Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Retail 2013 Topp Gypsy Queen has been pretty good to me

I haven't had the chance to buy a lot of the new 2013 Gypsy Queen, but I have grabbed a few jumbo/rack packs from retail and I think I've done OK thus far.  Sadly I haven't pulled many Braves cards, so I'm hping to trade these for something Braves oriented.

Alex Gordon #25/50
These jumbo relics or their odds weren't listed on the packs, but wow do they look nice. I'm searching for the Brandon Beachy and Tim Hudson from the set.

Manny Machado #30/50
Everyone loves minis, including myself.  I don't know much about this Machado kid, but I hear he's pretty good.  Hoping that means it'll be easy to trade this Sepia mini.

Josh Johnson #81/99
The Green minis don't look quite as nice as the Sepia cards, but it's a numbered mini so I figured someone out there would want this.

If anyone wants to trade just let me know.  You can find my updated want lists over the in the upper left hand corner.  I've got a lengthly GQ want list so I'm hoping someone will see these and can help me out.


  1. Wow! Even to trade away, those are fun to pull!

  2. I don't have the Beachy or Hudson and I'm not busting any GQ but if you become inclined to accept non-GQ Braves' stuff I could certainly find something to swap for that Gordon.

    1. Why don't I have your e-mail?! If you see this (or someone else) please e-mail me (flywheels at and we'll work out a trade as I'm always open to just about anything Braves!

  3. DUDE. Sweet Gordon. Enjoy it! :-)

  4. I will totally trade you for that Manny Machdo RC sepia email me back at