  The 1960 card isn't quite as bad.  There are a few small creases in the middle and it's off centered, but the back of the card looks stained.  The 1976 Braves team card however looks pack fresh.

I've got a few other cards coming as well which in addition to these will be trade fodder.  I'm not a vintage card collector, but if anyone out there wants the '54 or '60 cards let me know.

2011 Panini Prestige Sneak Peek

With the 2010 NFL season officially over most of us cardboard collectors are moving on to baseball since spring training is just around the corner.  Then I get an e-mail that Panini is already dropping images of 2011 Prestige football!  With the CBA still being hammered out and a lock out looming who knows if they'll even be a 2011 football season.  If that happens how will it affect the trading card market?  By the way, sorry my hometown team's owner (Jerry Richardson - Carolina Panthers) is being such a jerk with this whole CBA thing.

Anyhow, back to the cards.  I like the look so much better this year.  I still prefer rookies to be shown in their pro uniforms, but it isn't a deal breaker for me.  The manufactured patch cards are getting really old and stale now so I could do without those.  The base design is head and shoulders better than last year's IMO.

If the CBA shortens the NFL season or prevents it from happening all together how will it affect your football card buying?

Cam Newton - 1st overall pick in the draft?
New Carolina Panthers QB?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Group Break Recap

Indians - 29 base cards
Mariners - 28 base cards, 1 insert
Orioles - 27 base cards, 1 insert
Rangers - 24 base card, 1 insert
Red Sox - 29 base cards
Royals - 27 base cards
Tigers - 31 base cards
Twins - 29 base cards, 1 insert
White Sox - 30 base cards
Yankees - 27 base cards, 2 inserts, 1 hit (auto)

Astros - 30 base cards
Brewers - 23 base cards
Cardinals - 28 base cards
Cubs - 28 base cards, 1 insert
Diamondbacks - 11 base cards, 1 insert
Dodgers - 19 base cards, 1 insert

Giants - 32 base cards
Marlins - 12 base card, 1 hit (jersey)
Mets - 27 base cards
Phillies - 31 base cards, 1 insert
Pirates - 30 base cards
Reds - 30 base cards
Rockies - 9 base cards, 1 insert

With the exception of a few teams most everyone ended up with the same number of base cards.  Keep in mind that since I'm such a swell guy I've thrown in several cards in everyone's stack to bump those numbers up a bit.

We had 1 hit (Kazmir auto relic) and 1 insert (Crosby Topps Total) that weren't claimed.  We're gonna throw those into the randomizer and award them to the teams that didn't get a hit/insert.  Yankees & Marlins will be exempt in the Kazmir drawing.

2007 UD Elements Scott Kazmir Clear Cut autograph jersey
Congratulations to the Cardinals!

2005 Topps Total Bobby Crosby 2004 Total Award Winner
Congratulations to the Brewers!

And with that this wraps up February's group break.  I really really appreciate everyone's participation.  I've got some ideas for next month already.  Basically I'll be going back to opening less expensive boxes that will yield more cards for everyone while keeping the prices down.  I aim to have everyone's cards in the mail this Friday.  Thanks again everyone!

Group Break - 2005 Topps Total

First of everyone let me apologize for the delay in finishing up this break.  I don't like to drag these things out, but the company that I ordered 2 of the boxes sent the wrong year of Topps Total last week.  The correct box arrived last night so we can finally finish this up.

36 packs, 10 cards w/ one silver parallel per pack.  Other inserts include:
Total Signature Autograph 1:257,760
Total Domination 1:10
Total Topps 1:15
2004 Total Award Winners 1:10
Total Production 1:15

Here we go!

Pack 1:
#689 Claudio Vargas / Antonio Osuna (Nationals)
#670 Scott Eyre / Merkin Valdez (Giants)
#274 Doug Mirabelli (Red Sox)
#612 Salomon Torres / Ian Snell (Pirates)
#425 Moises Alou - Silver (Giants)
#666 Keith Foulke (Red Sox)
#746 Tyler Pelland / Jesse Gutierrez (Reds)
#009 Ross Gload (White Sox)
#417 Brian Roberts (Orioles)
#545 David Ortiz (Red Sox)
#TTC3 Baltimore Orioles team checklist

Pack 2:
#445 Rocco Baldelli (Rays)
#482 Cliff Floyd (Mets)
#313 Gregg Zaun (Blue Jays)
#147 Troy Glaus - foil parallel? (Diamondbacks)
#369 Matt Riley - Silver (Rangers)
#218 Danny Kolb (Braves)
#458 Hideo Nomo (Rays)
#572 Freddy Sanchez (Pirates)
#617 David Weathers / Ben Weber (Reds)
#234 Dustin Hermanson (White Sox)

I'm not sure what these foil parallels are called.  I didn't see any odds on the back of pack that gave me any insight.

