Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Group Break - 1996 Topps Laser Series 1

Here we go with the first box in the group break.  I'm a little short on time this month plus my fingers were already cramping at the thought of having to type up so many packs so I'm going with video!  I'm trying a new set up as you'll see in the video so hopefully it'll work for everyone.  I'll scan in the box hits so if that is all you care to see then just scroll down to see the cards.

Photobucket  Photobucket
Derek Jeter Bright Spots 1:20 packs

Rey Ordonez Bright Spots 1:20 packs

Photobucket  Photobucket
Barry Larkin Stadium Stars 1:60 packs

So right off the bat we're off to a great start as we beat the odds and pulled 4 hits out of the box!  Here's a quick break down:

Key:  B = base, I = insert

Atlanta Braves | B/9, I/0
Baltimore Orioles | B/2, I/0
Boston Red Sox | B/3, I/0
Chicago Cubs | B/7, I/0
Chicago White Sox | B/2, I/0
Cincinnati Reds | B/0, I/1
Cleveland Indians | B/4, I/0
Colorado Rockies | B/5, I/0
Detroit Tigers | B/0, I/0
Houston Astros | B/6, I/0
Los Angeles Dodgers | B/1, I/0
Milwaukee Brewers | B/0, I/0
Montreal Expos | B/2, I/0
New York Mets | B/1, I/1
New York Yankees | B/3, I/2
Oakland Athletics | B/2, I/0
Philadelphia Phillies | B/2, I/0
San Diego Padres | B/5, I/0
San Francisco Giants | B/3, I/0
Seattle Mariners | B/5, I/0
St. Louis Cardinals | B/9, I/0
Texas Rangers | B/4, I/0


  1. Woo! (That is all from me for now).

  2. Got me a Ryno and it only took 3 packs! Off to a great start!!!

  3. Got you a couple Rynos, actually! I forgot how cool this set is. It's been in the back of my mind for a while now. I know I opened boxes of this back when it first came out.

  4. Actually, this is the main reason I entered the break. I love the unique concept to this set and figured it would be a great addition to my Sandberg collection.

  5. I'm happy with my results from this box, but I am kind of amazed at the terrible collation. Maybe that contributed to the set being a one and done.

  6. The checklist is rather small in series 1. I believe it is only 64 cards. I was surprised that so many Astros and Cardinals showed up. Some teams were shut out in the case card department (Reds, Tigers). The next box had a lot of cards so everyone should be happy.

  7. Sweet start for me! I'm lovin those inserts. I gotta say that Larkin card looks incredible.

  8. I agree. That Larkin is an AWESOME card. Keep the good times coming!