Friday, April 8, 2011

Todd Helton Additions

To put it simple I love getting a good deal.  Thanks in part to the huge selection of game used cards flooding the baseball card market you can find some nice cards for a little coin if you look hard enough.  As with Matt Holliday I decided to pick up a few game used cards of Helton when I could and thankfully he has enough of said cards that can be had for cheap.  Here are a few...

2001 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks #171
#d 133/500

I don't care for foil board cards as the corners and edges chip and show wear far too easily, but the card came for a buck so I can overlook the foil board.  This has to be one of the smallest areas of bat I've seen on a card in a while too.

2001 Topps Stars Game Gear #TSR-TH

The large purple jersey swatch is very nice.  Can't say that I care for the way the Game Gear words look.

2002 Upper Deck Solid Contact #SC-TH

I like this card for a few reasons.  1) I like the card's overall design and 2) the round piece of bat is raised off the card.  I believe this was common with early game used bat cards with Upper Deck.  Since the piece of wood isn't embedded in the card you don't get that puffy square look on the card's back.

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