Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Verse

1 John 4:9

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 

Whew!  What a crazy few weeks it's been for me, but things finally seem to settling down a bit.  Still working on crafting a few trade posts as well as working on a few new trades.  Haven't bought much lately, but I've still got that GQ itch so I feel more cards are in my future.  Until then, have a great Sunday everyone!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Finding new, interesting blogs

I don't know why I've never done a blog post like this until today - the premise is so simple.  Share a blog that you recently discovered that was well laid out, well written and of a team that you don't despise.  Well this new blog almost fits the bill.  He's a Redskins fan.  I can live with that.  He's also a Yankees fan.  Well I can everyone can't be perfect!

Upon posting the contents of my  2013 Upper Deck football pack yesterday, I got a comment from Cardboard Hogs asking for the RGIII inserts and one other card.  I noticed he had a Wordpress blog so I jumped right on over.  Immediately I knew he was a Redskins fan.  Before my hometown of Charlotte, NC was awarded a NFL franchise which became the Carolina Panthers, this area was Redskins territory.  I never cared much for football until we got the Panthers, but I can remember my dad flipping back and forth between a Redskins game and a NASCAR race on Sundays after church.  My dad wasn't a die hard Skins fan, but that is how he got his football fix.

I also noticed he collected a few baseball players including several Yankees.  The only thing I can say that redeemed him a bit was his dislike of A-Rod.  Seriously though, I love the layout and colors of his blog.  I've already added it to my blogroll so I can make sure to stay up to date with his posts.  I also hope this gives me a new football trading partner as many of my regular readers don't seem to delve as much into football.  Baseball will always be my main focus, but I can't ignore my Panthers and I love opening football card packs as well.

So if football is your thing, Redskins or not, I encourage you to hop on over and check out Cardboard Hogs.

Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Pack Break Special - 2013 Upper Deck

After sitting down and watching the first round of last night's 2013 NFL Draft, I decided to go back though the rack pack of 2013 Upper Deck football that I bought a few days ago to see if I could now recognize any of the players.  The problem I have about getting excited about the NFL Draft is I don't really watch much college football.  I try to watch NC State play when I can and living in ACC country I hear the sports talk radio guys talk about the rest of the conference.  However I still don't know many of the players outside their name.  That didn't stop me from buying a pack though.  I miss Upper Deck.  I miss their great photography and card designs.  Doubt I'll buy more, but this was a fun rip none the less.

The retail rack packs contain 32 cards, of which include 2 exclusive Robert Griffin III inserts.  I think Tim Tebow was the feature player in last year's set.  There are no other real odds listed on the pack for other cards outside the slim chance at landing an autograph.  Enough about that, let's jump down to the cards.  All of them are available if anyone is interested. 

#051 Marquess Wilson (Washington State)
#056 DeVonte Holloman (South Carolina)
#059 Datone Jones (UCLA)
#063 Kwame Geathers (Gerogia)
#065 Knile Davis (Arkansas)
#071 Duke Williams (Nevada)
#074 Dan Buckner (Arizona)
#079 Gavin Escobar (San Diego State)
#081 Eric Reid (LSU)
#084 Travis Kelce (Cincinnati)
#087 Johnny Adams (Michigan State)
#089 Spencer Ware (LSU)
#093 Chris Thompson (Florida State)
#098 Ryan Swope (Texas A&M)
#100 Jordan Reed (Florida)
#103 Malliciah Goodman (Clemson)
#106 Chase Thomas (Stanford)
#110 Cobi Hamilton (Arkansas)
#112 Manti Te'o (Notre Dame)
#113 Lonnie Pryor (Florida State)
#115 Mike Shanahan (Pittsburgh)
#118 Kiko Alonso (Oregon)
#119 EJ Manuel (Florida State)
#125 T.J. McDonald (USC)
#128 Eric Fisher (Central Michigan)
#131 Terrance Williams (Baylor)
#136 Robert Lester (Alabama)
#137 Brandon Ford (Clemson)
#149 Braxston Cave (Notre Dame)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Tim Hudson

It's always a good day when I can add some new Tim Hudson cards to my collection that I don't have.  This time I found a nice auto from earlier in his career with the A's for a surprisingly low price.

1999 Fleer Ultra Fresh Ink auto #0219/1000
The auto may be a little smudged in the middle, but for what I paid I could care less.  Maybe it's just that stupid embossed logo that messed up the ink?

The next up is a low serially numbered parallel from a set that I really like, 2000 Pacific Vanguard.  When I first stumbled across the card the description didn't mention that it was the green parallel or that it was numbered.  That made the $.99 purchase price all the more desirable.

2000 Pacific Vanguard Green #61/99
Now if only I could find the other colored parallels of Tim from the Vanguard set and have the same luck!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Retail 2013 Topp Gypsy Queen has been pretty good to me

I haven't had the chance to buy a lot of the new 2013 Gypsy Queen, but I have grabbed a few jumbo/rack packs from retail and I think I've done OK thus far.  Sadly I haven't pulled many Braves cards, so I'm hping to trade these for something Braves oriented.

Alex Gordon #25/50
These jumbo relics or their odds weren't listed on the packs, but wow do they look nice. I'm searching for the Brandon Beachy and Tim Hudson from the set.

