Thursday, December 28, 2023

Filling Those Want Lists Courtesy of

The other day I ran across a thread in a Facebook card group where guys were talking about different methods they used to fill holes in their sets. Of course the usual suspects were mentioned, COMC and Sportslots, but then someone mentioned, which was a first for me. Well the other day I checked out the site and started looking around and was pleasantly surprised to find so many cards listed that I needed for some of my early 90's sets. On 12/23/23 I put together a small order to give their services a try and on the 27th my order was on my about great service/fast turn around time!

My order consisted of 133 total cards. 1991 Topps, 1994 Fleer Extra Bases, 1994 Pacific, 1994 Sportflics, 1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection and 1995 UC3, With shipping my total came to roughly $40.00. Most of the commons were priced around $.16 each with the Museum Collection parallels priced at $.50 each.

Now that I've had time to unpack the order and catalog these cards to my collection in, I have to say I'm very satisfied overall. Their listings aren't as detailed as what you'll find on TCDB, so some of the 1991 Topps cards were exactly what I ordered.

Cards #048 and #608 that I needed for the set, I ended up w/ the glow back variant! This was a difference in the order that I was more than happy with.

There are a plethora of errors in 1991 Topps so unfortunately the card of Jose Gonzalez (#279) I was sent was the error that depicted Billy Ashley on the card front. Needless to say this card is still on my want list. #526 that I was sent was also an error, listing 37 runs scored for the Pirates in 1990. This one too is still on the want list. 

Again, I'm very happy w/ the service/cards I've received and I will be back to place more orders. I'm trying to give my early 90's sets a little more attention, finishing them off and fill up those binders I've made and I found this site to be a great help. Eventually I'll re-open myself to trading on TCDB, but for now it's nice to put some huge dents in some of these sets.

Want List totals after purchase:

1991 Topps: 9 cards (048, 097, 279, 526, 552, 570, 608, 661, 706)
1994 Fleer Extra Bases: 12 cards (160, 177, 178, 180, 187, 193, 199, 229, 232, 258, 261, 345)
1994 Pacific: 136 cards (I only grabbed a small amount of what I needed)
1994 Sportflics: base set completed!
1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection: 238 (I only picked up cards from Series 1 in this order)
1995 UC3: 3 cards (035, 115, 125)


  1. I have the following 1991 Topps if you like: 48, 526, 552, 570, 608, 706. TCDB me.

  2. I've got a ton of 1994 Pacific. Email qaplagca at

  3. For the record, the 1991 Topps #48 & #608 you show here are not necessarily the glow back versions but the "Dark Logo" versions.

    1. I guess I use the term "glowback" interchangeably for the dark logo cards.

  4. This place has been mentioned on the blogs at least couple of dozen times in recent years. I guess that's what happens when you stray to the dark side though... you miss out on stuff like this.

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