Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Steel blogging...

I've read on several other blogs where the blogger talks about their child(ren) pulling a great hit out of a pack or a box.  Heck, I've done that myself!  I love reading such posts.

My daughter - even though she is only 1 1/2 has already shown excitement on plenty of occasions when I get new cards in the mail.  This was evident more so than ever last week before we left to go out of town for training for my new job.  I had won an auction for 22 steel 1996 Leaf Preferred cards off eBay for a measly $.99.  I'm always leary about handing over cards to her to look at...even if they are in top loaders.  With these cards being made of metal I wasn't over cautious.  She squealed with delight as she thumbed through the cards and laid them out on the kitchen floor to get a better look.  I tried to grab the camera to snap a few pictures and capture her excitement.  That said I'll leave you with these pictures:


  1. What a cutie! Looks like she's getting ready to make a trade offer.

  2. My daughter loves cards too. I'm not enthused about her handling them either. I can turn my back and in two seconds the cards will be bent. I usually give her some random base cards when I'm fumbling through my pc. I find them in random parts of the house later.

  3. This is about the age when my daughter asked for her own collection of baseball cards.

    She was interested in it for about 2 days and then they sat with all her other toys never to be looked at again.

    She graduated to WebKinz and then vampire cards. I think she'll always be a collector, but who knows what she'll collect.