Manny Machado #30/50
Everyone loves minis, including myself.  I don't know much about this Machado kid, but I hear he's pretty good.  Hoping that means it'll be easy to trade this Sepia mini.

Josh Johnson #81/99
The Green minis don't look quite as nice as the Sepia cards, but it's a numbered mini so I figured someone out there would want this.

If anyone wants to trade just let me know.  You can find my updated want lists over the in the upper left hand corner.  I've got a lengthly GQ want list so I'm hoping someone will see these and can help me out.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some collect Nomar, I collect Rey

There aren't many Rey Ordonez cards that have escaped my grasp, however this card is one of the rare exceptions. 


When Nomar Garciaparra was still playing it seemed like this card always exceed my budget when I could find it.  Thankfully after he retired I was finally able to grab it for a very, very low price.  But not for Nomar...for Rey!  As good as Rey was with the leather during his days with the Mets, I'm still kinda surprised so many of the card companies at the time included him in relic and auto sets.  It sure made collecting him fun though when I started in the mid 90's.

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Topps Atlanta Braves Team Set

One of the best things about having a minor league team in your back yard is the chance to see up and coming players and major leaguers on rehab assignments up close and personal.  Over the weekend I took in a Charlotte Knights game versus the Gwinnett Braves.  My wife and I always like to try and catch Gwinnett when they come to town as a trip to Fort Mill, SC is so much faster and cheaper than driving down to Atlanta to catch "the big boys" play.  On this night I got to watch Freddie Freeman go 5 for 5 with with RBIs and 2 runs scored.  Also on the roster was Tyler Pastornicky and Paul Janish and Jose Constanza...all of which spent some good time with the Atlanta club in recent seasons.  In fact there was one awesome play where Janish snagged a ball and jump and spun throwing the ball to first base.  Freddie had to do a huge split to stretch and catch the ball for an out.  Gwinnett won the game 6-0.

Another highlight of going to the minor league games is the team store.  Of all the hobby shops, Walmarts and Targets I can go to in the greater Charlotte area, the only place I can consistently find the annual Topps team sets are at the AAA Charlotte Knights team set!

Unfortunately most of the photos on the team set cards are the same ones used in Series 1.  Even the Upton brothers have the same airbrushed photos!  The saving grace (for me at least) is the inclusion of Brandon Beachy and Paul Maholm.  There are a few other players not in Series 1 as well so that is cool.  I mentioned via Twitter Saturday night about these cards and was asked about the photos, so I just decided to scan all the cards for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Verse

Whew!  What a last couple of weeks this has been!  First off the main reason for me not being in front of a computer much has been work.  The company I work for has been on the selling block for over a year and I've weathered a sale that fizzled late into the process last year.  Earlier this year we were informed again that we were going under contract again with a new start up company.  Last week the deal was finalized.  On top of all this change, the new VP of Operations decided to move me to Rock Hill, SC where I live and take over our property down there.  Of course I was beside myself excited.  I've been driving nearly 85 miles each day to and from work for the past 2 years.  The Rock Hill property is less than 15 miles round trip from my home.

However I still find myself heading back to Charlotte to my old property to train my former area manager who was downsized during the take over.  He lasted all of one day before he turned in his resignation.  Now I get to go back to Charlotte again once a new manager has been hired so I can train yet another person.

Oh, by the way.  My new assistant manager in Rock Hill has sent me a total of 147 text messages in one week asking me various questions while I've been in Charlotte training.  He ain't new either...he's been at that property for at least a year!

So while things may have not quite calmed down yet, I found myself with a little bit of time this evening so I decided to sit down in front of my computer for the first time in nearly two weeks.  I've got lots of new cards to share, a completed trade and some new trade bait that should tempt any Royals, Blue Jays or Orioles fans.

This weekend was a blast though as I got to take in a minor league baseball game Saturday night with my wife (sans the kids!) and get to see Braves' 1B Freddie Freeman on rehab up close and personal.  I plan to share more on this soon.

Before I sign off I wanted to make sure I shared my weekly Sunday Verse.  I hate that I missed my weekly post last week, but what can you do about it?  Rewind time?  Have a great Sunday evening everyone!

John 10: 28-30

I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blaster Break - 2013 Topps WWE

I'm heading over to my brother-in-law's apartment later this evening to watch Wrestlemania.  Kinda excited if I'm being honest.  Usually I watch the wrestling PPVs online...minimized while I work on my blog or catalog cards...until I hear something that makes me maximize the screen.  This time however I'll be able to watch it on a real TV...with wings and BBQ!  So in the spirit of Wrestlemania, why not bust into a blaster box of the new 2013 Topps WWE?

Blaster boxes still retail for $19.99 and contain 10 seven card packs plus one SummerSlam 2012 Mat Relic or event-used relic card.  I love the base design this year, but the inserts (at least in retail) are really lame.  I don't care for this whole Triple Threat insert theme.  More on that later.

Like with past releases, the checklist includes both current WWE Superstars as well as Hall of Fame Superstars.  I was surprised that this new loser, Fandango was already included in the set.

The design is nicely done, even for Topps.  It does take up a lot of room and therefore reduces the size of the picture, but it works for me.  Like in past years the cards feature both RAW and SmackDown brands so some cards have red trim while others have blue.