Pack 3:
#073 Ty Wigginton (Pirates)
#222 Luis Rivas (Twins)
#245 Bobby Abreu (Phillies)
#686 Chad Harville / Mike Gallo (Astros)
#678 Brian Shouse / Nick Regilio - Silver (Rangers)
#320 Mark Teixeira (Rangers)
#517 Mark Bellhorn (Red Sox)
#659 Luke Hudson / Joe Valentine (Reds)
#024 Joe Nathan (Twins)
#021 Greg Myers (Blue Jays)

Pack 4:
#329 Tino Martinez (Yankees)
#655 Luis Ayala / Chad Cordero (Nationals)
#175 Mark Mulder (Cardinals)
#740 Alexander Smit / Ricky Barrett (Twins)
#433 Pokey Reese - Silver (Mariners)
#687 Mike Johnston / Sean Burnett (Pirates)
#240 Chipper Jones (Braves)
#384 Bobby Hill (Pirates)
#531 Bob Wickman (Indians)
#561 Wil Cordero (Nationals)

Pack 5:
#072 Brad Penny (Dodgers)
#514 R.A. Dickey (Rangers)
#255 Dmitri Young (Tigers)
#AW6 Bobby Crosby - 2004 Total Award Winners (A's)
#126 Chad Moeller - Silver (Brewers)
#718 Robinson Cano / Philip Hughes (Yankees)
#619 Tim Harikkala / Ricardo Rincon (A's)
#186 Robb Quinlan (Angels)
#332 Shawn Chacon (Rockies)
#443 Dontrelle Willis (Marlins)
#TTC14 Los Angeles Angels team checklist

Pack 6:
#420 Jeff Weaver (Dodgers)
#429 Cory Lidle (Phillies)
#544 Grady Sizemore (Indians)
#197 Jason Johnson (Tigers)
#561 Wil Cordero - Silver (Nationals)
#305 Kerry Wood (Cubs)
#062 Bubba Crosby (Yankees)
#636 Gary Glover / Jorge De La Rosa (Brewers)
#519 Curtis Granderson (Tigers)
#558 Rodrigo Lopez (Orioles)

Pack 7:
#028 Yorvit Torrealba (Giants)
#407 Joe Mays (Twins)
#754 Mike Bourn / Kelvin Pichardo (Phillies)
#TT-AS Alfonso Soriano - Total Topps (Rangers)
#575 Nick Punto - Silver (Twins)
#137 Desi Relaford (Rockies)
#660 Todd Jones / John Riedling (Marlins)
#436 Craig Counsell (Diamondbacks)
#100 Carlos Beltran (Mets)
#236 Terry Tiffee (Twins)

Pack 8:
#507 Nick Johnson (Nationals)
#108 Eddie Perez (Braves)
#397 Alex Gonzalez (Rays)
#AW8 Mariano Rivera - 2004 Total Award Winner (Yankees)
#608 Jon Leicester / Todd Wellemeyer - Silver (Cubs)
#453 Horacio Ramirez (Braves)
#473 Jeff Bagwell (Astros)
#143 Morgan Ensberg (Astros)
#095 Wily Mo Pena (Reds)
#380 Rafael Palmeiro (Orioles)
#TTC21 Philadelphia Phillies team checklist

Pack 9:
#528 Roger Cedeno (Cardinals)
#745 Jai Miller / Tony Arnerich (Marlins)
#432 Jose Castillo (Pirates)
#TT-JT Jim Thome - Total Topps (Phillies)
#251 Ramon Ortiz - Silver (Reds)
#229 A.J. Burnett (Marlins)
#139 Josh Fogg (Pirates)
#552 Chris Snyder (Diamondbacks)
#321 Jason Phillips (Dodgers)
#637 Matt Perisho / Ben Howard (Marlins)
#TTC25 St. Louis Cardinals team checklist

Pack 10:
#532 Deivi Cruz (Giants)
#007 Trevor Hoffman (Padres)
#673 Jason Grimsley / B.J. Ryan (Orioles)
#026 Yadier Molina (Cardinals)
#422 Andy Pettitte - Silver (Astros)
#483 Jose Mesa (Pirates)
#396 Darin Erstad (Angels)
#173 Julio Lugo (Rays)
#450 Mike Piazza (Mets)
#023 Brian Lawrence (Padres)

