Sunday, May 23, 2010

Group Break videos/results posted...finally!! (Round 1)

If I knew I'd have this much trouble trying to get the videos embedded into the blog I would have skipped the filming process all together. However I believe I've finally found an alternative way for everyone to view the video. Please click on the links below for each video. If you run into any problems please let me know. Thank you for everyone's patience!

2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic

2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History

Wow, what an adventure this has been! Now that it appears that I know what I'm doing let's get on to the hits the each box yielded. The box of 2008 SP supplied more inserts than I thought with each of the first two packs having a Marquee Matchup insert. The winners with these are the Braves, Mets, Red Sox and Yankees each with one card. Since no one claimed the Angels or Tigers those will go into my trade fodder piles.


Jose Reyes / Tom Glavine #MM-32
Jered Weaver / Miguel Cabrera #MM-45
Johan Santana / Ryan Howard #MM-36
Vladimir Guerrero / Justin Verlander #MM-18
Chien-Ming Wang / Manny Ramirez #MM-14
Hideki Matsui / Daisuke Matsuzaka #MM-42

The next insert set was the Yankee Stadium Legacy that Upper Deck inserted throughout all of it's 2008 product. Pulled 6 total.


Joe Pepitone #3649, 3574, 3599, 3624, 3549
Craig Nettles #3995

Authentic Achievements celebrating career numbers or other highlights yielded 6 total cards. Of these 6 only 2 were claimed - Twins & Yankees. This marks the first insert hit for the Twins so far.


Miguel Cabrera #AA-49, Mariano Rivera #AA-30, Alfonso Soriano #AA-15
Matt Holliday #AA-6, Justin Morneau #AA-40, Ivan Rodriguez #AA-33

And finally the hit we all have been waiting for the autograph! I gotta say I had mixed emotions of pulling a card of one of the teams I collect, but I'm glad none the less that the team was claimed. Congratulations to the Red Sox.


Jonathan Van Every #184 RC (425/999)

I had a lot of fun busting this box and I hope that everyone is happy with their hauls. The Red Sox and Yankees are obviously the overall winners here.

For those of you who want to keep score here is the overall break down for the teams that were claimed:

Braves - 3 base / 1 insert
Cardinals - 2 base
Dodgers - 2 base
Indians - 4 base
Mets - 5 base / 1 insert
Twins - 3 base / 1 insert
Rays - 3 base
Red Sox - 6 base / 2 insert
Reds - 3 base
Yankees - 8 base / 8 insert

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