If you've been following the WWE then you'll recognize these guys collectively as the Shield...or WWE's version of the nWo.

The selection of the Hall of Famers is basically the same from this year's earlier set, Heritage and from last year's 2012 base set.  That said I really like that they put the Bushwhackers on the same card instead of splitting them up.  RIP Mr. Perfect.

Black parallels fall 1:6 packs.  Instead of the grainy looking black parallels most of us are familiar with from the baseball products, these black parallels are a flat, slick black.  I actually like the look of these a lot.  I doubt I'll keep either of these nor will I seek out any particular black cards (well, maybe Layla's card).  Gold parallels are inserted 1:710 and I have no idea what those look like.  Silver parallels fall 1 per hobby box.

Level 3
Triple Threat is a term used frequently in wrestling, but these Triple Threat inserts are lame.  The premise is there are three tiers - 1, 2 and 3.  Odds for the cards work in the reverse order however with level 3 coming in at 1:2 packs, level 2 falls at 1:3 packs and level 1 comes in at 1:8 packs.

Level 2
There are 30 cards in the set, but each card # has 3 tiers.  From what I've gathered from my handful of these cards, this set closely follows the stories and rivalries from both RAW and SmackDown.  Outside of the idea of the set, I also don't care for the design.

Level 1
I doubt you can tell from the scan above, but the level 1 Triple Threat cards are foil cards.  These things show major fingerprints so beware!

If anyone plans to build this set please let me know as all of these Triple Threat cards are available for trade!

I guess the only reason to buy a blaster is if you like these themed mat relic cards.  I loved the Wrestlemania mat relics from this year's Heritage set.  These SummerSlam 2012 relics aren't bad.  I'm glad my blaster had the SummerSlam card over the generically listed 'event-used relic' card.

In wrapping this up this is another fun set, however I wish Topps would've come up with more, smaller insert sets instead of focusing on such a large multi-tiered set like Triple Threat.  Base design is killer, the selection of wrestlers is pretty good.  The Divas are represented, but since I didn't pull Layla's card I decided to snub the rest of the ladies!

If you're going to buy much of this however, stick with hobby.  At least a hobby boxes are guaranteed to give you a little more bang for your buck with the relics and autos.

Sunday Verse

1 John 3:16

New International Version

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 2013 Affordable Group Break - 2000 Topps Gold Label

We're now down to our last 6 packs of Gold Label and of the break.  It's been a fun one and I hope you have enjoyed it that are participating.

Pack 19:
#008 Albert Belle / Class 3 (Orioles)
#072 Brian Jordan / Class 1 (Braves)
#068 Robin Ventura / Class 3 (Mets)
#009 Scott Rolen / Class 1 (Phillies)
#027 Rafael Furcal / Class 1 (Braves)

Pack 20:
#055 Pat Burrell / Class 3 (Phillies)
#076 Mark Grace / Class 1 (Cubs)
#029 Greg Vaughn / Class 3 (Rays)
#021 Gabe Kapler / Class 2 (Rangers)
#078 J.D. Drew / Class 3 (Cardinals)

Pack 21:
#033 Barry Larkin / Class 1 (Reds)
#034 Pedro Martinez / Class 2 (Red Sox)
#092 Rick Asadoorian / Class 2 (Red Sox)
#062 Josh Hamilton / Class 3 (Rays)
#065 Raul Mondesi / Class 1 (Jays)

Pack 22:
#052 Shawn Green / Class 1 (Dodgers)
#082 Ruben Mateo / Class 2 (Rangers)
#070 Larry Walker / Class 1 (Rockies)
#011 Tony Gwynn / Class 3 (Padres)
#096 Brad Bailsey RC / Class 1 (Phillies)

Pack 23:
#033 Barry Larkin / Class 1 (Reds)
#049 Alfonso Soriano / Class 2 (Yankees)
#092 Rick Asadoorian RC / Class 1 (Red Sox)
#065 Raul Mondesi / Class 1 (Jays)
#072 Brian Jordan / Class 1 (Braves)

Pack 24:
#085 Barry Bonds - Gold Label Parallel #098/100 (Giants)
#036 Mo Vaughn / Class 1 (Angels)
#041 Pokey Reese / Class 1 (Reds)
#081 Bob Abreu / Class 1 (Phillies)
#007 Nick Johnson / Class 1 (Yankees)

Boom!  I'm sure arpsmith will be happy to see this low numbered die-cut shiny Bonds!

And with that the break is over.  I'm not currently planning the next break yet, but I'll be back hosting another break in the near future.  For now my fingers need to rest!  My goal is to get the cards all packed up and in the mail Monday morning...Tuesday at the latest.  Thanks again everyone!

April 2013 Affordable Group Break - 1998 Pacific Paramount

12 more packs left in the Paramount box before the fat lady sings.  Still looking for the die-cut Special Delivery insert and I believe there should be a serially numbered parallel of some kind.  Let's go a huntin'.

