Friday, July 30, 2010

Is it really time for the pigskin? Can it co-exist w/ the lumber & rawhide?

Wow, this is the last weekend of no NFL football for quite a while. Is it really time for the 2010 NFL football season? Where has the time gone? I swear it feels just like yesterday when I was watching the hometown Carolina Panthers struggle through the season only to win the last few games. Well 2010 football product is now landing on retail shelves so I had to try my luck at a few packs looking for Panthers and this year's rookie crop. I reviewed 2010 Score over @ APTBNL, but here are a few singles I picked up recently.

Brandon LaFell Hot Rookies #17

With Mushin Muhammad departing in the offseason and Dewayne Jarrett's inability to learn the playbook I can tell you there will be high expectations for LaFell to perform. Nice card, I've always enjoyed Score's Hot Rookie inserts.

DeAngelo Williams Franchise Red Zone #6 (092/100)

No, that's not blood splattered on the card...


There seems to be so many tiers to this year's inserts. Glossy, autograph, Red Zone, Gold Zone and more.

Franchise Gold Zone #6 (207/299)

So now not only do I have the conflict of what sport I spend my money on I also have to decide who to watch? Braves or Panthers? Well to be honest I'm not expecting much out of the Panthers this year so as long as the Braves can make a strong run to the post season I won't be turning my back on America's past time any time soon!

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