Saturday, March 28, 2020

Affordable Group Break: 2017 Honus Bonus - All teams just $2!!

It's time for another Affordable Group Break! This time we'll be busting a box of 2017 Honus Bonus. If you aren't that familiar with the set I'll understand...because even I have a card or two in my Braves collection from this set, I had no idea what Honus Bonus was either for awhile. For more info on this set, be sure to visit the Trading Card Database for checklists. This box should yield two 1/1 cards!

All teams in this break are just $2 each. The price does not include shipping. Like with my recent previous breaks, stacking applies so if you bought into a previous break or what me to hold your cards until you see what's next, I'll send you a PayPal invoice for shipping whenever you're ready. I plan to break this box on Saturday evening, around 9 PM LIVE on my YouTube channel.

To claim your team(s) please comment with your request. Payment can me made using Friends & Family please:

Arizona Diamondbacks
Atlanta Braves - Colbey Hopper (paid)
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox - Roy Galloway
Chicago Cubs - Matt Pederson (paid)
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds - Cody Marsee (paid)
Cleveland Indians - Timothy Henson
Colorado Rockies - Adam Kaningher (paid)
Detroit Tigers
Houston Astros - Marc Brubaker
Kansas City Royals - Josh DenHartog (paid)
Los Angeles Angels - Tom Tessier (paid)
Los Angeles Dodgers - gcrl (paid)
Miami Marlins - @Lost_Collector (paid)
Milwaukee Brewers - Mark Eisenman
Minnesota Twins - Matt Pederson (paid)
New York Mets - Brett Alan
New York Yankees - @Lost_Collector (paid)
Oakland Athletics - TraderJack (paid)
Pittsburgh Pirates - Wade Fisher (paid)
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants - Dustin Dutra (paid)
Seattle Mariners
St. Louis Cardinals - Kerry Biggs (paid)
Tampa Bay Rays - Wade Fisher (paid)
Texas Rangers
Toronto Blue Jays - karsal (paid)
Washington Nationals - Scott Crawford (paid)

Friday, March 27, 2020

1st Haul from Ben's Cards and Collectibles Box Breaks

Even though it's a Friday morning, I still have some work to do. I wanted to share my first multiple break haul from a new Facebook group I've found, Ben's Cards and Collectibles Box Breaks, but I didn't necessarily have the time this morning to scan all the YouTube it is!

Ben is a great guy with a good thing going. If you are collecting on a budget, but still like the fun of joining in on breaks then I highly suggest you give Ben and his group a try. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Collecting During the Quarantine

It's only been a few days since the majority of the US has gone under either self or mandated quarantine. Many of us are working from home (if we're lucky), while others have been temporarily laid off...or worse have outright been let go. All of this got me thinking of how this has affected the hobby.

I already work from home most days. I am an area manager for a self storage company so when I'm not in the field traveling up and down I-85 in NC and SC for work, I'm at home. I should be used to the time trapped in my house. It's been 4 days since schools were closed so my wife (who's a teacher) has been at home with me and my two girls. 4 days and it feels like a millenium already.

I keep seeing different posts online and in social media about what people are doing with their "free time" since being at home. Well for me my job continues so I don't have that much down time. My wife has had to essentially home school our kids and let's just say they treat her differently than they would treat their teachers at school. Yeah, it's a been a lot of fun.

Normally I take my laptop down to the dining room table and work. This is where I also usually rip packs, sort cards, catalog cards, however as a result of the wife & kids being home I've had to go back to my office to work. This is where some of my time is being up my desk of all the random stacks of cards and other various clutter that has built up.

Yesterday I took care of the card stacks on the left side of the desk. Today I tackle the right side of the desk. Underneath that stack in the upper right corner is an old flat bed scanner. I bought this specifically for cards and for blogging...but I never use it. Between my work printer/scanner and using my iPhone (CamScanner is a great app!) I think it's time to get rid of the scanner and the rest of the clutter that has built up.

Previously I had bought a new Billy Bookcase from IKEA and made binders with spine inserts for various sets I'm building. I love the look, however I've amassed several tall stacks of cards on the 2nd and 3rd shelves that need to go into said binders. That will be a project for another day, but it's keeping me busy none the less.

I'd like to continue making binders, but with most of the stores closing I may have to put that on the backburner. I'm tempted to place a big order on Amazon for 9 pocket pages just in case non-essential businesses are closed like I keep hearing about.

This is the scene in my office just off to the left behind me. Toys. Lots of them. All need to be opened. Most of you know I also have a long running toy blog and because of this I'm always slow to open new purchases as I always intend of photographing the toys before I open them. This obviously has created a huge backlog and this is holding up other progress. I'm trying to chip away at this stack of toys as time allows. I may just have to forego including some items on the toy blog just so I can make this stack smaller.

Above is my original monster box I have filled with cards just waiting to be traded. Yeah, you remember that thing that us card collectors used to do? I'm not trying to crap on anyone who sells cards, but there was a time when cards that weren't inserted into your bicycle spokes were traded amongst your friends. I still remember a time when I was young and still new to collecting that a friend of mine tried to trade me a Fleer card of Bo Diaz for a Darryl Strawberry. I had no idea who Bo Diaz was, but my friend assured me it was an even trade because he was dead and his card will be worth money! 