Pack 25:
#150 Pedro Astacio - Copper (Rockies)
#118 Brian Anderson (Dbacks)
#113 Carlos Delgado (Jays)
#201 Carlos Baerga (Mets)
#042 Omar Vizquel (Indians)
#242 Barry Bonds (Giants)

Pack 26:
#098 Quinton McCracken - Copper (Rays)
#036 Travis Fryman (Indians)
#139 Lance Johnson (Cubs)
#224 Tony Womack (Pirates)
#002 Gary DiSarcina (Angels)
#151 Dante Bichette (Rockies)

Pack 27:
#036 Travis Fryman - Copper (Indians)
#098 Quintin McCracken (Rays)
#172 Chris Holt (Astros)
#183 Jeromy Burnitz (Brewers)
#026 James Baldwin (White Sox)
#003 Jim Edmonds (Angels)

Pack 28:
#091 David Segui - Copper (Mariners)
#016 Chipper Jones - Team Checklist (Braves)
#240 Greg Vaughn (Padres)
#117 Shannon Stewart (Jays)
#195 Vladimir Guerrero (Expos)
#232 Mark McGwire (Cardinals)


Pack 29:
#057 Dean Palmer - Copper (Royals)
#152 Ellis Burks - Holographic Silver #'d 89/99 (Rockies)
#190 Jose Valentin (Brewers)
#007 Todd Greene (Angels)
#073 Andy Pettitte (Yankees)
#084 Jay Buhner (Mariners)

Nice low serially numbered parallel for hiflew and his Rockies!

Pack 30:
#093 Wilson Alvarez - Copper (Rays)
#124 Devon White (Dbacks)
#144 Bret Boone (Reds)
#250 J.T. Snow (Giants)
#038 Kenny Lofton (Indians)
#165 Gary Sheffield (Tigers)

Pack 31:
#127 Andres Galarraga - Copper (Braves)
#064 Otis Nixon (Twins)
#199 Rondell White (Expos)
#045 Frank Catalanotto (Tigers)
#244 Shawn Estes (Giants)
#079 Ben Grieve (A's)
#226 Alan Benes (Cardinals)
#010 Roberto Alomar (Orioles)

Pack 32:
#166 Moises Alou - Copper (Astros)
#035 Geronimo Berroa (Indians)
#203 Bernard Gilkey (Mets)
#054 Jermaine Dye (Royals)

I thought this pack felt odd when I picked it up...only 4 cards inside?

Pack 33:
#126 Bob Wolcott - Copper (Dbacks)
#234 Kevin Brown (Padres)
#189 Dave Nilsson (Brewers)
#031 Magglio Ordonez (White Sox)
#173 Shane Reynolds (Astros)
#071 Tino Martinez (Yankees)

Pack 34:
#120 Andy Benes - Copper (Dbacks)
#057 Dean Palmer (Royals)
#086 Jeff Fassero (Mariners)
#243 Jacob Cruz (Giants)
#053 Johnny Damon (Royals)
#178 Raul Mondesi (Dodgers)

Pack 35:
#123 Travis Lee - Copper (Dbacks)
#099 Fred McGriff (Rays)
#105 Rusty Greer (Rangers)
#187 John Jaha (Brewers)
#047 Bobby Higginson (Tigers)
#104 Juan Gonzalez (Rangers)

Pack 36:
#186 Marquis Grissom - Copper (Brewers)
#016 Tony Gwynn - Special Delivery (Padres)
#241 Quilvio Veras (Padres)
#161 Charles Johnson (Marlins)
#024 John Valentin (Red Sox)
#020 Nomar Garciaparra (Red Sox)

These Special Delivery inserts are pretty cool looking.  The back looks like a post card while the front looks like a postage stamp with the die-cut deckle edge.

That wraps up 2 of 3 boxes in the break.  I hope everyone enjoyed the 2 Pacific offerings.  If I can find more Pacific releases I'll grab 'em up.  I'd love to find a box of Pacific Vantage at some point.  6 more packs of Gold Label left and it's coming up next!

April 2013 Affordable Group Break - 1998 Pacific Online

Let's finish out the box with the last 12 packs.  Need to wrap this up as I feel like I'm starting to come down with a cold or something.  Blah.

Pack 25:
#711 Aaron Ledesma - Gold (Rays)
#071 Eddie Perez (Braves)
#138 Brant Brown (Cubs)
#273 Luis Gonzalez (Tigers)
#405 Mike Matheny (Brewers)
#777 Mike Stanley (Jays)
#539 Kevin Mitchell (A's)
#732 Juan Gonzalez (Rangers)
#698 Mike Timlin (Mariners)

Pack 26:
#458 Carl Pavano - Gold (Expos)
#091 Scott Kamieniecki (Orioles)
#165 Carlos Castillo (White Sox)
#302 Rafael Medina (Marlins)
#331 Shane Reynolds (Astros)
#428 Mike Morgan (Twins)
#566 Mark Lewis (Phillies)
#675 Julian Tavarez (Giants)
#376 Paul Konerko (Dodgers)

Pack 27:
#642 Wally Joyner - Gold (Padres)
#014 Mike James (Angels)
#191 Lenny Harris (Reds)
#214 Jeff Branson (Indians)
#353 Glendon Rusch (Royals)
#457 Mike Mordecai (Expos)
#598 Marc Wilkins (Pirates)
#708 John Flaherty (Rays)
#521 Bernie Williams (Yankees)

