Monday, February 7, 2011

Marvel, Cardboard, Maggott?

In the 90's comic book card sets were all the rage.  Somewhere along the way it wasn't "cool" to collect comic book cards and all the stuff that was so prevalent is now hard to find.  Fleer/Skybox put out a very nice set in 1998 called the Marvel Creator's Collection or MCC for short.  The cards featured art from a lot of the high profile artists of the time and encompassed just about every corner of the Marvel Universe.

One of the insert sets included was called Sketchboard.  This is before the current trend of actual 1/1 sketch cards.  These cards came on 3 different colored cards (I think) and were basically a contest entry card.  They all featured the art work of the great late Mike Wieringo.  I used to have a lot of these, but somewhere in my hiatus from card collecting they have all vanished.

I was browsing the Blowout card forums the other day and I noticed a seller with a rather lengthy list of non-sports cards available.  I started to skim the list to see if anything appealed to me.  I just about skipped over the listing and then I saw it.  One lone Sketchboard card for a measly quarter.  I fired off a PM asking if I can send a quarter inside a top loader w/ a SASE.  A few days later I had this sitting in my mailbox!


Yup, you're reading the card right.  His name is Maggott.  Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia about the character:

Maggott (Japheth), is a Marvel Comics superhero who was briefly a member of the X-Men. Created by writer Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira, he first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #345 (June 1997).
A flamboyant South African mutant who spoke in exaggerated Afrikaans slang, Maggott was advertised as one of the strangest X-Men. His digestive system took the form of two slugs which could eat through practically any substance. After feeding, the slugs reentered Maggott's abdomen and passed nourishment into him, giving him incredible power.

Weird huh?  I was reading X-Men at the time he made is debut in issue #345 of Uncanny X-Men.  I didn't stick around very long.  He later resurfaced as a prisoner at Neverland and was later executed there with several other mutants.  Despite the goofy back story of the character I love these cards.  Mike was such a fantastic artist it is cool to have small sketch like quality cards that won't cost you an arm & a leg.  I'm still looking for the others in the set so if anyone reading this has any or knows where I can find some please let me know.

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