Monday, April 4, 2011

Topps Wrapper Redemption

With everything going on in the last month or so I completely forgot about Topps' 2011 hobby wrapper redemption program until I started to see other bloggers post their cards.  I grabbed my stack of wrappers and sent them in to Topps early last week.  Over the weekend I got a small bubble mailer from Topps with one lone shiny silver pack.  I really didn't expect such a quick turnaround, I mean we're talking about Topps here!  Anyhow here is what was inside that wrapper:

#18 Mark Teixeira

#21 Prince Fielder

#24 Dan Uggla
Figures I get this card since I just sent a SASE to the gals @ A Cardboard Problem for the same card!

#39 Aroldis Chapman

#56 Mark Reynolds

The Uggla card will be available for trade if any other Braves fans want it.  The others I'll probably hang onto for the moment.  I would like to pick up or trade for others, but at the moment it's not a huge priority.  Sorry for the lackluster's been a crazy last few days.

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  1. I like the way those cards look. I have to send mine in but I am waiting till I have enough for a few packs. If you hang on to the Teixeira I will see if I get some Braves in mine to trade you.