Pack 28:
#695 Heathcliff Slocumb - Gold (Mariners)
#727 Scott Bailes (Rangers)
#116 Butch Henry (Red Sox)
#238 Jason Bates (Rockies)
#370 Darren Hall (Dodgers)
#486 Rey Ordonez (Mets)
#637 Tony Gwynn (Padres)
#624 Donovan Osborne (Cardinals)

Pack 29:
#671 Rich Rodriguez - Gold (Giants)
#046 Russ Springer (Dbacks)
#142 Jose Hernandez (Cubs)
#265 Raul Casanova (Tigers)
#397 Darrin Jackson (Brewers)
#517 Mike Stanton (Yankees)
#544 Aaron Small (A's)
#638 Joey Hamilton (Padres)
#715 Fred McGriff (Rays)

Pack 30:
#689 Randy Johnson - Gold (Mariners)
#024 Matt Walbeck (Angels)
#112 Rich Garces (Red Sox)
#275 Brian Hunter (Tigers)
#414 Bob Wickman (Brewers)
#429 Dan Naulty (Twins)
#541 Mike Oquist (A's)
#723 Bubba Trammell (Rays)
#005 Jim Edmonds (Angels)

Pack 31:
#647 Andy Sheets - Gold (Padres)
#094 Alan Mills (Orioles)
#173 Chad Kreuter (Tigers)
#230 Paul Shuey (Indians)
#343 Jeff King (Royals)
#492 Turk Wendell (Mets)
#581 Francisco Cordova (Pirates)
#711 Aaron Ledesma (Rays)
#755 Roger Clemens (Jays)

Pack 32:
#699 Bob Wells - Gold (Mariners)
#018 Phil Nevin (Angels)
#197 Pokey Reese (Reds)
#253 Chuck McElroy (Rockies)
#373 Trenidad Hubbard (Dodgers)
#520 David Wells (Yankees)
#605 Jeff Brantley (Cardinals)
#458 Carl Pavano (Expos)
#693 Alex Rodriguez (Mariners)

I believe this is the "fielding" photo variation of Arod...

Pack 33:
#664 John Johnsontone - Gold (Giants)
#728 John Burkett (Rangers)
#109 Damon Buford (Red Sox)
#280 Joe Oliver (Tigers)
#401 Jeff Juden (Brewers)
#426 Eric Milton (Twins)
#526 Tom Candiotti (A's)
#642 Wally Joyner (Padres)
#577 Scott Rolen - Team Checklist (Phillies)

Pack 34:
#683 Rob Ducey - Gold (Mariners)
#009 Carlos Garcia (Angels)
#185 Stan Belinda (Reds)
#779 Woody Williams (Jays)
#014 Mike James (Angels)
#476 Matt Franco (Mets)
#585 Jason Kendall (Pirates)
#385 Gary Sheffield (Dodgers)
#621 Mark McGwire (Cardinals)

Pack 35:
#661 Orel Hershiser - Gold (Giants)
#036 Dave Dellucci (Dbacks)
#110 Jim Corsi (Red Sox)
#247 Bobby Jones (Rockies)
#382 Chan Ho Park (Dodgers)
#502 Joe Girardi (Yankees)
#608 Delino DeShields (Cardinals)
#635 Ed Giovanola (Padres)
#676 Barry Bonds - Team Checklist (Giants)

Pack 36:
#367 Jim Eisenreich - Gold (Dodgers)
#077 Mark Wohlers (Braves)
#172 Matt Karcher (White Sox)
#291 John Cangelosi (Marlins)
#323 Mike Hampton (Astros)
#439 Mike Trombley (Twins)
#551 Bob Abreu (Phillies)
#685 Tony Fossas (Mariners)
#753 Jose Canseco (Jays)

Whew!  That was a lot of typing.  I hope you got some cards of players for your team(s) that you don't see everyday.  Now onto the Paramount box.

Friday, April 5, 2013

April 2013 Affordable Group Break - 2000 Topps Gold Label

12 packs left in the box, so I'll break it up and do 6 now and the last 6 packs in the final round. 

Pack 13:
#089 Kevin Millwood / Class 1 (Braves)
#038 Andruw Jones / Class 3 (Braves)
#060 Jeff Bagwell / Class 3 (Astros)
#091 Brett Myers / Class 3 (Phillies)
#004 Rondell White / Class 2 (Expos)

Pack 14:
#T14 Greg Maddux - Treasury (Braves)
#026 Vernon Wells / Class 2 (Jays)
#019 Carlos Delgado / Class 2 (Jays)
#025 Mark McGwire / Class 3 (Cardinals)
#032 Roger Clemens / Class 2 (Yankees)

I wonder if Topps got the idea to do their Treasury basketball set from this insert?

