Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Heavy Metal Easter

Come on, who says all easter songs have to be hymns?  "More Than A Man" courtesy of Stryper, via 1986's "To Hell with the Devil" album.

Verse 1

Long ago, there was a man who came

Came and died for you

You, you say you don't want to know

But I've got to tell you the truth


God, I will follow you because you died for me

Gave to me your life to set me free

Anyone who asks shall receive

Jesus in your heart

It's time for you to start

Giving God all the glory

Verse 2

More than a man, God almighty

He created you

He's the One, the One who rules the land

He is the One I choose

All of the glory today

No matter what some people say

All of your faith

And your life will start to change


  1. I Love it, A Jesus Heavy Metal Song. I had a few Stryper albums back in the day and still have one of their CD's

  2. Stryper is my favorite band hands down. I have all of their albums and a few rare VHS videos and 3 inch CD singles.

    Their new album is mostly covers of mainstream songs that influenced the band musically. Their version of Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son" must be heard!