Friday, April 15, 2011

Group Break - 1996 Leaf Limited

This is the third and final box of this month's group break - 1996 Leaf Limited.  Originally a hobby exclusive product, we're looking for wooden Lumberjacks cards among other inserts.  28 packs, 5 cards per pack.

Sammy Sosa gold parallel

Photobucket  Photobucket
Fred McGriff & Tom Glavine gold parallel

Jermaine Dye & Andruw Jones Limited Rookies

Ruben Rivera & Alex Ochoa Limited Rookies

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Sammy Sosa Lumberjacks

Well, we didn't really beat the odds on this box, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.  I've got one more video coming up for you guys so stay tuned.  Also, if you have participated in any of my previous group breaks then you know I always throw in some extra cards.  In this case I've got 4 packs of 1986 OPC, a 2003 MLB Showdown deck and a few other things.  The card tally below is the final count for the 3 boxes.  Your extra cards and anything you may have requested are NOT part of the total count.  Stay tuned as there is more to come!

Key:  B = base, I = insert
Atlanta Braves | B/33, I/6
Baltimore Orioles | B/19, I/0
Boston Red Sox | B/19, I/0
Chicago Cubs | B/25, I/2
Chicago White Sox | B/19, I/1
Cincinnati Reds | B/17, I/1
Cleveland Indians | B/38, I/2
Colorado Rockies | B/17, I/0
Detroit Tigers | B/13, I/2
Houston Astros | B/43, I/0
Los Angeles Dodgers | B/17, I/1
Milwaukee Brewers | B/35, I/0
Montreal Expos | B/18, I/1
New York Mets | B/14, I/2
New York Yankees | B/27, I/3
Oakland Athletics | B/18, I/0
Philadelphia Phillies | B/17, I/1
San Diego Padres | B/18, I/0
San Francisco Giants | B/27, I/2
Seattle Mariners | B/25, I/2
St. Louis Cardinals | B/22, I/0
Texas Rangers | B/35, I/1


  1. Nice lumberjack. Too bad it is of Sosa.

  2. Yeah, bummer it was of Sosa...but it could've been worse(?)

  3. Hey, no complaints here! I'll take a wooden Sosa (over a corked Sosa, of course)

  4. Great stuff. I really like the looks of that set and 2 inserts for me doesn't hurt my opinion of the box. That wood card looks stupid cool too. I am a yes for the douples, I can use them for bait or barter at the LCS. Thanks again for another great break Colbey.

  5. Also, if no one else wants them, I'm interested in a Puckett, Molitor and Dawson from this box with the unclaimed teams.