Pack 15:
#055 Pat Burrell / Class 3 (Phillies)
#098 Aaron Rowand RC / Class 1 (White Sox)
#003 Mark Quinn / Class 3 (Royals)
#043 Jeromy Burnitz / Class 2 (Brewers)
#016 Chipper Jones / Class 3 (Braves)

Pack 16:
#ER5 Sean Burroughs - End of the Rainbow (Padres)
#090 Alex Rodriguez / Class 3 (Mariners)
#056 Mike Mussina / Class 1 (Orioles)
#088 Sean Burroughs / Class 2 (Padres)
#073 Edgardo Alfonzo / Class 2 (Mets)

Pack 17:
#ER13 Choo Freeman - End of the Rainbow (Rockies)
#031 Mike Piazza / Class 3 (Mets)
#044 Preston Wilson / Class 1 (Marlins)
#074 Curt Schilling / Class 3 (Phillies)
#094 Bobby Bradley RC / Class 1 (Pirates)

I'm sure hiflew will be happy to see his Rockies represented!

Pack 18:
#T02 Derek Jeter - Treasury (Yankees)
#075 Nomar Garciaparra / Class 2 (Red Sox)
#094 Kris Benson / Class 2 (Pirates)
#025 Mark McGwire / Class 3 (Cardinals)
#032 Roger Clemens / Class 2 (Yankees)

I was beginning to wonder when / if the Yankees would show up in the insert column!

6 more to go to finish out the box.  That wraps up round 2.  Come back tomorrow and we'll finish the break with round 3.  Thanks!

April 2013 Affordable Group Break - 1998 Pacific Paramount

I think I listed the Paramount box had 24 packs when it actually has 36!  I'll rip another 12 packs in this sitting so let's see what we get this time around.

Pack 13:
#234 Kevin Brown - Copper (Padres)
#050 Bip Roberts (Tigers)
#176 Paul Konerko (Dodgers)
#193 Steve Falteisek (Expos)
#221 Jose Guillen (Pirates)
#147 Barry Larkin (Reds)

Pack 14:
#145 Dave Burba - Copper (Reds)
#249 Robb Nen (Giants)
#049 Todd Jones (Tigers)
#192 Orlando Cabrera (Expos)
#046 Tony Clark (Tigers)
#107 Ivan Rodriguez (Rangers)

Pack 15:
#106 Roberto Kelly - Copper (Rangers)
#116 Ed Sprague (Jays)
#211 Bobby Estalella (Phillies)
#146 Lenny Harris (Reds)
#006 Chuck Finley (Angels)
#138 Mark Grace (Cubs)

Pack 16:
#099 Fred McGriff - Copper (Rays)
#123 Travis Lee (Dbacks)
#152 Ellis Burks (Rockies)
#140 Mickey Morandini (Cubs)
#092 Dan Wilson (Mariners)
#235 Ken Caminiti (Padres)
#016 Rafael Palmeiro (Orioles)

Pack 17:
#159 Todd Dunwoody - Copper (Marlins)
#022 Pedro Martinez (Red Sox)
#222 Al Martin (Pirates)
#180 Chan Ho Park (Dodgers)
#033 Robin Ventura (White Sox)
#069 Derek Jeter (Yankees)

Pack 18:
#100 Paul Sorrento - Copper (Rays)
#127 Andres Galarraga (Braves)
#247 Brian Johnson (Giants)
#109 John Wetteland (Rangers)
#039 Charles Nagy (Indians)
#217 Curt Schilling (Phillies)

Pack 19:
#118 Brian Anderson - Copper (Dbacks)
#014 Ozzie Guillen (Orioles)
#102 John Burkett (Rangers)
#204 Todd Hundley (Mets)
#055 Jeff King (Royals)
#132 Javy Lopez (Braves)

Pack 20:
#125 Matt Williams - Copper (Dbacks)
#012 Joe Carter (Orioles)
#137 Jeff Blauser (Cubs)
#153 Vinny Castilla (Rockies)
#021 Reggie Jefferson (Phillies)
#032 Frank Thomas (White Sox)

Pack 21:
#094 Wade Boggs - Copper (Rays)
#095 Miguel Cairo - Copper (Rays)
#166 Moises Alou (Astros)
#205 Butch Huskey (Mets)
#081 Jason McDonald (A's)
#072 Paul O'Neill (Yankees)
#027 Albert Belle (White Sox)

Woohoo! An extra Copper parallel...but why does it have to be another Rays player?!

Pack 22:
#143 Aaron Boone - Copper (Reds)
#077 Tom Candiotti (A's)
#052 Kevin Appier (Royals)
#177 Ramon Martinez (Dodgers)
#044 Raul Casanova (Tigers)
#157 Larry Walker (Rockies)

Pack 23:
#077 Tom Candiotti - Copper (A's)
#082 Aaron Small (A's)
#213 Gregg Jefferies (Phillies)
#134 Denny Neagle (Braves)
#013 Eric Davis (Orioles)
#128 Tom Glavine (Braves)

Pack 24:
#249 Robb Nen - Copper (Giants)
#123 Travis Lee (Dbacks)
#209 Rey Ordonez (Mets)
#066 Terry Steinbach (Twins)
#065 Brad Radke (Twins)
#112 Jose Cruz, Jr. (Jays)

Well that wasn't the best stretch of 12 packs.  Perhaps the last 12 will contain the other Team Checklist die-cut and the Special Delivery die-cut.

April 2013 Affordable Group Break - 1998 Pacific Online

24 packs to go.  I better get back to ripping.

