Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the process...

This week has been crazy.  The first half of the week saw me on the NC coast training for my new job.  When I came back to town I found out the storage facility I would be taking over had been broken into the weekend before.  What a way to start a new job!  I've been dealing with upset tenants all week while trying to get my bearings of the new property.

I bring up all of this to let you know that I'm a little behind on everything.  House work, yard work and what matters to you guys - blogging as well as getting my recent group break stacks in the mail to everyone.  I'm picking up some more mailing supplies this week and I hope to have everyone's cards in the mail by the first half of next week.  I pride myself on getting cards out quickly after the completion of a group break so I'm trying hard to get caught up!

If I'm lucky I can squeeze in a minor league AAA game as the Braves' affiliate is in town for a few games against the Charlotte Knights (White Sox affiliate).  If things get better on the job front I hope to hit up a card show next Sunday.  I'll be back with more soon...


  1. No rush, Colbey. Take your time. You have more important things going on.

  2. Just to be sure, you know that blogging is SUPPOSED to be pretty low on the priority list, right? ;)

  3. Damn, I can't believe you're behind on yard work!!! LOL. Life happens sometimes, I've been really slacking on my blog as well, I have a new task at work that has me studying every time I turn around. Don't worry, we'll be here, ready to pick right up where we left off!!