Saturday, March 14, 2020

1995 Donruss Series One $1 Group Break Results

Last weekend I busted a box of 1995 Donruss Series 1 in my Facebook group and while the product may not have been everyone's favorite, the box did yield a good mixture of hall of famers, soon to be hall of famers and a few inserts.

The double sided Bomb Squad inserts fell approximately one per box and we ended up with Fred McGriff / Jose Canseco. Being a history buff this war themed insert is right up my alley.

Where as Diamond Kings started off as a subset within the base set, in 1995 they were inserted 1:10 packs. Our box yielded Ruben Sierra and Paul O'Neill, of which both teams were claimed! Always happy when cards like this go to teams that were claimed during the sign up period.

I do have one (or two) more boxes where I plan on doing $1 per team again. If you are on FB I encourage you to like my page and join the group so that you may stay up to date on future cheap breaks. I'll probably post signups on the blog to, but only after people in the group have a chance to claim their spots. Until next time!


  1. The Bomb Squad insert is pretty cool... and I've always enjoyed the DK subsets and inserts.

  2. I thought we were gonna get to see this on the YouTube?

    1. Well that was my original plan. With all the changes YouTube made apparently my channel is't able to stream from a mobile I went back to FB to do the live video.