Pack 13:
#673 Rey Sanchez - Gold (Giants)
#019 Omar Olivares (Angels)
#146 Matt Mieske (Cubs)
#288 Antonio Alfonseca (Marlins)
#324 Doug Henry (Astros)
#456 Trey Moore (Expos)
#560 Mike Grace (Phillies)
#641 Trevor Hoffman (Padres)
#026 Jim Edmonds - Team Checklist (Angels)

Pack 14:
#720 Dennis Springer - Gold (Rays)
#756 Felipe Crespo (Jays)
#167 Ray Durham (White Sox)
#227 Chad Ogea (Indians)
#341 Chris Haney (Royals)
#490 Mel Rojas (Mets)
#600 Tony Womack (Pirates)
#684 Jeff Fassero (Mariners)
#122 Pedro Martinez (Red Sox)

Pack 15:
#697 Bill Swift - Gold (Mariners)
#095 Mike Mussina (Orioles)
#119 Darren Lewis (Red Sox)
#278 Jeff Manto (Tigers)
#398 John Jaha (Brewers)
#441 Todd Walker (Twins)
#532 Jimmy Haynes (A's)
#712 Albie Lopez (Rays)
#231 Jim Thome (Indians)

Pack 16:
#672 Kirk Rueter - Gold (Giants)
#029 Jay Bell (Dbacks)
#117 Reggie Jefferson (Red Sox)
#267 Frank Catalanotto (Tigers)
#365 Mike Devereaux (Dodgers)
#519 Dale Sveum (Yankees)
#524 Mike Blowers (A's)
#687 Glenallen Hill (Mariners)
#732 Juan Gonzalez (Rangers)

Pack 17:
#286 Justin Thompson - Gold (Tigers)
#020 Troy Percival (Angels)
#108 Darren Bragg (Red Sox)
#244 Jerry Dipoto (Rockies)
#378 Ramon Martinez (Dodgers)
#489 Todd Pratt (Mets)
#606 Mike Busby (Cardinals)
#570 Desi Relaford (Phillies)
#550 Ben Grieve - Team Checklist (A's)

Pack 18:
#723 Bubba Trammell - Gold (Rays)
#096 Jesse Orosco (Orioles)
#196 Eduardo Perez (Reds)
#218 Travis Fryman (Indians)
#344 Jeff Montgomery (Royals)
#446 Rick DeHart (Expos)
#583 Freddy Garcia (Pirates)
#663 Brian Johnson (Giants)
#530 Ben Grieve (A's)

Ben Grieve is a photo variation.

Pack 19:
#696 Paul Spoljaric - Gold (Mariners)
#003 Jason Dickson (Angels)
#192 Mark Hutton (Reds)
#240 Ellis Burks (Rockies)
#336 Brian Bevil (Royals)
#487 Craig Paquette (Mets)
#625 Tom Pagnozzi (Cardinals)
#640 Sterling Hitchcock (Padres)
#693 Alex Rodriguez (Mariners)

ARod is a photo variation.

Pack 20:
#662 Stan Javier - Gold (Giants)
#057 Brian Edmondson (Braves)
#137 Jeff Blauser (Cubs)
#767 Erik Hanson (Jays)
#317 Jose Cabrera (Astros)
#424 Pat Mears (Twins)
#557 Rico Brogna (Phillies)
#696 Paul Spoljaric (Mariners)
#701 Ken Griffey, Jr. - Team Checklist (Mariners)

Pack 21:
#067 Greg Maddux - Gold (Braves)
#729 Domingo Cedeno (Rangers)
#201 Chris Stynes (Reds)
#283 Bip Roberts (Tigers)
#411 Jose Valentin (Brewers)
#749 Bobby Witt (Rangers)
#538 Jason McDonald (A's)
#721 Kevin Stocker (Rays)
#101 Cal Ripken, Jr. (Orioles)

The Ripken is a photo variation.

Pack 22:
#005 Jim Edmonds - Gold (Angels)
#055 Adam Butler (Braves)
#735 Eric Gunderson (Rangers)
#256 Jeff Reed (Rockies)
#354 Scott Service (Royals)
#417 Rick Aguilera (Twins)
#614 Brian Jordan (Cardinals)
#670 Steve Reed (Giants)
#209 Barry Larkin - Team Checklist

Pack 23:
#690 Edgar Martinez - Gold (Mariners)
#015 Horberto Martin (Angels)
#115 Scott Hatteberg (Red Sox)
#274 Bobby Higginson (Tigers)
#415 Steve Woodard (Brewers)
#507 Graeme Lloyd (Yankees)
#396 Bobby Hughes (Brewers)
#724 Esteban Yan (Rays)
#505 Derek Jeter (Yankees)

Jeter is a photo variation as well.

Pack 24:
#641 Trevor Hoffman - Gold (Padres)
#023 Craig Shipley (Angels)
#190 Pete Harnisch (Reds)
#249 Mike Lansing (Rockies)
#377 Matt Luke (Dodgers)
#479 Butch Huskey (Mets)
#622 Kent Mercker (Cardinals)
#722 Ramon Tatis (Rays)
#380 Hideo Nomo (Dodgers)

I thought the Nomo was a photo variation since he was pictured holding a bat, but nope.  Scanned it anyhow so I would remember to chase down one for my Batting Pitchers collection.