Pack 11:
#068 Brandon League (Blue Jays)
#555 Orlando Cabrera (Angels)
#344 Eric Young (Padres)
#TP-MT Miguel Tejada - Total Production (Orioles)
#336 Brady Clark - Silver (Brewers)
#423 Randy Wolf (Phillies)
#697 Chris Young / Thomas Diamond (Rangers)
#665 Alan Embree / Mike Timlin (Red Sox)
#623 Kevin Gryboski / Roman Colon (Braves)
#202 Carlos Pena (Tigers)
#TTC24 San Francisco Giants team checklist

Pack 12:
#268 Wes Obermueller (Brewers)
#591 Bob Howry / Jason Davis (Indians)
#183 Ryan Freel (Reds)
#639 Ron Mahay / Erasmo Ramirez (Rangers)
#512 Reed Johnson - Silver (Blue Jays)
#338 Raul Ibanez (Mariners)
#739 Pedro Lopez / Brandon McCarthy (White Sox)
#713 Luke Scott / Willy Taveraz (Astros)
#541 David Newhan (Orioles)
#599 John Halama / Lenny DiNardo (Red Sox)
#TTC30 Washington Nationals team checklist

Pack 13:
#589 Ugueth Urbina / Jamie Walker (Tigers)
#074 Orlando Hudson (Blue Jays)
#193 John Flaherty (Yankees)
#AW7 Eric Gagne - 2004 Total Award Winner (Dodgers)
#741 Ryan Feierabend / Matt Rogelstad - Silver (Mariners)
#293 Hee-Seop Choi (Dodgers)
#335 Kevin Brown (Yankees)
#180 Vernon Wells (Blue Jays)
#053 Paul Wilson (Reds)
#372 J.J. Hardy (Brewers)

Pack 14:
#529 Russ Adams (Blue Jays)
#438 Braden Looper (Mets)
#509 Daryl Ward (Pirates)
#445 Rocco Baldelli (Rays)
#207 Matt Stairs - Silver (Royals)
#414 Jose Vizcaino (Astros)
#650 Tom Gordon / Paul Quantrill (Yankees)
#469 Ramon Vazquez (Red Sox)
#181 Jeff DaVanon (Angels)
#542 David Bell (Phillies)

Pack 15:
#533 Mariano Rivera (Yankees)
#359 Kevin Mench (Rangers)
#333 Angel Berroa (Royals)
#035 Geoff Jenkins (Brewers)
#358 Jimmy Rollins - Silver (Phillies)
#749 Bryan Triplett / Jared Gothreaux (Astros)
#212 Todd Hollandsworth (Cubs)
#638 Luis Vizcaino / Jeff Bajenaru (White Sox)
#758 George Kottaras / Peeter Ramos (Padres)
#089 Joe Crede (White Sox)
#TTC23 San Diego Padres team checklist

Pack 16:
#506 Adam Eaton (Padres)
#160 Bret Boone (Mariners)
#306 Ryan Langerhans (Braves)
#083 Chris Woodward (Mets)
#117 Livan Hernandez - Silver (Nationals)
#583 Jeff Fassero / Brad Hennessey (Giants)
#233 Troy Percival (Tigers)
#581 Mike Gosling / Brad Halsey (Diamondbacks)
#472 Shea Hillenbrand (Blue Jays)
#225 Orlando Hernandez (White Sox)

Pack 17:
#302 Jhonny Peralta (Indians)
#104 Alex Cora (Indians)
#602 Ryan Madson / Geoff Geary (Phillies)
#TP-AB Adrian Beltre - Total Production (Mariners)
#474 Erik Bedard - Silver (Orioles)
#169 Henry Blanco (Cubs)
#681 Jorge Sosa / Adam Bernero (Braves)
#191 Antonio Perez (Dodgers)
#349 Scott Spiezio (Mariners)
#769 Checklist

Pack 18:
#484 Doug Mientkiewicz (Mets)
#611 Roberto Hernandez / Steve Colyer (Mets)
#462 Bobby Madritsch (Mariners)
#131 Nate Robertson (Tigers)
#510 Adrian Beltre - Silver (Mariners)
#536 Ryan Vogelsong (Pirates)
#172 Paul Lo Duca (Marlins)
#624 Tom Martin / Chris Reitsma (Braves)
#129 Juan Rivera (Angels)
#764 Pat Misch / J.B. Thurmond (Giants)
#TTC18 New York Mets team checklist

Pack 19:
#641 J.C. Romero / Matt Guerrier (Twins)
#269 Pete Orr (Braves)
#171 Jake Westbrook (Indians)
#490 Johan Santana (Twins)
#148 Armando Benitez - Silver (Orioles)
#328 Jay Payton (Red Sox)
#576 Jason Christiansen / Kevin Correia (Giants)
#631 Scott Sullivan / Mike MacDougal (Royals)
#189 Brian Jordan (Braves)
#231 Joe Randa (Reds)

