Sunday, April 24, 2011

I gotta figure out a way to get these

While checking my e-mail this evening I saw a message from the Charlotte Knights box office that mentioned the Scranton Yankees were coming in behind the Gwinette Braves for a 3 game series.  This coming Friday's promo is free baseball cards for the first 1,000 kids.  Hey!  I have a kid!  Normally I wouldn't go all crazy over free minor league cards, but then I saw the image...

Who cares about Manny Ramirez or the Knights mascot Homer the Dragon.  I want that Charlotte O's card of Cal Ripken Jr.!  Ripken played one season in Charlotte, NC when the team was affiliated w/ Baltimore.  I was too young to really remember seeing him play, but I'm sure I was there for at least one game that season as my dad loved to go to the old Crocket Field.  Eddie Murray also played for the Charlotte O's during that time frame.

I'm trying to get down to the field Tuesday to see the last game in the Braves series, but now I gotta find a way back to the field with my daughter in tow on Friday.  May have to send the wife down early to better my chances at getting some free cards since I have to until 5:30 and I work about an hour away.  Is it wrong to use my daughter for free baseball cards?


  1. Not a bit, provided she gets to keep a couple. :)

  2. Hahaha, I've been to a Charlotte Knights game. I drove quite a ways to get there too. The people there were quite nice.