Saturday, April 2, 2011

Checking in...

I think I'm the only Braves blogger not to have a post thus far regarding Opening Day and the Braves win.  I had lots of ideas for a post and was ready willing and able, but I've been busy mulling over the decision of accepting a job offer that basically landed in my lap last week.

Late last night I wrote my resignation letter and e-mailed it in to the owners of the company I've worked for the last 4 years.  I was hoping as I sent it they didn't think it was part of a elaborate April Fool's joke!  Now I'm just waiting for their response and if they'll allow me to work the two week notice I submitted.

So there are plenty of changes ahead of me that I'm sure will eat up some of my free time.  During this transition it may effect my ability for daily posts, but I'm not going anywhere.  Of course this is wonderful news for me and my family as things have been really tough lately.  I'm very excited of this new opportunity and where it will lead.

I do have some new card acquisitions to share among other things so those posts will be coming.  I also hope to announce April's group break boxes very soon so stay tuned for that if you are interested.  Until then, go Braves!  Let's make it 2-0 on the year today.


  1. Congrats on the job Colbey!!!!!!! That is excellent news.