Trading cards are called trading cards for that reason...they were meant to be traded. I'm not sure at what point in time (some) collectors lost sight of this. Was it when inserts started to be randomly inserted into packs? Or was it the game-used craze? Now it seems to be autographs. Let's face it, the landscape of collecting trading cards in general has changed drastically since the junk wax period I grew up in. While I like a shiny Refractor or Prizm card as much as the next fellow, I find myself going back to the wax lately. This whole Coronavirus pandemic has just reinforced this feeling. I've even gone back to hosting my "affordable group breaks" by buying junk wax and selling teams for a buck each. I'm also picking up old wax boxes for myself with the intention of building some of the sets that got me into collecting in the first place...namely 1990 and 1991 Topps. Heck, I may even build 1991 Fleer if this quarantine continues long enough!

While I don't have as much activity here on the blog as I used to have, I still love striking trades with other collectors. I still get trades from the lists I have posted here on the blog. Some trades from via Twitter where I've tried to remain active (@flywheels), but the majority of my trades now come from the website The Trading Card Database. I really wish I had signed up to participate in this great site years ago because since I joined last year I find myself completing more and more trades. I haven't looked in a price guide in years and I'm glad I haven't. I enjoy collecting cards for more than the financial return they may bring. I enjoy the memories junk wax brings. I enjoy collecting my favorite team and players as it helps bring me closer to the game I've always enjoyed. 

Bottom line is there is no wrong way to collect. For me set building is something I've really enjoyed participating in since I rejoined the hobby 10 years ago. This outbreak and quarantine may make it a little harder to acquire new product and or supplies, but as I've outlined above I have plenty of things associated with this hobby to keep me occupied for quite awhile. I hope others are able to slow down a bit and enjoy the things that we may take for granted as well. Take care and be safe everyone!

Monday, March 16, 2020

$1 Group Break: 1995 Topps Bazooka

It's time for another $1 break! This time we'll be breaking a box of 1995 Topps Bazooka where all cards ship. This is one of the smaller sets Topps released in 1995, however it's a fun set that some may originally overlooked. For more info on the set, swing on over to the Trading Card Database.

Like with the previous $1 break, the price does not reflect shipping. Instead, stacking applies. This means when you're ready to have your cards shipped, simply let me know and I'll get you a shipping amount/invoice. Shipping is usually done via USPS 1st Class and payment is done by PayPal (Goods & Services).

When you're ready to claim a team, leave your choice in the comments below. Payment is handled by PayPal (Friends & Family) to

I hope to break the box in my Facebook group Saturday evening around 9 PM Eastern.

Orioles - Dustin Dutra
Red Sox - Roy Galloway
Angels - Roy Galloway
White Sox
Indians - Timothy Henson
Twins - Roy Galloway
Yankees - @Lost_Collector
Athletics - Roy Galloway
Mariners - @pennysleeves
Blue Jays
Braves - Colbey Hopper
Reds - Cody Marsee
Padres - Dustin Dutra
Giants - Dustin Dutra

Saturday, March 14, 2020

1995 Donruss Series One $1 Group Break Results

Last weekend I busted a box of 1995 Donruss Series 1 in my Facebook group and while the product may not have been everyone's favorite, the box did yield a good mixture of hall of famers, soon to be hall of famers and a few inserts.

The double sided Bomb Squad inserts fell approximately one per box and we ended up with Fred McGriff / Jose Canseco. Being a history buff this war themed insert is right up my alley.

Where as Diamond Kings started off as a subset within the base set, in 1995 they were inserted 1:10 packs. Our box yielded Ruben Sierra and Paul O'Neill, of which both teams were claimed! Always happy when cards like this go to teams that were claimed during the sign up period.

I do have one (or two) more boxes where I plan on doing $1 per team again. If you are on FB I encourage you to like my page and join the group so that you may stay up to date on future cheap breaks. I'll probably post signups on the blog to, but only after people in the group have a chance to claim their spots. Until next time!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

$1 Group Break

It's been awhile since I've hosted any type of break so I thought I'd open this box of 1995 Donruss Series 1 I've been sitting on for while. All teams are just $1 each and all cards will ship. Any multi-player cards (like the Bomb Squad inserts) will be randomly assigned using

I plan to break a few boxes in my Facebook group...maybe one every other weekend. I'm allowing people to stack their cards - meaning I'll hold onto them until you're ready to ship which will allow you to save money if you plan on participating in multiple breaks.

You don't have to be a member of the Facebook group, but if you are and you participate I'll tag you so you can keep up with what's going on. If you want to participate, you can either claim a team in the group or just leave a comment here on this post. I hope to break as soon as we can get the majority of the teams claimed. Still plenty of good teams to grab too. Payments (friends & family for payment, goods & services for shipping):

** Planning on breaking the box tonight, 03/08/20 at 10 PM Eastern on my YouTube channel. Join in if you can.

Red Sox - Roy Galloway
Angels - Roy Galloway
White Sox
Indians - Timothy Henson
Yankees - @Lost_Collector
Athletics - Roy Galloway
Mariners - @pennysleeves
Blue Jays
Braves - Colbey Hopper
Reds - Cody Marsee
Rockies - Adam Kaningher
Dodgers - Joey Nigro
Mets - Brett Alan
Pirates - Wade Fisher
Cardinals - Kerry Biggs
Padres - Colbey Hopper
Giants - Dustin Dutra