Pack 20:
#452 Pedro Feliz (Giants)
#387 Chris Shelton (Tigers)
#270 Jim Thome (Phillies)
#734 Matt Albera / Wade Robinson (Astros)
#527 Bronson Arroyo - Silver (Red Sox)
#310 Lance Berkman (Astros)
#015 Ray Durham (Giants)
#501 Cesar Izturis (Dodgers)
#654 Trever Miller (Rays)
#125 Tom Glavine (Mets)

Pack 21:
#199 Danny Haren (A's)
#553 Corey Koskie (Blue Jays)
#491 John Patterson (Nationals)
#394 Daniel Cabrera (Orioles)
#516 Orlando Palmeiro - Silver (Astros)
#134 Rob Bell (Rays)
#385 Kazuo Matsui (Mets)
#265 Marcus Giles (Braves)
#115 Francisco Rodriguez (Angels)
#282 Larry Bigbie (Orioles)

Pack 22:
#292 Cody McKay (Cardinals)
#493 Carl Everett (White Sox)
#032 Miguel Olivo (Mariners)
#520 Todd Helton (Rockies)
#298 Jimmy Gobble - Silver (Royals)
#043 Brad Ausmus (Astros)
#647 Gary Knotts / Kyle Farnsworth (Tigers)
#531 Bob Wickman (Indians)
#441 Gabe Gross (Blue Jays)
#039 Brandon Inge (Tigers)

Pack 23:
#069 Carlos Silva (Twins)
#130 Preston Wilson (Rockies)
#716 Dan Putnam / Huston Street (A's)
#151 Ryan Franklin (Mariners)
#086 Jeff Francis - Silver (Rockies)
#652 Pete Walker / Gustavo Chacin (Blue Jays)
#620 Denny Bautista / Shawn Camp (Royals)
#195 Ronnie Belliard (Indians)
#496 Kirk Rueter (Giants)
#737 Scott Mathieson / Scott Mitchinson (Phillies)
#TTC22 Pittsburgh Pirates team checklist

Pack 24:
#538 Scott Hairston (Diamondbacks)
#324 Terrmel Sledge (Nationals)
#619 Tim Harikkala / Ricardo Rincon (A's)
#513 Jeremy Affeldt (Royals)
#099 Eli Marrero - Silver (Royals)
#584 Jon Adkins / Felix Diaz (White Sox)
#566 Ryan Church (Nationals)
#537 Josh Phelps (Rays)
#366 Justin Leone (Mariners)
#155 Al Leiter (Marlins)

Pack 25:
#693 Jason Kubel / Trevor Plouffe (Twins)
#339 Derrek Lee (Cubs)
#756 Wes Swackhamer / Brendan Ryan (Cardinals)
#091 Casey Kotchman (Angels)
#131 Nate Robertson - Silver (Tigers)
#422 Andy Pettitte (Astros)
#671 Rick White / Brian Meadows (Pirates)
#250 Alex Rodriguez (Yankees)
#322 Jeremy Reed (Mariners)
#468 Aaron Miles (Rockies)

Pack 26:
#750 Glen Perkins / Kevin West (Twins)
#227 Corey Patterson (Cubs)
#022 Chone Figgins (Angels)
#040 Mark Prior - ?? foil parallel (Cubs)
#076 Jason LaRue - Silver (Reds)
#411 Chase Utley (Phillies)
#238 Jayson Werth (Dodgers)
#547 Aaron Rowand (White Sox)
#723 Erik Schindewolf / Dan Uggla (Diamondbacks)
#622 Mike Remlinger / Glendon Rusch (Cubs)

Uggla RC!  I swear I thought he spent his whole career w/ the Marlins.

Pack 27:
#116 Miguel Batista (Blue Jays)
#325 Justin Morneau (Twins)
#281 Jarrod Washburn (Angels)
#041 Mike Lieberthal (Phillies)
#462 Bobby Madritsch - Silver (Mariners)
#210 Torii Hunter (Twins)
#560 Paul Konerko (White Sox)
#211 Shawn Green (Diamondbacks)
#080 Carl Crawford (Rays)
#284 Cliff Lee (Indians)

Pack 28:
#343 Trot Nixon (Red Sox)
#446 Bernie Williams (Yankees)
#753 Casey McGehee / Buck Coats (Cubs)
#575 Vladimir Guerrero - ?? foil parallel (Angels)
#766 Checklist - Silver
#194 Michael Cuddyer (Twins)
#153 Jason Marquis (Cardinals)
#662 Darrell May / Akinori Otsuka (Padres)
#258 Jason Bartlett (Twins)
#059 Scott Elarton (Indians)

