Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Box Score Debut

In one of my recent Affordable Group Breaks we came across an image of a player holding an old camera on the card and one of the participants commented how they liked seeing a card featuring old tech. In 2002 Fleer released a set called Box Score which contained an insert set called Debut. Embedded in the card was a box score as it would have appeared in the newspaper US Today from that player's debut game. I happen to have this card of the Blue Jays' Eric Hinske. While I don't know if this clipping is manufactured for the set or an actual newspaper clipping, I find it cool none the less...bit it got me to thinking. Would collectors of this generation even be able to relate to a card like this? I guess if you were to "modernize" this set you'd have to insert a small phone screen! Hey, what can I say, I'm getting old.

Now, get off my lawn.


  1. I don't think it's from this set, but I found a Jim Thome Box Score card in a cheapie box many years ago. It doesn't fit anywhere in my collection, but I've kept it all this time just because of it's uniqueness.