We still have 12 more packs so let's hope the Gold parallels will get spread around a bit more.  Odd that it seems that they all are going to 3 teams - Rays, Diamondbacks and Giants.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 2013 Affordable Group Break - 2000 Topps Gold Label

2000 Gold Label.  Super premium stuff for it's time.  I never had an opportunity to open a pack due to it being a hobby exclusive, so I am very excited to bust into this box.  We should find a good selection of shiny cards and inserts including Treasury 1:13, Prospector's Dream 1:16, End of the Rainbow 1:7, Bullion 1:32, One to One 1:16,969, Group One serially #d 1:101, Group Two serially #d 1:101, Group Three serially #d 1:101 - Overall Gold Label Parallel 1:34.

Pack 1:
#ER7 Rafael Furcal - End of the Rainbow (Braves)
#031 Mike Piazza / Class 3 (Dodgers)
#049 Alfonso Soriano / Class 2 (Yankees)
#005 Fernando Tatis / Class 1 (Cardinals)
#094 Bobby Bradley RC / Class 1 (Pirates)

Right out of the gate my Bravos land a pretty cool looking insert.  Heck, all the cards look like inserts with that Refractor line sheen to them!

Pack 2:
#014 John Olerud / Class 1 (Mariners)
#047 Todd Walker / Class 2 (Twins)
#086 Manny Ramirez / Class 2 (Indians)
#030 Vladimir Guerrero / Class 3 (Expos)
#099 Scott Downs RC / Class 1 (Cubs)

Pack 3:
#040 Frank Thomas / Class 1 (White Sox)
#044 Preston Wilson / Class 3 (Marlins)
#079 Jack Cust / Class 3 (Dbacks
#045 Juan Gonzalez / Class 1 (Tigers)
#015 Rick Ankiel / Class 2 (Cardinals)

Pack 4:
#075 Nomar Garciaparra / Class 2 (Red Sox)
#063 A.J. Burnett / Class 1 (Marlins)
#041 Pokey Reese / Class 3 (Reds)
#011 Tony Gwynn / Class 3 (Padres)
#096 Brad Bailsey RC / Class 1 (Phillies)

Pack 5:
#093 Ben Christensen / Class 3 (Cubs)
#097 Aaron McNeal RC / Class 1 (Astros)
#002 Greg Maddux / Class 2 (Braves)
#021 Gabe Kapler / Class 2 (Rangers)
#014 John Olerud / Class 2 (Mariners)

Pack 6:
#048 Magglio Ordonez / Class 2 (White Sox)
#076 Mark Grace / Class 1 (Cubs)
#018 Mark Mulder / Class 3 (A's)
#059 Randy Johnson / Class 3 (Dbacks)
#035 Matt Williams / Class 2 (Dbacks)

Pack 7:
#093 Ben Christiensen / Class 3 (Cubs)
#053 Erubiel Durazo / Class 3 (Dbacks)
#050 Ken Griffey, Jr. / Class 2 (Reds)
#088 Sean Burroughs / Class 2 (Padres)
#058 Sean Casey / Class 2 (Reds)

Pack 8:
#024 Todd Helton / Class 1 (Rockies)
#069 Ivan Rodriguez / Class 2 (Rangers)
#029 Greg Vaughn / Class 3 (Rays)
#071 Eric Munson / Class 3 (Tigers)
#078 J.D. Drew / Class 3 (Cardinals)

Pack 9:
#PD10 Josh Hamilton - Prospector's Dream (Rays)
#006 Troy Glaus / Class 3 (Angels)
#064 Jim Thome / Class 1 (Indians)
#037 Tim Hudson / Class 1 (A's)
#020 Alex Gonzalez / Class 1 (Marlins)

Can't go wrong with an insert of a very young Josh Hamilton!  Interesting the back states that he struck out 95 batters in 55 innings during the 1999 spring season.  Never knew he pitched.

Pack 10:
#024 Todd Helton / Class 1 (Rockies)
#082 Ruben Mateo / Class 2 (Rockies)
#060 Jeff Bagwell / Class 3 (Astros)
#071 Eric Munson / Class 3 (Tigers)
#004 Rondell White / Class 2 (Expos)

Pack 11:
#B7 Sammy Sosa | Mark Grace | Kerry Wood - Bullion (Cubs)
#077 Shannon Stewart / Class 1 (Jays)
#085 Barry Bonds / Class 3 (Giants)
#067 Mike Lieberthal / Class 1 (Phillies)
#057 Bernie Williams / Class 1 (Yankees)

The Bullion inserts fall around 1 1/2 boxes so score one for Spiegel83 and the Cubs!

Pack 12:
#B3 Chipper Jones | Andruw Jones | Greg Maddux - Bullion (Braves)
#098 Aaron Rowand / Class 3 (White Sox)
#085 Barry Bonds / Class 2 (Giants)
#067 Mike Lieberthal / Class 1 (Phillies)
#057 Bernie Williams / Class 1 (Yankees)

Wow!  Another Bullion...and for the Braves!  Look at that young Chipper.

So far this has been a fun box.  Believe me when I say that these cards are MUCH nicer in hand than the scans make them look.  12 more packs left in the box.  That does it for today, but I plan to finish busting the packs over the weekend so all the cards can be in Monday's mail.