Pack 29:
#608 Jon Leicester / Todd Wellemeyer (Cubs)
#312 Phil Nevin (Padres)
#286 Olmedo Saenz (Dodgers)
#045 Mark Kotsay (A's)
#312 Phil Nevin - Silver (Padres)
#683 Arthur Rhodes / Scott Sauerbeck (Indians)
#176 Juan Castro (Twins)
#521 Aaron Boone (Indians)
#664 Andy Sisco / Mike Wood (Royals)
#588 Steve Schmoll / Yhency Brazoban (Dodgers)

Pack 30:
#075 Roy Oswalt (Astros)
#214 C.C. Sabathia (Indians)
#485 Jorge Posada (Yankees)
#492 So Taguchi (Cardinals)
#564 Jason Michaels - Silver (Phillies)
#173 Julio Lugo (Rays)
#451 Ryan Drese (Rangers)
#374 Greg Aquino (Diamondbacks)
#499 Mark Hendrickson (Rays)
#066 Eric Bruntlett (Astros)

Pack 31:
#425 Moises Alou (Giants)
#148 Armando Benitez (Giants)
#741 Ryan Feierabend / Matt Rogelstad (Mariners)
#433 Pokey Reese (Mariners)
#524 Jeff Suppan - Silver (Cardinals)
#614 Doug Brocail / Ryan Bukvich (Rangers)
#295 Scott Rolen (Cardinals)
#598 Jesus Colome / Lance Carter (Rays)
#522 Milton Bradley (Dodgers)
#161 Matt LeCroy (Twins)

Pack 32:
#056 Pedro Martinez (Mets)
#311 Willie Harris (White Sox)
#013 Mike Matheny (Giants)
#118 Chris Aguila (Marlins)
#611 Roberto Hernandez / Steve Colyer - Silver (Mets)
#373 Hector Luna (Cardinals)
#442 Chris Gomez (Orioles)
#124 Paul Bako (Dodgers)
#342 Royce Clayton (Diamondbacks)
#578 Terry Adams / Gavin Floyd (Phillies)

Pack 33:
#290 Frank Thomas (White Sox)
#093 Mike Hampton (Braves)
#635 David Riske / Rafael Betancourt (Indians)
#011 Joel Pineiro (Mariners)
#704 Nate Schierholtz / Fred Lewis - Silver (Giants)
#682 Mike Koplove / Jose Valverde (Diamondbacks)
#460 Mike Lowell (Marlins)
#596 Mike Lincoln / Randy Flores (Cardinals)
#418 Geronimo Gil (Orioles)
#439 Scott Hatteberg (A's)

Pack 34:
#613 Cal Eldred / Adam Wainwright (Cardinals)
#435 Jose Guillen (Nationals)
#094 Ryan Dempster (Cubs)
#695 Aaron Hill / Chad Gaudin (Blue Jays)
#720 Craig Brazell / Yusmeiro Petit - Silver (Mets)
#330 Jason Bay (Pirates)
#592 Pedro Liriano / Tim Worrell (Phillies)
#304 Adam Melhuse (A's)
#001 Rafael Furcal (Braves)
#661 Heath Bell / Aaron Heilman (Mets)

Pack 35:
#751 Mike Esposito / Zach Parker (Rockies)
#170 Josh Beckett (Marlins)
#065 B.J. Upton (Rays)
#049 Raul Chavez (Astros)
#669 Franklyn German / Matt Ginter - Silver (Tigers)
#164 Craig Monroe (Tigers)
#391 Mark Teahen (Royals)
#147 Troy Glaus (Diamondbacks)
#633 Mike Adams (Brewers)
#579 Seth Etherton / Dan Meyer (A's)

Pack 36:
#179 Jon Lieber (Phillies)
#605 Aaron Harang / Ryan Wagner (Reds)
#724 Ismael Ramirez / Jayce Tingler (Blue Jays)
#113 Todd Greene (Rockies)
#449 Luis Castillo - Silver (Marlins)
#206 Chris Carpenter (Cardinals)
#395 Jeremy Bonderman (Tigers)
#447 Sean Burroughs (Padres)
#640 John Grabow / Mike Gonzalez (Pirates)
#178 LaTroy Hawkins (Cubs)

Whew!  My fingers hurt!  That's a lot of typing.  I hope everyone is pleased with their team's haul.  Check back shortly for a wrap up post with each team's card total.  We'll also random off the Scott Kazmir auto relic from UD Elements and any other inserts that didn't go to a claimed team.